- 1 -Spiridon Martynych Ktorov
He was director of the office
Glavzagotsnabsbytzerno -
He began not so long ago.
Not tall, middle-aged,
Close forehead, beautiful brunette.
Always Clean and ironed,
And in the shoulders - an oblique six feet.
Cabinet of his work
It was furnished very okay:
Chairs, desks, rather modest,
Bookcase, sofa huge.
The skin of the door, her constipation,
On the window blind curtains.
Penholder burly
And a cold water trap.
And in the waiting room - secretary
Seventeen years of age or older ...
Month - two they tried
And honorably dismissed.
Day of the force passes,
New angel came.
It was so, and this time,
About where my story ...
* * *
the holiday itself back,
The door came in and smiled:
marvelous Virgin sits,
At him looked.
Looking straight, open, clean.
"What is your name?" - "Felistoy.
Tamara - newsletter
I today - the first day."
"So beautiful!" Spiridon,
He got up and made her bow.
"Spiridon Martynych Ktorov -
I, director of the office.
Also the first day at work.
Well. Then I will go to.
I will bring you in the course of all cases."
Ktorov looked again,
He smiled, bowed,
And in the hearth and went away.
A Felista all blushed -
She is now wanted for him.
That was the exact order given,
So that later, but not now.
Here, I will suspend the thread of the story,
Because you must immediately
About Feliste tell
And you describe it
Tall, with a pleasant view,
With a very big round ass,
With his head - not without ideas,
On number five breasts.
With a narrow waist, moreover,
With lush, gentle, crimson mouth.
Hair - color orange,
Before the nipples - quite long.
Voice of the languid and melodious.
Looking very strongly needed or desirous of sex.
Here I note of course,
What I eblas it perfectly.
I knew a hundred different positions,
Adored panteroz.
Sweet does blowjob.
Everything learned in ten years.
In those years with the neighboring cottages
Helped solve problems
She was a gunner -
The fucking uncle was not clean.
Dick get it quietly,
Ironed made lightly.
Sam sat, solved problems,
Explaining that, where the means.
It was not clear
But disturbingly pleasant:
And elastic dick in his hand,
And palm milk.
Arithmetic ended,
Dress with girls filmed.
And the tongue is large and flexible
Climb Feliste in peepka.
At first it was painful,
Roth whispered: "I beg! Enough!"
But then it became customary.
Hymen was not in speed.
And in place of the language -
Dick introduced her hand.
And about a year later
I learned to take a dick in her mouth.
Months fled en masse.
Swells the chest, ass.
Over by a pussy pushilis jungle.
I am gaining experience in fucking.
And by the age of sixteen
He surpassed all the ladies.
For days I could fuck.
Fidget, crawl, squirm.
In Chapaevskaya and cancer, standing,
Lying in her mouth and asshole.
With four, five, with a platoon.
The girl was with the plant.
And now she was sitting,
Rhythmically I looked at his watch.
And pussy born storm
Storm! Soon will break the storm!
After Tamara told her:
"Spiridon - dashing thrusts."
Heart beating sweet-sweet
And the food is somewhere in the uterus.
Hands stroked pubis.
Well, call me, rather, a call.
And call pleasant caress
I called as if in a fairy tale.
I choked, burst.
Time also can not lose.
Trill call can be heard anywhere.
Something sank in pussy.
And Felista kindled
By the door she rushed headlong.
I burst. I close the curtains.
She turned all the locks.
Eagerly I looked at the sofa.
Very lightning ripped.
And in a moment it was
In fact, what my mother gave birth.
Spiridon as a bull jumped
And Feliste jumped
Pulling cheerfully member
That ends at the knees.
He then will quickly
On the carpet dumped Felistu.
And to know who is
She climbed in pussy hand.
But Felista silent -
She liked the beginning.
She smiled ... somehow sparingly
And grabbed his mouth prick.
I began to draw the member,
That ends at the knees.
That half-gone through,
That is gone, and two eggs.
And dickhead somewhere it
Tickle between her breasts.
Spiridon shouted: "Oh, sweet!"
And squeezes the hand of the uterus.
Colors white glass
Cum on glass carpet.
And her eyes were burning,
Dick broke something in the body.
The hand clutching pussy,
So, almost broken.
Quieted down, peals.
They rested again grappled.
Here Felista got cancer.
He put his dick in her asshole.
A pussy with both hands
Harvesting began with his fists.
And it is for eggs - enough
And he wants to tear.
Again, vacation, flash again.
He has shortness of breath.
And she fuck him,
And biting and skrebt.
And the screams, and have fun,
And by a pussy to mouth sit.
He thrusts out her tongue,
What mighty and great,
And solid: "podohnu here".
And the clock strikes twelve.
Blood and sperm - all mixed up,
A Felista mad.
We managed in the end
Tear off one egg.
And then with a smile stupid
Otzhevat piece dickhead.
He yells: "Ends, baby!"
And she told him menetku,
To make dick stand.
And to fuck, to fuck, to fuck ...
In the morning, his body was cooled
I looked like arriving
From Moscow criminologist.
So the journalist finished his story
Very sad, and added:
"Incidentally contact the investigator was,
Very young and very sweet."
He turned pale, blushed.
On the maiden I did not look.
So without looking at her bent,
Before it apologized.
And it drew public areas of the mouth
Dick - zhvany piece.
And spoke one question:
"Zaebli it. For what, sir?"
And said Felista:
"This was - gunner.
