I was kneeling in the corner of the room, completely naked. My hands and feet were bound, so that hopes to rise from his knees, and even more untie nebylo no. Yes, even if I was, I would not dare try to disobey the orders of her husband, who left the room told to wait for him in this position.
Where is my husband now, I did not know he could enter the room at any moment. Although it is possible that he was not home, and he will return home in the evening or even tomorrow. I had time to stand up and to remember his life and remember how it all began and how I, an intelligent girl was in such a bad state.
Not so long ago, my husband and our sex life is nothing particularly noteworthy not so different. We were not particularly constrained in bed and a few years of marriage, tried almost everything starting from the missionary position with the lights off in the bedroom under the covers, ending with anal sex in the evening to the sound of the surf on the beach.
Thoughts on how to invite a third person in bed with us too, but we could not agree, I would like a man, and my husband, of course, a woman. In general, we have not been able to reach a consensus on this issue and decided to postpone the decision of this problem until better times. My husband has always been in bed affectionate and gentle, never raised his voice at me and very carefully watching my reaction, if it seemed to him that I do not like something, he immediately stopped doing it. He never resorted to any violence and I was very afraid cause any pain.
Once in our family life turned out to be quite a long time when I was unemployed, I was sitting at home and terribly missed. I strongly was nothing to do. From boredom I began to climb on every internet site and accidentally came across a page of a certain gentleman who vividly described the variety of sex scenes with flogging and other forms of punishment. After reading his stories, I began to visit all sorts of sexual fantasies, where I was in the role of submissive girls, slave, which is in complete subjection to his master.
Intellectually I knew that imagination is great, but most likely this role actually I do not like. But the thought of "host" They did not give me rest and I decided to try to persuade her husband "play a little". I was not sure that my sweet husband generally capable of being a gentleman, but I hoped that he could at least play up to me a little bit. My God, if I knew what's all over, I would probably never have ventured on such "game". Or maybe just as well that I did not know, otherwise I would never have experienced what I have experienced.
In general in one evening, drinking a surprising number of good pre-martini for courage, I went to her husband and told him that I visited the new sexual fantasies and that if he does not mind, I'd like to play with him in "Lord and his novice" the word slave, I absolutely did not like. I can not say that the reaction of my husband I was glad he somehow reacted to this idea without much enthusiasm.
A couple of days nothing happened, and on the third I decided to take matters into their own hands. In the evening, I wore black panties, stockings on rezinochke, shiny shoes with heels, and a black lace bra. As such, I was waiting for her husband in the bedroom, and when he went to the door, then walked over to him knelt down and said:
- Lord wants me to help him undress?
- Hmm, yes, I actually myself I can - my husband muttered.
I'm not paying attention to her husband's objection, become gently undress him. After that, I said that I all ready for a massage and there's my husband did not dare to give up: While I thoroughly rubbed with oil and knead his tired body after work, I did not forget to ask him "Would not it be against my lord, if I do so and so" or "Does Mr. so-and-so" In general, I tried in every way to my husband went into the role of Mr. And yet, I'm a little in this succeeded.
After the massage, my husband suddenly told me that he wants to finish in my mouth. I'll tell you, it was a surprise for me because He never did, fearing that I would be unpleasant to the taste of semen, and I did not ask. I was shocked, because he's not just going to cum in my mouth, and told to swallow everything. When I heard his order (it was the first order in my life!) I was a little taken aback, but fulfilled all he said.
It is not strange, but it was not unpleasant. Flirty I did not feel, but for something felt very excited by what I ordered. Then followed the usual sex. Thus ended our first experiment.
The next day, I was under the impression last night. I could not wait to repeat and consolidate our last experience. In general, I am nothing more from her husband and was not expecting. A couple of these evenings began on my initiative in this way. And in the end, I played enough. But my husband seems not, on the contrary, he got a taste.
10 Days later, after our first experiment. In the evening, as usual, I was in our marital bed and read some stupid female affair. Her husband came into the room and suddenly said,
- How did you meet your master! Bitch! - My eyes were more than two times, nothing like that of her husband, I did not expect. True to quickly sort out the situation, I thought it a bit still to play along. And crying "Oh, excuse me!" jumped out of bed went to him, knelt down and began to undress him.
-Mr. willing massage? - I asked, pulling off his socks.
-To hell with massage, suck quickly, so do not forget to swallow. I want to sleep!
When I went with my husband's pants at me, like a yo-the-box popped his huge hard dick. I began to gently lick his tongue, holding the base of the right hand, and the fingers of the other hand, I fingered his testicles.
- Got tenderness, cut me off my husband! And they took me by the hair became rough stick my mouth on his huge tool. He shoved so deeply, that I began to choke, but to my surprise it excites me, thank Gd he quickly finished and I swallowed everything he ordered to the last drop. After that, my husband fell on the bed, and when I lay down beside, Mr. lazily with one hand began to flex my pussy.
