I have a childhood friend - Ruslan. He is not Russian guy loves extreme. He always has a lot of money - where it takes them - is unknown. Somehow over drinks afterwards Ruslan admitted to me that little by little haggling weapon.

- Yeah, bro, - he clapped me on the shoulder, - times are now gone. A crisis. Look, everyone wants to infringe a neighbor away, overcome business. Guns are needed now more than ever. I always carry a couple of guns, and a couple of "cold", but in general, it would not hurt and bodyguard. Access to weapons there, brothers from abroad throws, well, I push, the percentage share.

Indeed, Ruslan has long wished to do the weapon business, it even has it such a dream. We can say that it has served its purpose, but I still do not understand: is it worth the money to bang on the gun, because the bullet-fool can once and catch you.

Ruslan lived outside the city on the coast of the Azov Sea. In addition to the criminal type of income and I have more official - he had a middle-class recreation center, almost an elite, so in the summer season, he received a good income.

But was he still is one kind of income ... Yes, I confess, I knew about it a long time, but it was somehow scared and motoroshno ask that as a yes, so I tell everything I know. About five years ago Ruslan drunk rolled homeless on the street, they were sitting at the bus stop and drinking vodyaru. Ruslan man of simple, so he could "pokvasit" and with the homeless. In general, the homeless complain about fate, and Ruslan decided to help him. Word-business. Cobble together his cottage by the sea far away from civilization, I gave him a boat, nets, brought food and drink. The old man was fishing, Ruslan - selling. One day the old man complained that there is very boring, so I had to "expand" the territory and to bring him the same friends. Twice a week Ruslan brought them food, drink, and once brought a woman-bomzhihu. They fucked it all by a couple of months until it by fucking and beating not died. Since they brought Ruslan cheap girls, which won in the card or who had offended before the lads. They had not been searched and their further fate of no one was interested.

One morning, Ruslan called me on my cell phone and said that he urgently needed to go on business. He asked me about that, so I brought the fishermen food and as much vodka as possible.

- It seems the problem Ruslan - I thought, not knowing that I also expect a lot of trouble.

I drove to a nearby store and bought everything on the list and decided to leave in the morning to noon to have to be at home. The road was long, the coastline trudnoproezzhaemoy. In the distance I saw a fishing camp and went to see him.

I was happily greeted the men, because I did not come empty-handed. Immediately they "razderebanili 'my bags, got tea, cigarettes and vodka. I was about to go back, but the fishermen began to persuade me to come to visit and have a drink of tea.
Of course, I disdain, but these guys were criminal types, and many were in places not so remote. Going into their house, I almost lost my mind from the fishy smell and unwashed socks. The room was dim, as they save on electricity.

In the next little room he heard a woman's voice, I realized that this is another damn offending. The leader of the gang as an honored guest, offered a woman to have sex.

- She is still a long time to live, she is ill, - he said, and dragged the girl by the hair.
I rushed to my feet by a woman logicaly dirt, and she began to unbutton my pants to suck cock. I'm in the mouth so the women rarely give, and the dumb to fuck her.
I quietly pushed her, and she raised her head in disbelief. All of her face and body were covered with pustules, it was completely drained, as it simply is not fed.
Of course, I could call the cops, but then Ruslana will be specific problems.
I looked at her face and mad: in front of me sat not just a slut, and my former classmate! By the way, the girl she was diligent, and what fate it was unknown here. She also learned me and whispered: "Get me out of here."

I decided to take it, but I flatly refused to fishermen. Money they did not take, because still there was nothing to be bought for them.

Then came the leader and took me aside.

Narrowing his eyes, he told me this: "Baba, we can give you. But on one condition. We'll get you all the empty circle and otymeem as expected. "Otpetushim" in other words. "

Time to think I had to spare, pity classmate and I decided to do a good deed. Of course, substitute the nest and dirty mouth did not want to type, but, in order to save a normal girl, I agree. Moreover, I have long been a dream to me fucked guys. Well, that's my word! I watch porn where a man fucks guy and wanted to chat! And then such a possibility, in short, I would venture. And there, if you like, so I will be more likely to visit them to go and see.
I walked to the main type and say:

- Look, I agree otymeyte me. Just let someone videotaped the process that I was at home watching his own porn and masturbate.

