Many students are familiar with the situation when the next semester long and cheerful suddenly ends and the nightmare begins the session, and to prepare for the next exam never have enough of the week, day or even just a few hours. And if such a moment in front of the long-suffering studiozusy dilemma arises: an important exam tomorrow or lastyaschayasya him naked beauty - what do you choose, so you do not regret?
This story took place during the winter session, when I was a sophomore. The time a student is flying is fun and easy, and if it has not yet had to report regularly on the knowledge acquired, it would be quite good. But this duty is still there, and nowhere on it does not go. And so for me, suddenly and inevitably come during this ordeal (and, in fact, seemed still quite recently that the time ahead - the car).
That night I sat alone in our obschazhskoy dvuhmestke (only recently, complex intrigues torn replace the old 4-seater crush) and honestly tried to forget about the world for the sake of preparing for tomorrow's savage check, say, on the strength of materials. Outside, snow was falling light, and in the dim light of the room was warm and cozy especially on this, a table lamp light backlit turn the pages. And, closer to the night, when a good third paragraphs was left behind, there was a knock on the door and into the room with me as a pleasant surprise bestowed an unexpected guest - the heroine of my story, chetverokursnitsa named Masha.
I'll try to describe it to you. Female Mary was not that big, but certainly not too thin. Who would compare it to ...? Well, let's say, imagine Pamela Anderson in his youth and with the bust of a little more careful with natural lush mane of brown hair and green eyes (my favorite color at the time). Here, something about the kind. However, in those years, my taste in women has not yet formed, and beautiful person to me meant a lot more gorgeous legs and shapes. Masha also reminded a young and vibrant, a female lioness, with strong and gentle movements, active character and confidence in their own actions.
Actually, before we had a particularly closely acquainted were not, as she studied Masha for a couple of courses older than me, and, although from the outset attracted to him my opinion, but she had many admirers among undergraduates, and then I was just a shy boy from the district center, recently arrived in the big city. However, in the first year of beautiful girls and more accessible enough without it. Basically, I looked at Masha from a distance, and only once failed to ask her to slow dance during our obschazhskoy discos. But, apparently, then dance me quite managed to create a sense of increased intimacy, as a farewell kiss on the neck was received with favor.
She even some time deigned to sit and shifted in my lap (after which I had for a long time to calm overexcited young organism).
Later, we had said hello when they met, sometimes briefly chatted about nothing, so, in general, and all. That's why I was so to say the least, surprised that her nocturnal visit.
But anyway, the situation is cleared up quickly and fairly banal: in seniors already that day were great celebrations (and, indeed, at all levels of the noise was, yes, indeed, Maria herself was decently drunk) and she badly wanted to sleep, from his own the room it would be quickly removed again, so she decided to ask for the night with a friend of the first years, that is to me. In general, the explanation is clear and plausible (although, to be honest, to see her, I was happy and without explanation), extra bed for me today "for any" empty, so let located.
But I myself am preparing for an important exam, and, therefore, pay special attention to it, much to my regret, I can not. On that note, agreed. Since Mary had just come from the street, then it follows, I have not got warmer, and hops out of my mind it still has not disappeared, so she lay down to sleep on top of the covers and just right in the clothes, turned away to face the wall.
But, as I mentioned, the room was quite o check point heated so that at least a jacket Masha after 10 minutes yet kicked off, and then was finally disconnected. I went back to the heavy burden of the strength of materials, only occasionally, in some doubt, glancing at the sleeping girl.
And here we come, and the so-called "bifurcation point", in other words - a critical phase, fork probabilities. And from that, which subsequently turned forthcoming events, the outcome not only of the night may vary, but the next few years.
Option 1 (enlightening).
Hour after hour, page by page - and it was morning. Mary woke up, stretching, thanked me, which sheltered, a little rumpled, as if about to say something else, but still said nothing, and saying goodbye, gone. I looked after her, I thought, how foolishly-all happened: with me privately held all night and remained effective girl with absolutely untouched. But since before the exam were only 3 hours, all the distracting thoughts from his mind quickly flew.
As it happens, in consequence, to a certain day we close with Masha did not face any more. But one day, by the end of the Institute of me, we had the opportunity to meet at one of the local parties (it does not already learned, but simply looked away). After a few drinks people often breaks to be frank. That Mary, sitting on my lap, decided to pour out his soul a bit. It turns out that since the time of my studies in the first year, it has allocated me among many others, and was almost in love (that is, these women understand what it means almost?).
