On this day, Dmitri returned home late. Him "eight" I am flying, bathed in warm light, warming the city lights. This light glided through the streets timidly crept into the darkest corners of the night covered houses and buildings shrouded bushes, bounced off a passing car, causing those glittering, winking belated passers-by. At night the city is very different. Actors come to life, which is not the day, actors, born imagination. Every night they play to the audience a magical spectacle. And the chief director of the night show - human imagination. It can turn a shade from the bus stop people unprecedented monster, and a pillar for posters imagination wraps the mysterious stranger, what for a walk in the twilight of the city at night.
Eight have passed the ring and taxied to the street leading to the outskirts of the city. Dmitry thought about the day. It turned out to be difficult, nervous and tense. At work, as always kleilos and home no one was waiting. Thinking about it, it felt like a worm gnawing inside his blunt teeth, biting into the stone, which seemed to be the last refuge of his patience.
For many months he had been accustomed to the fact that his house waiting for Katya. Dmitry thought that, in general, he did not love her, but he felt her respect. Maybe he justified himself, consoled himself with the fact that it did not feel any sense, but he knew in his heart that it is a lie. He forced himself to believe a lie, to mute the pain in my heart. However, the heart refuses to obey reason. It does not believe in words. It feels. And unless you can persuade the bloodstained, deeply cut finger does not hurt? The pain in his heart was dull, but very strong, why turn inside out. Dima wanted to hide from the world, to get under the covers, but once he did as a child, frightened by scary stories of his grandfather ...
The head Dmitry swept phrase ...
- You never appreciate me. For you girl - is due. The thing is, every guy that relies as a free application to pastel scenes! - Nervously said Katya.
- Do not say that ... Aw ... I'm probably wrong. But I ... - mumbled apologetically Dmitry.
- Do not start again his tearful excuse and do not hope that we make it up again, and I'll throw myself into your bed. For you love - a formality. No unnecessary formality ...
- Kate!
- I'm tired, you know? Every day you say the same words, every day you begged me to be yours, and then quietly doing their own things, not paying any attention to me. - Kate cried in exasperation.
- Do you think me easy? Do you think I do not get tired? - Retorted Dmitry.
- Sumptuously! We are tired of each other and I hope forever. - Confident, but with tears in his eyes said Katya, gathering in her purse some things. Dmitri sat helplessly
- I thought that at least you're not like everyone else ... I think that even if you give me something that no one has given me ... - Kate was crying.
- What are you talking about? - Quietly I asked Dmitry.
- .. You know ... I think I'm much mistaken in you? ... - Shut the door cried Kate ...
- Kate! - He shouted and jumped up from his chair, but immediately sat down casually. A second head Dmitry volcano erupted. He hated her with all my heart, rage stung his body, but suddenly he wanted to rush her to catch up, get on your knees and beg to return ... But Dima decided that begging her to return now be useless. He felt like a little child who lost his favorite toy. He felt annoyed, offended at her, at himself.
- Sorry - Dmitri thought, turning in the yard. The light from car headlights slid over the windows of a grocery store around the clock. Now he did not care. Rather, it seemed to him that did not matter. Activated protective mechanism psyche and Dmitri fell into a deep pit, where it was dark, but dry. "Depression" - Dmitry thought trying to find a definition of its status.
Suddenly, Dima got the idea that there is nothing in the fridge at home, why he was somehow fun. His stomach ached and he remembered that it was left without dinner. Reflexive he braked when in the memory of his lightning pace way of non-stop grocery store.
- So ... What do you need to buy? - Dima said to himself, leaning back and relaxing the body in the car seat - bread ... would do well to take the sausage and eggs ... something must be there tomorrow ... - he closed his eyes, trying to remember something else .
At that moment, the window adjacent passenger door someone knocked softly. Dmitry opened his eyes. The door was shut and the man Dmitry hardly distinguish in the dark opened it.
- Excuse me ... Could you give me a ride to Olminskogo directions. It is not far from here. - Sounded calm female voice. But it was not the woman's voice that can be heard behind the counter on the market, not the female voice that irritates their vulgarity, not the voice, which is sometimes difficult to distinguish from that of men. It was a special voice. A voice filled with the freshness of the morning dew. From the voice at the same time it went warming heat and cold chopping. It was the voice of the fabulous fairies, and can be a mermaid? "Maybe it works on television or radio," - Thought Dmitri, and immediately asked in bewilderment:
- What?
- You see, I'm from out of town. She came to her friend, but, to my regret, quite lost in your area. I was told that Olminsky travel far from here ...
- Yes - uncertainly said Dmitry ... - sit down, I'll drive.
