This story was told to me certainly not Tanya. If you like - let me know and I'm sorry for the Russian - I have not tried it. We have a Russian books became tight. I wish you well amused.
Tanya was twenty-five. Age when you clear all of the men and when unexpected parting like thunder in a clear sky. One hundred and seventy-five centimeters of growth have been apportioned between the long, slender legs and body, emerged from the workshop of paradise. Maybe her breasts were a little larger, maybe a little thinner waist or shoulders straightened more, but Tanya always collected the views of men at one point. And generally not needed AXXON-and tights to have a perfect silhouette.
Head held was decorated with thick, shiny chestnut mane is poured over his shoulders and carries gaze down and down. Her dark-blue eyes could wither in a moment of irrational male or turn sluggish weakling into a steel column. Those who tasted the sweetness of her nature red lips and her quick tongue between white teeth equal, silent. Words are not enough. Tanya was a woman.
And every twenty-five women she needed one week to experience a new separation. Because it hurt, she felt hurt and terribly alone. Tanya took a vacation and went to the village.
She thought that everything will go fast, clean air will wash away with the brains of unnecessary thoughts and a week later she again be old Tanya. Later, she realized that the person is given only assume - has another.
She did not understand anything, nor why, nor how, but it all started back in the first evening with the rich aroma of flowering trees and a huge orange moon over the village forest. The village itself was far from the big cities and quickly grew quiet after sunset. I could hear only the lazy dog, cow, and two in the neighboring roll preparing to sleep smiling people.
What dream? Maybe another hour cursed the moon will be stuck in her eyes. Tanya revolved until the bed did not seem like a battlefield.
Something was wrong. Something pushed her inside. Stand up, walk without stopping ... She got up from the bed and the moonlight poured through her body like a caress lover. Tanya sensed it with every cell of his bare skin. Needless to resist the instinct. Dressed old cowboy shirt and went out into the yard.
It was quiet. In Sofia, it is never so quiet. Only a ghostly light streamed down, and beckoned her voice barely audible. The house was on the edge of the village Tanya went along the dusty road. His bare feet sank into the warm, soft dust.
Easy night breeze caressed his chest, abdomen, her elastic thighs, but could not cool the strange warmth below semilunar muscles.
She saw him almost immediately. At first, the donkey was only a dark silhouette with protruding ears. Tanya went on tender grass. At the bottom of the abdomen, gleaming softly in the moonlight hung penis animal. The young woman paused for a moment, listening to their feelings. What is it? I am excited by this? It is not decorated, but very strong desire arose in her mind. She decided to just touch it, because anything wrong with that? Just to touch for a moment ... but first she needs to earn his trust.
I get closer to the animals. It is not backed away and raised his head and turned to her. His nostrils flared and his upper lip raised. Tanya read that African zebras males also do so when they sense ready to fertilize a female. I probably already ready? I approached again. Allowing the donkey to smell it. His warm breath passed through its dark woods, and she felt her moisture. It was like nothing familiar.
Huge warm tongue opened her big mouth and touched the clitoris and pulling them out of the chest sweet moan. boobs grains become large and hard about the disease quickly. Tanya put her ass to her head and body are easy to forward. Hormones poured in her blood. She almost fell on the grass near the donkey's body. His penis was definitely bigger. He grabbed his left hand. She felt his power, his iridescent life force. Nothing bad will happen if she just looked at him. He brings it closer to her face. The body was black, silky, gently pulsing with swollen veins. I smell it - a stranger, but not off-putting. On the contrary - what is alluring, attractive. And what if he had a taste? Hesitantly she approached the body to his lips. Soft, dark skin smelled of musk and taste. She touched a little tongue - soft, smooth, clean. His lips formed themselves on the donkey penis head.
I what? Trying to kiss ... I do blowjob ass? In his mind was a whirlpool, but the passion is already owned it. Tanya began to take a huge head in his mouth. His lips stretched in front, and his cheeks had fallen creating a vacuum. Start slower print it out of his mouth. Language itself sought dimple urethra. Her two hands sensibly wrapped around the barrel of hardening.
He and the truth was great, but the taste has urged her to continue. And she continued to suck. She heard, as if from a distance, accelerating snoring ass. The flesh in her hands into a steel column, but Tanya could not stop.
She began to purr with pleasure. A real pleasure.
Cum poured down her throat, and for a moment it hard to breathe. The liquid was cool, slightly salty and tasty, but a lot. Tanya pulled back coughing and spitting. New, powerful jet hit in the face, hair, breasts poured. Then the new and the new
Tanya sat down near the grass. What have I done? This is bad? Bad? But I liked it, and as you can see and him. Oh, yes, it is clear that he was pleased.
Indifferent moon rolled his way. Every she had seen, and the sin of love? For him and created the night and the moon.
Tanya again approached the donkey, and this time he readily turned so that the woman was comfortable, though saying: " Come on, do it again." I start where in former times are finished. She reached out and touched the still moist flesh. He held out his hand to the small, surprisingly small and black peeps at the sharp end. It touched the still wet flesh and felt her silky softness. She slowly pulled back the sheath of the sword is already familiar and curious one-eyed head appeared. All feelings Thani has sought the growing diva. For a moment she thought she heard the noise of the blood filling the cavernous bodies, and still in the mouth was the taste and aroma of his sperm. Her left hand slid up the adhesive from the old seed of the flesh. Again, she is bringing her face to her. I took a deep breath and smelling decomposing sperm club pulled her lips themselves looking head growing.
