... His passion was felt even on the street at the meeting, although we've known for a long time.
We came to his studio that photo. He closed the door behind him, caught up with me in the hallway, turned and pressed to the wall. He grabbed hands, lifted them up, so I could not move (not expecting it so much power). A second hand groped between my legs.
I must say, what I was wearing. I was wearing a white short-fitting sarafanchik and white sandals. And from the laundry only panties, which were already wet from such pressure.
It is also felt, from which he had a twinkle in the eyes of the lustful.
Sarafanchik pulled off the top, revealing his chest, began to caress very persistent, and hand already moved my thong panties to the side and his fingers were in me. Then, abruptly he turned me to face the wall and, again crawled under the hem. The other hand was still holding his hands (that had not fluttered). Then he began to lower me, so I was in a pose "cancer". Ordered to stand and not move. Sam dropped to his knees and began to lick my girl. When I was ready to cum, he abruptly jumped up and sped away. I turned. For that and then got on the ass (can not be rotated until it is allowed). He brings a broad and long red tape. Tied my eyes, he turned, and turned back the hands, tying the end of the belt around the waist. He Said:
- I want to just feel ..
I put it on your knees. And I sensed his cock. He poked me on the cheek, chin and lips. I caught him ... Madness! What it was delicious! I made him a blowjob, mumbling .... and she finished.
Then he picked me up from my knees and held into the room. There is a high chair for the shooting. He turned me on his chest and strong shocks entered into me. I ended up just a row and lost count. Then he put me on the sofa, and apparently the top began to masturbate, I just felt warm nice shower (guess from what), and finished again (finally).