The voice of this unknown woman like some magic gas filled his head, why he forgot all about his dinner, thinking now only about the fabulous sounds, that from the mouth of a stranger gently poured fresh, clean brook.
In it for the next fifteen minutes of silence, and Dmitry vain breezing into the yards. Olminsky travel like a cool spring breeze blew along with fallen leaves. Dmitry car stopped under a street lamp, and, like the dying of his wounds the beast, choked, issued strange sounds and calmed down. Dmitry turned off the engine.
- I can not understand! In this town so hard to get lost. - He glanced aside privately, on her. In the darkness before he could not see her, but now she was all covered, from head to toe. Somewhere in the chest Dmitry rolled prickly clump. Before him sat a slender woman in a short light platitse bright red. The dress did not hide her slender, beautiful and truly female legs. The skin on my feet was soft, velvety and moderately tanned. Not a scratch, not a single crease or small scar Dmitry noticed her lovely legs. He suddenly became hot and he felt in his pants for light traffic. He looked up a little higher. In his mind a moment before lined up images of this mysterious, but very exciting stranger. And his mind was not deceived. Figure it was not just slim, but also incredibly elegant. Her back was arched forward slightly, giving her breasts a truly unforgettable view. Her breast was not huge, like the girls, earning posing on his body for a cheap pornography. Hidden under her dress breasts were created by God. According to another ... Dmitri could not describe it. This creation was created by God, so it was perfect figure and feminine. Round breasts beckoned him. The bright light of a street lamp was for Dmitry is now the best friend, because his way through the summer, her dress, baring almost stranger. He saw her delicate, beautiful nipples, which gave her dress a stunning look. His eyes could not break away from her body, but he struggled with himself. The face of a stranger in line with her body. Such a beautiful face Dmitry never seen in my life. Her features were fine and correct. The skin was young and fresh, and her lips, which were slightly touched lipstick pink color developed in a small smile. Their eyes met and like Dmitri sank to the bottom of a deep lake with a surprisingly clear blue water, such liquid oxygen. The blue of her eyes were crystal clear and with lips gently smiling. Dmitry realized that those four seconds, he looked at her, she watched him. Treacherous light betrayed not only the charm of a stranger, but his actions. Dmitry shyly looked away. He felt the pulse in his temples, and what was between his legs, wanting to get out, was ready to tear his pants.
To hide it, Dmitry nervously fidgeted in his chair, but he thought that he was only focused on the attention. A woman who looked to be twenty-six years old and looked away from him. There was a silence and Dmitry realized that he could not break it. And the more it will last, the more difficult it will be to utter even a word.
- Well - she suddenly said - thank you very much for your help. Sorry to keep you worry. I beg you to forgive me.
She began to gather, flowing movements taking the floor with a small portfolio. Dmitry realized that she was going to leave, that he would never see it, it is no longer able to enjoy the view of her delicate body and he did not believe his words, quickly began to talk:
- Wait ... Where are you now ... Get lost. At night it is so dangerous to walk ...
She stared at him. But now he did not hesitate to her eyes and boldly looked her straight in the eye. Thin black eyebrows were a real gem of her face and Dmitry thought that, perhaps, any portion of its body has a decoration. He looked into her eyes and felt the passion that gave him courage.
- I live not far from here. One. I can offer you to spend the night with me, and in the morning we'll find along your journey miserable.
Their eyes never left each other, and she gently but gracefully put the portfolio back, not saying anything. Dmitry understood her movement, and fearing that she changes her mind, quickly started the car.

Probably so go goddess, Dima thought, staring at her gait. Everything - from the tips of her fingers to luxurious hair betrayed her goddess. Dmitry, admiring her movements, and constantly slipping look at her figure, silently led her into the apartment. It seemed to him that he should not be so hard to be silent and trying to find the right words he said:
- Come on. Here I live. Here are a few unharvested ... I do not pay attention to it ... - Dmitry smiled awkwardly, and she also gently smiling at him he said:
- Do not you worry. I do not hinder you too. Yes, as the name of my savior? - A smile on her face was an expression.
- Oh yes! Dmitriy. My name is Dmitry. Ahh ... you?
- My name is Natalia.
Dmitri paused, looked at her in confusion. Natalia ... So his name was the first girl he truly loved. It was in the eighth grade. They studied together, as fate would have it that in chemistry class they sat together. Dmitry liked chemistry because they are often together with Natasha performed the laboratory work. Hooked on business, they often touch each other's hands. These touch Dima remember for a lifetime ...
Recovering himself, Dmitry said:
- Well, what do we stand? Come on, Natasha.
She is standing sideways to him, she turned her head and looked at him enigmatically. Dima realized that appealed to her "you" and invent - to say but did not.
- Well, Dima. Show me where I can get a night ...