Next to us lived in the country
And I was able to solve the problem."- 2 -
As time went on, it took five years.
My traveling companion to me again,
One met in Sochi.
We are very glad to meet you
And all night - drinking all being discarded.
And when the pale full
Above ground the moon rose,
Stars on the frozen sky. He asked:
"You have not forgotten my story,
When Felista zaebla gunner?"
At the moment I went to the fatigue,
I asked: "What happened to her?"
"So remember the look,
Well, I want to tell you!"
With bated breath his
I am at the moment gained attention,
And drowsiness sleep immediately
In anticipation of the story.
And the second is his story
I will tell now ...
* * *
If you remember, there was a
Investigator - young and cute.
He took her out there questioning
And then taken away to Moscow.
Passed in "Butyrka" against receipt
And he began to write a note
On his trip
In the office on Petrovka.
Just everything he lost the essence,
It floated in front of his chest,
That big buttocks
Arrest girls.
That huge nipples.
I got up a report on the dead point.
Dick shaking disturbing thoughts,
And his doubts gnawed.
Everything is made whether to report,
No miscalculation in there questioning
And for that I'm holding the thread.
We must peredoprosit.
So deciding grabbed report
And "Buryrku" I rolled.
Felista And if she knew,
Silently he stood up from the stool.
Also walked silently
And blowhole burned.
"I beg you, help me.
I will pay, since you want.
Only rescue from prison.
I was afraid of the dark since childhood.
I'm frightened squeaks, rattles".
A hand crept over the trousers.
Eagerly sought his dick,
As a tear trickled down his cheek.
Suddenly he sat down. Gentle mouth
From his pants dick takes.
And it sucks nice,
Hardly. slightly shaking gently.
Investigator suddenly sweating.
God knows - he did not want.
Against his will left it,
To the knowledge of the blowjob.
And she hugged him,
Everything trembled in lawyer
And the rushing streams flowed into pischeprotoki.
Two weeks were interrogations.
He lost weight, giving crosses
From "Butyrka" and back.
There were cases it smoothly.
He lost weight, she dobrela.
They spit as wanted.
It took quite a few interviews,
And ... she took off pants.
From the interrogation was got
And riding on dick sit,
Or did suction,
Responding to a question.
Day by day Death came.
Her fucked speed
Lawyer and Attorney
And spetsnadzor prison.
In the morning, evening and night
Everyone wanted to help her.
And how could Felista
They mutually help.
Boudreau does blowjob
With the transition to lunch.
So our court at this time
From prison Felistu saved.
Suggesting for fucking, a gift
To leave at Krasnodar.
Someone out there buddy
There was a collective farm chairman.
For Felisty that someone
He asked for a job.
All virgin accompanied,
Instruct, his hand shook.
And just like dudes
All they left for wives.
With chic riding Felista
The train rushes very quickly.
The conductor carries tea.
A couple of times he accidentally
Asshole girls touched,
And on the third he looked,
Look at the hips held
And to him it pressed.
And she said quietly:
"As you once, it smartly.
What do you have here? Well well.
I later look in!"
At midnight, the door opened,
And letting her to him,
He is under teaspoons clinking
Until the morning rocked the car.
And it is a sound of wheels
performed "Haydeross".
In the morning the train slowed down.
That platform, is the people.
Lots of sun, the sky is clear.
There should get Felista.
Came out, he looked timidly
And I could not help smiling.
She pokes bouquet guy,
From the crowd rushing creek.
Under the orchestra give
Pioneers salute her.
Someone came forward to it,
Gently takes his arm,
And under the sonorous drum
We invite you to sharoban.
"Touch!" - The driver shouts
And mysteriously silent.
At the moment, the smile gone from his face.
"There must be some mistake.
Explain this meeting,
Drum, flowers and speeches,
The one who is - I do not"
"What are you, my Rybonka.
From Moscow yesterday just
I sent my friend a mandate
Meet the fifth, on Saturday
And to bring to work.
You headed the stables."
It was my prosecutor.
It is all this explains
ass for himself embraces,
Gently hand picks
And he puts himself on the penis.
She whispers to her: "Well - Squeeze!"
Coachman shouts: "Click!"
Oh Tryasuchev road.
"Hosh. Sit down to my feet!"
What Feliste explain.
That let cowards shoot.
Dick got, got cancer,
On it are inhabited asshole.
And she went back to work,
Helping all potholes.
Frisky horses they ride,
The groom feels - fuck.
And although the little boy is small,
Also your huk got.
Fisted and quickly leads -
Fucking every tune.
The horse sensed this floss.
He raced first without oglyadstva.
And then immediately got up,
To extract your cable has become.
Laughs and a scoundrel is not.
Equine member increases.
As Felista saw,
Peasants poraskidala,
I crawled under the trotter,
The girth of the hips,
Heels put her to the croup
And let's suck prick.
Dust pillar trotter trembles
Suddenly with a colon run.
Baba almost choked,
horse leaped body,
The groom softly shouted,
Chairman gave dru.
The horse wheezes, she eldu
Horsehead vanities in the pussy,
And Werth like a top.
And in the steppe cricket sings.
An hour in his desire
Showboat horse.
Tribal trotter fell,
She gasped and was covered by a pussy.
A Felista shook herself
And back to the station.
At night, quietly sat down on the train
And go in search
New victims of their pussy.
After seven hours of driving
Somewhere out and disappeared.
Since then she was gone.
But I believe it is really something
Somewhere will come up once.
And as long as we live and breathe
We will hear more about it.