How strange it is sometimes to look at the recent beauties, who unexpectedly quickly pass and lose their former freshness and sex appeal. I looked at her and wondered. Well, what do you women challenging something like that? Why did you tell me before something did not say, or at least not hinted poponyatnee. After all, what good rough hints, so the fact that they do not have to be repeated two times. And men - there are quite straightforward. It was enough to try to talk sometime poigrivee and pointimnee, popristavat little joke or something else like that (in the student get-together - there is a common occurrence).
At the worst, and again I could look once or twice - just like that, in between times, since that memorable night I was really prepared for the exam. Perhaps, both from his student years that could get even more interesting. And now, well, you tell me why this is necessary?
I honestly and diligently tried to hug and kiss her, listening to her, do not light up the inside of the desire, even if purely physiological, but all was in vain. Gradually, we went to different corners, and then parted forever. Well, that's why she came, so even with confessions impose - just reopen the soul.
Now, instead of the bright memories of the magnificent red-haired Panther in the shower was only spoiled by the memory of the battered Baba faded and lost opportunity. Sad story.
And now try to shake off all the dreary precipitate from the first embodiment, so that it did not stop with a fresh perception to experience the situation in a different reality.
Option 2 (entertainment).
Later, an hour after three (in that time I had already decent progress in the acquisition of knowledge), apparently a little and slept a little sobered, and osolovelaya Exhausted (well, still, in takom-to warm clothing to bed), Mary rose bed, long stretches and went into the corridor to wash on the way for some reason, taking me by the ears and loudly smacking his nose.
Returning ... it has built us a mug of coffee (instant, of course), and sat on his bed, looking sideways at me and there is something currently considering. A few minutes later, taking my hands empty mug, Masha went into the kitchen (behind the curtain) and went back to have appropriate room temperature almost home video - in light light green blouse and gently decreasing with her rounded thighs are the same color, but more dark skirt just above the knees (a sweater, tights and there is something else, became clearly superfluous). That's just instead of continuing to sleep off, she came to me, look, there is, I teach, and lay on the same bed, his legs dangling down, his head resting on my lap.
Well, maybe for someone it would not be a problem, but still imagine yourself in my place. My 19 years old, night, warm and cozy room, easily dressed, relaxed and has long coveted girl receiving a confidential pose. ... Well, how can we focus on the exam, when a young body just automatically begins to throw in the blood testosterone portion? And, in fact, I still remember very well the last session, he sat in the university library and teaching material on the ancient Indian religions, dropping at this time with one hand between the legs of his then girlfriend.
Tormented so for a while in an attempt to capture the difference between Buddhism and Hinduism, since then I have sworn never to combine study with the presence of your favorite girls.
Kakoe-to time I courageously struggled with temptation and even read a few more pages, but once Masha stroked her cheek lightly and playfully poking her fingertip in the corner of the lips, making them immediately spread out into a smile, and removing the ear naughty claret curl. And it is all the time in silence and gazed lovingly up at me, only occasionally rolling his shoulders. At the time of the next perturbation top button on the machine blouse unbuttoned as if by accident.
Reacting to the strange sound, I looked briefly opened his eyes on the delicious mounds and turn the next page is automatically put his hand on the lace cup bra (incredibly cozy feeling, oh, if not yet the exam!). "Mr-p-pp", - said Masha (in the sense of: "Well, finally!"). Slowly moving her pensive look, which still reflected the strength of materials formula, gradually fixing it to the girl, and realizing what I was doing, I gently covered her luring "hunting trap" and took his hand. "? Mp-r-rrr" - Masha raised her eyebrows in surprise (in the sense of: "Monsieur, how to understand it?").
Yeah, probably not hussar somehow it turns out, mentally I agreed, still sat for a moment in thought, looked into the eyes of the girl, hopelessly sighed and returned his hand to the place, that is, the machine chest began to massage it gently. "Mrrr-meow" - murmured Mary (in the sense of: "Well, that's quite another matter"). Looking at it after a while, I saw that Mashunya closed her eyes and quietly thrilled with the easy half-smile on his lips. I love when the girls during caresses on her face reflected a sincere joy. Not just a spasm of excitement or relaxation languor (although it is impressive), but it is a quiet girl's happiness.
Later, Maria decided to change position: turned the other way, ulegshis head on the pillow, soft round ass tightly pressed me to his hip and legs thrown on the railing. Free skirt slowly and seductively slid down to her waist. A couple of long minutes we both carefully watched the slow drain on the car feet of tissue folds, gradually exposing her dark blue silk panties. Then she took my hand and asked to relax the fingers and palm, without making himself nothing, and began wielding it like a soft brush, to drive himself on the stomach, thighs, warm pussy.