The next half hour Dmitry enthusiastically watched Natasha. Without knowing, you would have thought that it is not at his home, but quite the contrary ...

He sat in the kitchen and sipped bitter tea residues. Dmitry listening to the water flowing in the bath and thought about his actions. What is the unknown motivated them. Never before Dmitri did not get acquainted with the girls on the street, and even more so - not invited into the house. Dmitry was always a man sustained and prudent. Everything in his life was predictable - study, work. Even Kate, with whom he had quarreled today was a cube of a building for him, which is called "a life". He built this building with his own hands. It was smooth and symmetrical. But something happened to him. In the flat, cold and smooth wall accidentally appeared protrusion disfiguring symmetry, but Dmitry somehow did not regret it. Now it even seemed that the protrusion fits into the overall construction plan ...

The room was dark. It is located on the creaking sofa, sacrificing his bed Natasha. Satisfied that he could convince her to sleep on his bed, he turned over, trying to find a comfortable position. The single room was quiet and dark. Light filtered through the window, but then dispersed in the thick darkness of the room air. Dmitry lay on his back and something thought. He heard Natalia left the bathroom and walked into the room. Stunned darkness she carefully stepped to the floor. Eyes Dmitry, who are already accustomed to the night, they saw her body and watched tensely. She entered, and lightly started to take off her dress. At that moment, the heart of Dmitry pounding as if set in motion thousands of mechanical engines and the blood throbbed with power in his temples. He saw her silhouette in the mist of darkness. He clearly saw that she was wearing no underwear. As her body accidentally slid the light from a passing car, and for a moment he saw her full, naked, completely naked. The smooth contours of her beckoned him. Her shoulders, arms, everything was perfect, as if it was polished by skilled craftsman. In those few seconds, he would have given anything to see her again ...
The room silence reigned. Sister of darkness are now oppressed Dmitry, who for about half an hour lying on the couch with her eyes open. But he did not see anything except for this wonderful creation. He longed to touch her, hug her. He felt an overwhelming desire to possess it. Dmitry felt that surely go mad when you no longer see her. "If only ... if only ..." he thought to himself and to his own surprise rose from the couch. Surprised by his own action, he listened to what is happening in the room, but it was quiet. "Perhaps she did not hear anything," - He thought, and then his legs gave him another gift. He walked gingerly to the bed, on which a thin sheet guessed divine figure of Natasha. He felt absolutely sweating that has been going on for ages, but made a few hesitant steps. Slowly he approached her, and when he came to the edge of the bed stopped. His panic. He looked at her face, from which ... did not leave a faint smile. Crystal, her eyes were open. Chest dimensionally lifted and dropped, and it seemed that this mad act almost a stranger to her man did not frighten her. Breath are driven by two small tubercles, which formed her nipples covered with a sheet. Last faithfully replicate the topography of her body. Sheets skirted around her waist, hips, and he saw how shallow concave transformed into an elegant hill, behind which was a sharp dip, which plunged him into trembling. Dmitry went cold hands. Heart pounding in his chest. My throat was dry. Perhaps it is these women inspire men to great deeds and Dmitry felt that a little more and he accomplished the feat. Dmitry looked into her face, which is all well as the first expression of the fine as a silk cloth smile. Her eyes looked at him, and his lips moved slightly. He tried to make out the movement of the lips. They were juicy, like a ripe strawberry and a little damp.
He stood before her naked, and his penis was hard and determined. She looked into his eyes and said nothing. Dmitry could not even tell if she saw what was going on in him just below the stomach. Dima could not back down, and he was ready to swear that she knew it. Natasha made a barely noticeable nod of his head and he gently as possible, lay down beside her on the side, waiting for the reaction of the girl. But there was no reaction from her followed. Dmitri got up and timidly kissed her on the neck, why she made a gesture. He felt her scent, mixing with light spirits and he was unable to break away. His lips kissed her neck again, and then again, a little higher, and again, until he found his lips to her lips. They were covered with dew and warm as a vampire, he stared at them, sucking all the juice. Her lips responded to his gentle movements, and hand the girl hugged him, hugging her. His body, he felt her breasts gently touched him. Through the sheet he felt the nipple and pressed him even harder. She let out a moan amazing that must be brought to orgasm any man. Dmitry confident movement easily pulled off her sheets. He saw her again, and his desire to devour it. Fire was pulled out of his chest. His mouth was wet and he swallowed saliva accumulated. At that moment, she smiled and her hand was on his chest, stopping his gesture. He looked puzzled at her, and she just pulled the index finger, which is slowly, like a candle, which is afraid to put out accidental draft, moved up to her lips. She licked it delicately and slowly and held them in Dmitry neck and across his chest, as if accidentally touching his nipples. He groaned and moved toward her, but this time she stopped him. Again she licked a finger and held it on his chest. Her slender fingers touched her nipples. Smooth circular motion, she began to massage them. Hysterical sound came from his chest Dmitry, who had the patience of a red line. This woman excited him, played him and forced him to play by its rules. He liked it, but the role went not easy. Slippery fingers slid over her stomach and thighs. She got up from the bed and sat down in front of him bending his legs. Dmitry barely resist the urge to throw himself at her. He felt like an animal that requires satisfaction of all desires. He wanted her with all my being. All youthful dreams revolved in his head and he wanted her impossible. He almost demanded, could not hold back, but she skillfully manage it. Her eyes looked at him appreciatively to stay on his face.
