After waking up Elena, not a young teacher of 40 years, I went to the mirror. Close-cropped black hair had a closer look treacherous gray hair. Yesterday was a court on the basis that her husband Sergei Petrovich was sent to prison for 18 years. How could she know that I lived for 5 years with a monster who was leading a double life and the second life was perverted maniac ruin innocent lives. Out of court she did not go, and walked her stepson Andrew 17 years old, and bonehead bully from which moaned the whole school and indeed Elena. Now he was sleeping in his room one-bedroom apartments, and even through the closed door reeked of liquor.
Five years ago, Elena went out of her husband for what she thought for a normal person, his son Andrew took in his family. (Previously lived with a daughter of light. Then everything changed Andrei grew fought off the hands and the most unpleasant beat her daughter izpodtishka and very Elena He said that the wait you here with me yet and I will dance. my father pretended that scolds his son but in fact it is a little worried. and had a daughter to give elderly mother away from sin, and Andrew took the room blatantly openly smiling Elena. Stepping into the hallway Elena faced with Andrew
- Well bitch Che did not even go on the court I suppose he swore in love and now brezguesh evening with pals'll come talk and even see how you do and juicy spit on his chest Elena gave her a slap in the face. Lena began to cry, she was hurt this jerk was not entitled to such, she treated him trying to understand him, took him to a room in her apartment (to the detriment of his daughter) as a result of humiliation and threats. Andrew left a woman in tears came to my room. A few minutes later she came to himself, then picked up the phone and dialed the number.
- Hello Xenia is Lena Smolyakova we recently met in a cafe.
- I recognized you Lena, you're so excited that happened again this bastard ignoramus that it said.
- Ksenia help I agree on the fact that you offered me the last time he hit me.
- Clearly girlfriend, fellow decided that you remember what to do?
- Yes, I remember, and all agreed.
- Well then do not cry your problem is solved, I'll get back to you. Cheer up and remember that everyone gets what he deserves.
No evening or night nor morning nor in the week Andrew did not come. At school she was in a conversation (she was in the same classroom Andrew) the way the teachers said that Andrew had gone to her aunt for Urals and it will finish the school. Since he had a residence in the village of regional grandfather that no one began to search. A month later he came to the area where the maniac father and husband, it was reported that he died of pancreatic cancer. She returned home 15 year old daughter. Life returned to normal in three months, and Elena had almost forgotten about the past. One Friday evening the phone rang. Called Xenia mood which asked Lena and asked if she does not want to come to visit her at Lena agreed and arranged a meeting. I hung up she found herself thinking that not a word was about Andrei (Or maybe it's for the better) thought, and began to gather. We met at the house Xenia drove her to the car, then after a short greeting offered to leave it to the country where they plan a bachelorette party. Villa was behind a high fence in a wooded area near the river, and inspired by its size respect for her owner. Passed in through the guard, and he found himself in the hall they were met by the butler and politely helped remove his coat and fur coat Elena Xenia. Xenia asked
- Well Silanti new?
- Ms. news is not great, friends are waiting for you in the yellow room.
After passing the yellow room Lena struck her dear decoration on the walls pictures of a lot of light, expensive furniture lying on the floor near the skins of animals that sat in chairs two ladies blond and red-haired. The ladies got up and embraced with Xenia were called after the red-haired and blonde Larissa Alia. They sat down at the table there were two young men who brought wine glasses and fruits. The conversation was about the mode of operation and a familiar man. Xenia when talking about the peasants got up from his chair and approached the table after going to the secretary. She was a beautiful woman with jet-black hair cropped bob in an expensive dress to the knee in black patent leather shoes with sharp heels. Focusing on the skin of a bear raised her glass and said another toast.
- I want to drink to something that women were not slaughtered creatures and gave in to those loons do not appreciate us, and even more so behave rude.
When Lena drank half a glass of wine it seemed to her that the skin of the bear move, probably thought the wine but the vision was repeated the question to Xenia sounded by itself whether the bear alive
- Yes, living Xenia said stepping one foot on his head. Alla and Larissa appeared on the faces of languid smile as though the mention of them can bear it seemed to Elena institute.