- So, what to watch porn at home! If you want to fuck you, come to us, we are always ready - in jest or in seriousness said one of the fishermen.
My classmate sitting all terrified and afraid that I would not change my mind.
I deftly took off his pants, pants and began to masturbate pepper. It is a pity that it does not turn zasandalit it to someone in the mouth!

- You Ruslan still those gourmets - tilting my cancer said the fisherman, - Ruslan also drives us to fuck. True hollow had already huge, and you is narrow, so we is more like it.

To be honest, I did not think Ruslan goes here to have fun. Now it was clear why he keeps them. Profit from the fish, of course, there is, but, in my opinion, Ruslan and so much money!

Rybakov was seven, which meant that everyone should fuck my hole and fuck my mouth.

I became a cancer on the rug, I went behind the first man. First, he was not only among the fishermen, and generally the very first man who will make me blue.
I leaned on his elbows, so it was convenient to get into my ass. He spat on his hand and moistened my anal. The remaining six were jerked off and pisyuny. Corner of my eye I looked at their members, and one I have seen so big that I was scared to think about how it fits into my rectum.

However, for a long time I did not have to think on this subject, when in the bosom of my back began to break tuberous member. The man began to moan and every jerk broke through deeper and faster. Then he chose his usual pace and, patting my buttocks, and pushing them to give pleasure to themselves and me.

Let me remind you that the video shooting was carried out. I'm at the beginning of a video camera handed her classmate, and she began to walk around us and to shoot sex scenes. I knew that the house will often review the video, and therefore tried to act like an experienced lover. And then suddenly I Ruslan show! It turns out he is also blue, and we will be able to him to carry out various experiments bedding. I do not mind if I have it sucked or framed their elastic male ass.
Then I was approached by patlatogo type, and put his penis in my mouth without words. He took my face, so I told them not twitched and with all the aggressiveness broke into the throat. It's hard to describe my feelings, but it's really cool when men have just two holes.

The one guy who fucked my ass, finished and filled my hole cum. Sperm began to flow, and it was a lot. The one who fucked my mouth, moved to anal fuck and became its very fast and rough. I was in a rush, and this got my pepper. I was already on the recension, as here in the mouth I inserted just two pepper. Guys impatient people, and they could not wait for their turn, so we decided to fuck all together.

Then I was ordered to sit on top of the penis. On the couch lay the type that has a huge cock. I climbed on him and put his dick in his hole. I admit, it was painful and frightening, as my sweet ass could easily tear. However, I was assured that she will tear, because I have not the first sexy man.
I sat down on his cock and he felt that he was not fully fit. The man thought it was trash, just lifted me and with all his strength to burst my tender place. At first it was painful, but it was quickly used to the size, and I stood up again a member of the excitement. A man came into my position and so fucked netoropyas to accidentally do not do much harm.

There came to me the other guys and stuck his pisyuny turns into my mouth. I tried to do a quality blowjob that they enjoyed. And then I realized that, it turns out, like when to me someone dominates or predominates.
They took turns fucking my hole in the different poses. Basically fucked doggy style, ass and mouth filled with sperm tender.

It took about two hours, when I was all completely fucked. The men went to drink vodka, and I have given a woman.

Ginny squeaked with joy, because she finally gets home. They kept her for about two months, she had not thought that ever gets home. We were driving in the car, and she decided to thank me, making quality and good blowjob. I sat behind the wheel and watching the road, when she undid my pants on the pants and got a hand in the pants. They found the cock and pulled it. I slowed down, because now will suck my dick.

She deftly bent under the steering wheel and took it into his mouth, pushing back the foreskin. The head slid it back and forth, and I poured his seed into her mouth has known grief.
I brought to the very house. She did not need to call your address - she lived near me and we sometimes met in the street. Her mother was glad to see her unlucky daughter, and she threatened me its far female fist. She just thought I brought it to such a state.