It was a cold December days. The end of the first half, and my teaching practice in a school in our city came to an end. My suffering will not describe these six weeks, except to say that even at first seemed pretty odinadtsatiklassnitsy become me even a little nasty. Besides approaching freedom, and I was glad that the end of the half promised to give me maybe a little revenge against those nitwits minor, which did not give me a good life all the practice.
So, I was the last day of the date debts and fix semiannual assessments. For this day, I spoiled the order of blood to all those who did not take me seriously, and took a kickback and sent a few half-mad moms have to ask for my frostbitten children, in general, work productively and tired of the order. I was sent home last students and sat in the office finishing magazine layout, where the office of a knock, looked up I saw the door one of the students, the class in which I worked.
- Hello Valery Konstantinovich - she said.
- Well, hello - I replied.
- What has come.
The girl, whom I had seen before that a couple of times, and then briefly, went into the office and immediately became the excuse to ask me not to put it two in a half. When I said it was too late, she began to beg me to come into her position and make an exception. She said that she had family problems and that if it will bring the two, it will be punished severely. She spoke so convincingly and pathetically, I looked up from the magazine and looked at her, in order to assess whether she was lying. What I saw was for me very surprising, a few inches away from me stood a tall, slender girl with stunningly expressive green eyes and neat features, her jet black long hair fell on the small shoulders and on to the breast, which boldly clung white knitted blouse, it was obvious that she was the only thing that lies between the body and these amazing hair. This is not too long jacket and jeans Strenci opened my view perfectly flat stomach, where it was a birthmark in the form of an asterisk or snowflake. Then my mind set off down her hips and legs that are perfectly complementary to the whole picture. I do not know how much time I looked at this picture, coming to his senses, I looked more closely and looked into her eyes, they were barely noticeable wet, lush not painted lips trembling slightly, waiting for my response. After thinking a bit, and decided that she was not lying, I said - okay, let's see what we have here - and reached for the magazine.
- Surname - I asked the girl.
- BOBCHINSKI Olga - she replied timidly.
Looking magazine I saw that she missed more than a third in the first half and lessons from evaluations it has only two deuces. After showing her the magazine, I asked - well, how do you propose to correct the situation?
In a trembling voice, Olga said that he would do what I say, because it is ready to do anything. I seemed strange her tone and words, but I do not attach much importance to them automatically asked what she wants to say it, waiting to hear the answer, that it can respond to me for evaluation. Looking into her eyes, I saw in them a strange expression. Quite unexpectedly for me, she raised her hands, before lying at the seams, and began to unbutton his knitted cardigans, before I knew it, all the buttons were undone sweaters floors and open. My eyes appeared slightly covered with black hair, a medium-sized, but the dazzling form with a slightly upturned up pink nipples elastic girl's chest. I seemed stuck, such a development I do not like not expecting a minute and a half I sat in a stupor, staring at Olga. The first thing I thought when this ability returned to me, is not there waiting for her boyfriend at the door with the camera, or even worse with the police administration. But that thought quickly ran to the other, it is really going to work out the assessment limber, take a chance and try to fuck a girl like me, of course, I would like, but the risk was great though time and evening school for many more people, even if someone will go right now then I'm not big trouble. But the temptation was great, I'm not saying a word, he took the keys from the table and threw them Ola, waiting for her reaction. Olya caught the keys, while her breasts swayed gracefully, ran Porozov, pants became much more closely on my skin. Meanwhile, Olga came to the door and closed the it from within, leaving the keys in the keyhole. Having closed the door she walked slowly back to me, taking off her jacket. Returning to the place of Olga threw a jacket on the desk and slightly trembling lips said - these sessions is enough for an assessment of the first half?
- It depends on how you will work Olya - with great difficulty, I said.
After my words Olga silently came to me in a tight and slowly squatted down between my legs began to unbutton his fly of my pants, it did not take her long and the next second it handle penetrated my pants. I felt her fingers on his penis, from this sense of my friend just popped out of cowards. Taking my cock in his hand Olga pulled the foreskin down revealing a head. Then he wiped away my friend is not clear where the undertaken her sanitary napkin, and stooping below it touched his cheek. God, it was a feeling of, I do not when life was not so excited, I was ready to cum right now, but just pulled myself together. I took a deep breath and leaned back in his chair, and after a moment felt moisture on his penis female lips, looked down I saw that my penis wrapped around beautiful lips, another second, and my cock in his mouth fully Olga. Holding the mouth Olga few seconds my cock began to make reciprocating motion of each of which ran through my body heat wave. Oh my god it was for a blow job, working jaws and tongue she gave me indescribable pleasure. For 17 year-old girl she had a good technique. She continued to work for several minutes, then felt that I will soon be over she looked up from his work, he looked up and asked if she continued. Unable to speak, I pointed eyes on the desk, she realized what I want. After rising from his squatting position Olya shot jeans and ran her fingers under the elastic of his underpants. I stopped her gesture and stood up walked over to her. Quickly freed from clothes, shoulders turned back the girl to him and put him on the desk. A sudden movement I pulled her panties to her knees, running her hand between her legs, I felt the warmth and moisture of her womb - it just flowed. Member put his head to her lips sex several times I had up and down and then force member introduced into the vagina, her bosom tightly around me, Olga screamed and began to breathe like after a marathon. Not wasting a moment, I began to fuck her all strengthening and quickening thrusts. Olga moaned, her breathing became more and more frequently. My feelings are hard to describe, I forgot everything, for me there were only moving back and forth. Surprisingly, at this moment I remembered that I fuck her without a condom, and before you finish, I took out a member of Oli and poured the hot jet of sperm on her ass and back. Few came to himself and looked at lying on the desk without moving and panting girl, I realized that she was not finished. Slipping his hand between her legs, I began to caress her clitoris and the perineum, she again began to breathe faster and more deeply, in the meantime my fighter is white again ready took Olga's shoulders, I turned her to face him, her face was red in his eyes burned unsatisfied desire. Sat her down on the edge of the desk so that it is leaning on his hands, he leaned back a little, I spread her legs a little wider, and went back into her pussy .... This time I move rhythmically and slowly, over and over again will drive his cock into heat humidity and her body. Olga was breathing deeper and the cup and at the moment when I stopped for a moment blurted - Stop Tomorrow month - but then I resumed the movement before she finished the sentence. At the time when I was already close to orgasm Olya suddenly trembled all over and took a deep breath, squeezed my legs and fell on the desk, in seconds 15 I came into her vagina, in this moment of her breasts escaped a shrill cry of pleasure throughout the body sweat, paint faces and slept with Olya sat on the desk hugged me and kissed me on the lips. Embraced we fell onto the desk without power. After lying so with half an hour we came to their senses.
Once dressed, I said that it will go to the meeting and put in half three. Olga said thanks, then handed me a piece of paper with his phone and added and assessment too.