- Know Lena continued Xenia, I and my friends have long realized that stand more than giving life. as soon as we understand that in the world there are those who have to live beautifully and with dignity - we are, there are just people who live work as they like, and those who called the scum and trash - these should serve and live for their masters, mistresses. And no matter what he feels or wants for him he decides his mistress.
What lies beneath my feet is certainly not a bear, I would not hurt little animals, then that is sewn into the skin of a redneck serving me. He has no name or age. or desires or anything except for the obligation to serve me. I'm free to do with it as I want to destroy it. dig in, beat up but I found a use for how to be useful. And the fact that you now see Helen first can you hit then you will understand that rethinking joining us you will taste the joy of life. Remember I said that everyone gets what he deserves. Get you. Getting off to a bear skin she said
- Well girls holiday begins. How giving away a toy or give the right Elena guest. It was decided to start with me, but I still do not understand that.
Alla took me to a beautifully embroidered red velvet couch sat on a special pillow, Larisa filed closer fruit and proposed to start with the grapes she said it exacerbates feelings of joy. Xenia came to the shoes and said,
- The celebration began and you come to the festive table.
The skin crawled to Lena and stay at her feet knelt.
Lena did not know what she looked at wait Xenia
- Lena, what you see before you kibermashina specially created to meet Mrs. and now you have this same lady. He knows the team and if you do not like that then he will be punished. The punishment for it can end badly, and he knows it so best to avoid them. He is diligent and assure that you will not forget the fact that it gives pleasure. According to the team in the firing position the bear took off his mask and then I saw Elena shook her knees before her face appeared scarred, instead of a nose bezformennaya cake, one eyes narrowed and his mouth stuck to the tongue 5 centimeters in diameter with a medium banana. But most importantly, that in essence she learned that when Andrew is for 5 years mocked her and her daughter. From the torpor brought Larissa
- Do not be afraid Lena, we love it here often, although it is a servant of Mrs. Xenia but creating it together. For two weeks, he made shots in the language before he had reached a length of 22 centimeters. Can you imagine 22 centimeters within themselves and most importantly it does not work as a male piston and a flexible language you pulling any sweet spot. Such an orgasm you hardly ever experienced. He added Xenia
- Yes, it's the bastard that had dared to treat you like cattle, that his eyes are watching you in the leg, his head is bowed in front of you and waiting for your commands to your enjoyment and its humiliation. Although ... if you want to know the humiliation there is no limit.
The first time I visited him in his basement while he was still a little tongue got all what touched my boots. I wanted to sell it in Asia have purchase was planned but he begged me so weeping wall, but not for me, living in the basement for a while out of it was done then what you see. Last time his dignity PEYRELEAU of it in the evening when you got rid of it and I got it. When I was taking him into slavery this stupid geek and then dare to let go of my address sebaceous jokes. But when after spending 4 days with my guards here in the basement, I went up to him he was like a tongue twister lamented on the floor apologize near my feet licking my boots, and asking to take it fully into slavery just to avoid being alone with those who are in their natural strength and brutality women are superior to us.
She joined Alla
- He may not leave the walls of this fortress (by foot shackles secured with an electronic lock) skin is stitched so that it is not able to walk, followed by two guards who Tupa Now masturbate in monitors. They own people and love their work, at night he lived in a cage which It located under the floor of the basement. He's your take and take revenge on him for everything. When you leave, he will remain here and continue their bondage, and you will remember, and at his request to visit because you're our friend. Chest Lena bursting absence of air caused by excitement, but she managed to say
- What should I do?
- Agree and give him the command to serve you.
- I agree, but you vile creature sitting in his cage after you let go but do not remember me in a past life and that when you are humiliated, and not daring to protest licked me my bosom, and that it will always do at my command.
Picking up a bunch of grapes slowly get to the core of her having eaten berry hot krassivmi female lips contemptuously looking at his former abuser and a little spending the end of the toe of his black shoes on his cheek, said,
- For his work office.
Then the legs apart took a no ordinary language of anyone in her life was now just kibermashinoy.