After this adventure, I did not take laskt, I ran the whole way. I helped him a little with his fingers himself in his wet hole and just a couple of minutes, I covered the stormy orgasm, after which we went to sleep peacefully.
For a while nothing happened, we were living their normal conjugal life with a pleasant calm in sex 3-4 times a week. I do not know what changes have occurred in the mind of my husband, but they occurred and the reason these changes, I was with his boundless imagination. Apparently, I was awakened in him a deep male instincts that have been successfully euthanized modern education.
In general, my life has changed dramatically in one evening. On that day, my husband came home from work a little later than usual, after dinner he lay down on the sofa with leptopom. In this nebylo nothing strange in our time leptop successfully replaces the newspaper. Around 10 pm, when I was about to go into the tub to take a shower before going to bed, he called me and said that I should be ready. "For what ?" I asked stupidly. "To all!" answer followed.
After these words, he again buried in your computer, making it clear it is clear that the conversation was over. I went to wash, thinking over his words, it is clear that up to what I have thought of the clever. After a shower, I went to bed, mentally ready for anything. But it turned out that I was not prepared at all.
It emerged in the bedroom doorway husband saw me in bed flashed eyes and said
- I've told! You must be ready! What are you doing in bed? Get up and come to me, so now you're going to meet every day ... me! Got it, bitch? !! What are you wearing? - He said, and with a single motion tore me my favorite tee shirt in which I slept.
I am somewhat stunned by this turn of events, I was sure that we played enough in the game, but apparently I was wrong. I tried to resent such vandalism towards my favorite T-shirt well, I do not suit me. But looking at her husband's eyes, I realized that it is better now do not mind.
- Throw all that crap - he said pointing to my little box with a comfortable cotton pajamas and nightgown. - I do not want to see it all! Now you will wear only these things, he said, and pointed at a small pile of lacy any baubles that I bought in sekshope, specifically in order to sometimes wear during erotic games. - I'll get you yet, and now in our bedroom you can is either naked or dress of this sort!
- But in them uncomfortable all the time to go: - I tried to argue
- Get used to it, and remember Mr. orders are not discussed. I know that you have a memory is not very good, so I know how to help you remember it! - He said and smiled. While I did not feel any trick, but in vain!
- Kneel beside me, put her hands on the floor and put his head down! - I obeyed, thinking that perhaps he wants to take me back, well I did not mind. But, in one second it turned out that my head tightly squeezed between his legs.
- You'd better keep quiet if you want it faster over!
Wrapped her arms around my legs and not let go.
I've done everything as he told me, still not fully understanding what he wants to do. And then my ass that no one had ever yet not hurt, burned. Then again, and again. He smacked me! First time in life! I flinched, but she could not escape, and I arched lowed. I tried to scream, but I could not. I squirmed as I could, the tears flowed from my eyes. And horror of horrors! I felt the warmth and heaviness in the abdomen and the growing desire .... My lye humidified, chest slightly swollen. In general, I was ready. But I was terribly hurt and in my mind crowded 2 disconnected desire: that it's stopped and will never happen again and that it did not stop.
In general there is a split of consciousness and I was as a man of sense, even more frightened. Having dealt with the whipping and releasing my head, my master asked me if I remember well, what should I do? I nodded, swallowing tears. Then suck, he ordered! I took his cock in her mouth and began intensified its handle. My body craved the excited end and continuing to caress member, I tried to hand to fondle himself. Apparently my husband has noticed these are my attempts, and said with a grin
-Hmm, excited pussy ?! Get your hand out of there, then I'll deal with you myself. Do not worry, this was the first but not the last sentence in your life.
Oh, about that, I somehow did not think! He's going to flog me to continue? I spat angrily member. Of course I'm excited! But this turn of events does not suit me. I tried to get up from his knees, but she has a strong hand shall remain back.
- Do you still not understand? Your life has changed! Now I am your master, and I will do with you whatever I want and whenever I want.
With these words, he spun me and with all his might thrust his cock into my ass. God, I had, of course, dealt with it in anal sex, but he always did it very carefully, never introduced a member until the end and generally did so only rarely. And now! Nightmare! It seemed to me that I was tearing into thousands of small pieces! I tried to pull away, but he held me by the hair and methodically thrust me his huge tool to its full length. And his balls loudly slapped me on the behind.
It felt like it lasted an eternity, and I was hanging in a strange state between pain and pleasure. At some point, while continuing to fuck me in the ass with one hand, he strongly squeezed my nipple, and that was enough to make me start to finish! Owned beginning, because it is not just finished, I finished long waves, it is not clear where flying away, then back to his mortal body is exhausted. When the first series of orgasms start to fade, my husband the last time Mr. removing a member from my bruised popochki, put it in another hole, more suitable for him.
At the same time he decided to jerk my klitorchik and immediately I was rolled on the second series of orgasms. Husband had finished at the same time with me. Then, silently, we went into the shower, where I washed my Lord, rinsed herself, after which we lay down exhausted on the bed and fell asleep. Thus ended the first day of my new life.