- You ... I want to ... - moaned Dmitry
- Psst - gently interrupted Natasha. She continued her game. Her hands slid down her legs. By rubbing the skin gently rustled, but the sound that crashed into Dmitry head, stunning him. He also sat in front of the girl. Her leg very slowly, centimeter by centimeter reached out and touched the feet. For some reason he started. Its lightweight leg moved on along his legs, and when she stretched out, he saw a crotch opened. A member of his trembling from the strain, and her legs stretched out sock. She again graceful movement licked the middle finger and dropped it right in the crotch, carefully covered with black hair. His fingers gently stroked pubis, passed and drowned somewhere in between the legs. Natasha moaned. Its second leg is beginning to stretch towards him, but is now held between his legs. She put her foot in his penis and toes gently squeezed naked pink head that is unusually increased in size. Dmitry took her foot in his hands and held it to his mouth. He licked her fingers and began to gently suck his thumb. Natasha moaned again and her middle finger, which was somewhere between her divine lips began to move with greater amplitude. She suddenly pulled herself to him and releasing the leg, with the force crashed my lips to his. Such kisses Dmitry was never. She bit him, and he felt in his mouth to his shed blood is salty. She licked her lips, Dmitry, and then pushed him. He fell on the bed on his back. Natasha on all fours crept up to him and bit him lightly on the cheek. He threw up his hands, grabbed her buttocks and squeezed his hands. She caught his hand and pushed them. Language it slowly crawled on the cheek, neck, chest, moved to her stomach. A member of his touched her body, why Dmitry shuddered every time. Her wet tongue touched his penis, and walked down the groove down to the scrotum. She gently took the scrotum into his mouth and pulled her a little. Foreskin even more liberated penis, which now sported a fully nude. Her lips with little effort wrapped around the penis and squeezed it a little. Dmitry whispered something. He did not hear his voice. Her mouth was moist, the tongue was hot and soft. Language beautiful girl hugged the head, stroking her, fought against it.
- Natasha! - Said Dmitry ....
- I know, my boy - she told him - I'm yours. Take me!
He jumped out of bed and hugged her. She quickly grabbed his feet. Dima got out of bed and put it on a cold coffee table. As he carried her on his cock slowly dripped liquid was born in the depths of the desired female body. He fondled her breasts. His hands roamed her hair, and a member slipped on the soaked labia. He looked up from the hot body and bent in her crotch. His thumb parted big lips and inhaled the smell of a woman. Sweet Flower revealed to him. As if trying not to damage the fragile petals he plunged his penis into the flesh of her body. He slowly entered her. She cried out and her fingers dug into his hands.
- Come on, my dear, come on! What are you waiting for? - She pleaded.
His cock plunged into her body slammed into the center of the universe. With each stroke she cried. He whispered something in her ear. They have cried together ....
Hot thick liquid burst into her body. As a girl she-wolf howled and moaned with pleasure. Dmitri fell to his knees. His arms weakened and he put his head between her breasts.

Dmitry awake on his bed, but not yet opened his eyes. I'm happy - he thought ... Never before in his heart he did not bloomed so many flowers. He was free and easy. Lying, he represented a bird hovering somewhere over the high hills. he began to look for a mysterious stranger right hand. His heart is pricked, because he was looking for and did not find her.
- God - He started and opened his eyes.
Dmitri sat in his "eight"Which poured fresh morning light. Outside the sparrows twittered and wandered sleepy people on the street. His hand roamed adjacent driver's seat ... and he quickly jerked her. He looked around. From his grocery store around the clock twenty meters separated. He realized that he had fallen asleep when going to the store.
Dmitry felt regret that his dream has not turned out to be a reality. He knew that it would go to the store buy from thousands of colors, and then they are lucky Kate. He suddenly realized that he could not live without her, that he loved with all his heart, every bit of his soul as no one has ever loved a woman. He realized that Kate is the most expensive for him, the dearest person in the world. He would go up to her and put her feet to a thousand colors. He knew that this would be the best decision of his life.