Language slid down the barrel. Seeker, learning and more gentle and affectionate. Tana again stuffed donkey's penis in your mouth tender. She was so horoshshsho! I sucked, and her hands were moving slowly up and down, up and down the trunk. Hardening flesh sang her palm. New, strange thoughts whirled in her head. could not she try quite a bit to give yourself and a little fun. But why she lied to yourself? All her being was screaming: Try it, take it in that moment, then it will be too late!
Tanya got up on his knees and elbows, and parked her elastic ass zadik under belly. Long member pressed against her crotch. She opened her lower lip with your fingers and slipped on the wet Club. Unfamiliar, strange feeling passed through her body. Tanya purred like a cat, and pushes the pelvis. It hoooorrrroshshshooooh !, but it was not that. A little scared myself a little flinch, because she knew two scary stories about such games, but it certainly will be attentive, sooo attentive.
I took a hot palm almost ready penis and gently pressed it to svomu small holes. Relax, it is quite calm and you control everything. It must be a very small effort that went into it. She was so wet and hospitable that no animal felt the first jolt. My God! It was already late in the middle of her exclamations. The second and the third completed the tremors started. It was all there, but Tanya nebylo time to understand this. The donkey began to move on ... it. His body arched bow and Tanya heard his battle roar. And she herself was ready to tear the grass in a rage that swept through her. I pushed back with all his power, and deep in her muscles, which are not even known, sucking force of the animal.
I feel the flow of sperm, to feel your own explosion and almost fainted. Hoooooooooorrroooshshshshooooohhhhh !!! Her body still trembled when the donkey recoiled. NO! Tanya followed him, feeling the blood drain of a donkey and a penis. Her muscles relaxed slowly. He went out with greedy sucking sound. Cool glass has a trickle down her right thigh. Tanya fell to the grass.
Luna's eyes narrowed slyly. I am a hunter, animals know. She lay on her back and watched the sky. Billions of stars. There he and the Milky Way - a huge sperm ... Can I not think about it even for a moment? The answer came before she finished the question. Her body was filled with satisfaction sweets. Unfamiliar in its depth calm enveloped her, taken in itself as a land of rain after a long drought. Tanya lazily looked around the main reason for his pleasure. Near donkey grazing meekly.
World peace and calm started to leave it with enormous speed. Tanya sat down. Feel dries hair ina body sperm. Aroma again pumped blood in her small pelvis. Excitement, passion and desire again raised their heads and Tanya crawled to the animal. It raised its head, moved his ears looked at her. By publishing a satisfied sound donkey started so that his side faced a face-Thani. She stretched her neck, tilted her head and tongue slid slightly salty tip of the penis has not grown. Her lips gently swallowed it.
I'm going crazy! Once - the ego is nothing. A person should try everything yet again. What? I'm addicted? Maybe it is because of the strong flavor. After all, they say that we are the people, slaves to their noses. Perhaps for the sake of all size and force with which you push me? Or I'm looking for someone who would fill my loneliness?
This one has grown in her face, but she did not let his head out of his mouth. Lang walked around in an infinite affection, and soon Tanya and included in their hands. Delicate fingers slid along the mighty flute pulling them out of her life to music. Now she has decided to meet the problem of the person in the face. I make a bridge (the school was one of the best gymnasts), widely spread her legs, put her in the great land of the left hand and right grabbed another soft hose. He rubbed his thighs, forehead and already wet crotch. Helped Me with all your fingers and easily shoved a penis. Donkey started slightly, feeling the familiar humid place. Tanya continued to introduce it in their own wet pussy.
Once it passed. I do not understand how it happened, but it was all in me, right? The answer came very hard. Donkey pushed. Tanya moaned. The animal was part of a penis in her long, long time and has penetrated deeply. Yet! After a brief moment the second push completed the job. The animal began to move rhythmically over her. Tanya felt his stomach his forehead, her belly, her breasts. Uper force the hands and feet into the ground she held his powerful thrusts.
Somewhere inside her beginning to hang around dark wave, mighty, menacing, huge, most of what she knew so far. Tanya also began to move. Her body was looking ass rhythm and suffered when it felt like a butterfly impaled on a vast steel mace. The infernal heat of the mace scorched her insides sweet pain. Her muscles began to throb. It was like a bomb - shine gap immense sweetness top. Earnest desire to stay more and more with each pulsation, and then the end and relaxation. She fell to the grass and saw the defeated steel column comes out of it, their humid shining and juices Thani, the divine nectar of love. Single beam of moonlight broke through the thin trickle of semen.
Tanya looked for the moon. What? It sloped to the west. She stood up abruptly. Was very tired, I wanted to get rid of again the pleasure, but the sun was close. Another half hour and high clouds will become pink.
She ran to the house. Naked, beautiful, schastlivaya, forgetting his loneliness. It flew into the bathroom and warm water washed off the dried cum from her body. Cool sheets gently wrapped around the body schastlivogo. Tanya was asleep. I woke up around lunchtime. Incredible dream, eh? It was only a dream? Where's my shirt?