An interesting game, like the hand of a stranger - a partner of the opposite sex, but at the same time located in full your submission. To remember it, later I tried again in the same way as the other girls pet and themselves by their hands.
A little later, Masha for some time excused myself, what gave me the opportunity to moderate its erection and try all the same to go back to the textbook. But it was not there. When he returned, she took me in earnest, first made some stroking movements over the penis through the fabric sports pants, then playfully smiled prispustila them and pulled out my still polunapryazhennoe dignity of freedom, they began to indulge.
She shook his finger to the side of the side, then gently tossed up, causing the dignity with every toss harder and harder to grow and harden. Then Masha is still very gently, fingers stroked the barrel member, nails gently tapped on the testicles and, finding that I was quite ready, opened the head and kissed her.
Does it make sense to describe the feelings overwhelmed me then, not yet spoiled by the quantity and quality of sexual adventure? When the difference in the two years experience Mashunya in such cases was much larger, much of what I had experienced at that time, it was a novelty, so I simply gave myself into her arms, leaving behind only the role of the humble, inexperienced, but hardy stallion.
At the moment, Masha, apparently, decided me a little poprikalyvatsya. Raising my hands with a book-to-face ( "Come on, teach your subject, and I do not get distracted. I've been to myself quietly sit-in, poigra-ide and stop you do not boo-hook"), clasping one hand my back and the other gently holding the barrel member, she gently and lovingly licked her tongue, and then began to gently suck on his head. Well, we'll see who wins. Remembering on which paragraph stopped, I started to get a grasp carefully in line.
A petting machines at this time was gentle and unobtrusive, supporting low (about 4-5 on a 10-point scale), but constant level of excitation. Erections when this turns out not as sharp as in the local area, aimed Touching the tongue, but a girlish lips the whole surface of the head completely and at the same time feels light, hot and sipping a little stimulation. This, of course, not an orgasm, but also very nice and very funny feeling. When you seem to be engaged in business (reading, watching TV, with someone talking, or anything else like that), and on the tip of your member smoldering a little, but not extinguishing the flame of pleasure.
He seemed to exist by itself, and thus it is possible even for a moment forget that the source of pleasure is located next to the girl.
After a few minutes I was not so much read as stupidly staring at a textbook lines, but at the same time thought hovered in some distant mist. Generally, in such a light that's sucking member of the result it is so soft and soothing, that maybe I could even fall asleep at the same time.
But so what exactly I just could not, so it is taken in such circumstances Sopromat, therefore, finally spitting on my studies, I dropped the book and buried his fingers in my cherry curls seductress.
Squinting one eye, he raised Mashunya sly attractive face ( "What, give up?"), Winked at me, and set to work on the present, rapid movements of the tongue tickling the bottom edge of the head, just swallowing it up to the neck and caressing my testicles hand. Of course, for a long time me when this treatment is not enough, and hung in the air at first muffled groan today (after all, we have tried to hold back a bit, respecting sleeping neighbors behind thin walls of the room).
Widely throwing open in amazement from the eye ejection force ( "Well, what did you expect? So much time has held back"), Masha swallowed most of the sperm (then that I did not know that this is not very common and was not aware of all its piquancy ), then solemnly wiped the remnants of her towel, licked her lips, and with a promising view said: "and now, relax and enjoy. Exclusive - only for very close ... And try to just say that you did not like! ".
And here in front of me began the session private amateur striptease (still good that the floor was carpeted with us - and walk barefoot heat and dusty)! Briefly, it looked like this. Singing is something quietly to accompany himself and danced Masha slowly undid the remaining buttons blouse, then slid his chest to my face, allowing her to breathe deeply and smell a little mash through lace bra; then his arms to the side and slowly After having wandered a couple of times around its own axis, she took off her blouse completely; Minute portrayed a kind of belly dance, and then, slowly unbuttoning and deadly, like the petals opening to me the fabric edge, and took off her skirt.
How harmoniously looked on her has not yet descended to the end of the summer tan blue lingerie set, combined with chestnut color hair and green eyes! Teasing smooth body curves and dancing movements, Maria approached me, but pushed up to the time of my greedy hands, not allowing himself to grasp. Meanwhile, followed by a wide-open, frightened eyes and deliberately, left his seat and bra, and from her divorced only a few seconds, looked out plump hands, but high breast with a medium-sized protruding nipples.
Finally, turning to me her ass, and then, lowering and bending the back, Mashunya kicked off and last part of his wardrobe, and smiling from ear to ear, a spectacular reversal turned to face me ( "Voila!"), Providing an opportunity to enjoy a full set of her naked charms. Everything, now it is free, is ready and willing.
Then, left without clothes, Masha have driven me to the bed and lay down on her own, placing neighbor pillow under the ass (that he was surprised to learn, for what used his pillow, but later I did well aired), slightly spreading his knees and podmanivaya me a finger of one hand ( "Now let him come to me, my good"), the other with a hint stroking her pussy.
It seems now expected from me feats in the field of oral sex, that's just me something about the age of these caresses were not that unusual, but in general a wonder (when something makes a woman, I thought it vse still more clearly, and, here, on the contrary ...). Though, like I imagined a little theory, what's what, but the practice was not yet complete, and I was embarrassed once in those years to think about these things. But nothing to do with the gift should somehow pay off, so, having collected all the determination of a fist, I began to cautiously approach the Machine pussy, a little timidly, looking at her.
Well it, I thought a lot, probably already experienced, and is currently currently spokoynehonko, slyly glancing at my confusion and soul, apparently laughing. Okay, where we did not disappear. We stand up for the honor of his native faculty!
Now, with hindsight I myself is getting ridiculous and embarrassing to recall that their terrible clumsiness. All these wrinkles, mounds, hollows - well, never paid attention to what turns out to be a complex landscape of girls between the legs.
However, I have tried very hard and took note of all the tips Machines. And she, an infection, in full use of that, and even mocked, "Yes, yes, well, that's where, uh, well-how. And even a little bit higher, yes, yes, yes, oh you umnichka. More, more, do not stop! ". Naturally, the first pancake turned out I did not have much, and bring her to orgasm so I could not be in that night, but it was the first valuable experience of this kind. Besides, how could I still gave a debt of gratitude and well started herself.
Deciding that more of me in this position still today do not achieve, Masha pulled me to her and began kissing her smeared lips as their own juices. Then, lowering his hand down and making sure that I had almost recovered, she got up and, with exaggerated swinging her hips, paraded to his jacket, something from it took, turned to me in a visible position, and out of her hand with a slight rustle turned down a very long strip of condoms. "Oh my God, this is what she suggests ?!" - flashed through my head a cursory count their number.
By the way, do not think that Mashunya "life" so that's nature "goddamned" or anything like that. Just the other night, it was still somewhat intoxicated - is, first of all. And, secondly, it is, as far as I'm guessing now, all this time just to play with me, taunting and reveling in my view stunned. Perhaps you know the feeling similar to, for example, when over your jokes nemudrenyh unexpectedly sincere laugh, and you because of that are starting to feel inveterate wisecracking and are pleased to continue to entertain his companions.
That, and Masha, apparently imagines himself is now a sort of experimental and expensive hetero, received the assignment to teach sexual literacy inexperienced young man.
So, determined, apparently brutally rape me, Mary sat down in front of me on my knees (I'm just sitting at this time on the bed, legs dangling and looking at her), squeezed my cock her plump breasts and began to massage, saying something like "Do-bye-bye, my little, my poor ...". And I, in the end spacy, looked at a charming girl, a variety of touches to inflate my erection and gently puts on a condom on the penis, talking to him with a gentle whisper, as a living.
How much that night I had to work hard to fully satisfy sexual hunger whetted the student! And on top and bottom, and side and rear. By the way, to attach to Mashunya it back and seeing how my luck today, I began to dream of a complete set of pleasures, but that's unfortunately the anus girl me at that time could only get purely symbolic, surface massaged his ring ( " Oh, no, no, not now. as some other time definitely try, but it will be necessary to prepare the necessary lubrication, and I can not, and do not ask ").
I have to admit that literacy and sensitivity, as I now realize, my night is clearly not enough, but I was more than compensated for their tireless youth. Instead I still inaccessible subtlety of feeling I am quite satisfied with rude, but deafening explosions of ecstasy.
In the end we with Masha just lay in bed, hugging and talking about the different varieties. It seems to be a common thing, but that's lying on her side, one leg girl twine top of me, and my cock during this leisurely conversation continued to be in her vagina. Short, almost reflex and does not take away the remaining forces of light frictions can last a very long time, tossing tiny portion of hormones and maintaining the trust of intimacy background. In such a situation, that not noticing, I gradually fell asleep.
And tomorrow (or rather, already today) exam ... well, well, God helps those students who prays to him. Break through!
Such are the opposite turned out the probability of events, and even some who are ending seems more real and / or the right, it is a matter of personal taste and mood.
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