"Quite unexpectedly, I was called by an old friend, who has lived many years abroad. He said he was going to spend the summer in his parents' house, not far from the place where I spent my youth, and that he would like to see me. This call had me thoroughly turn over the past and had the most unexpected consequences. School friend I had not seen for several years, and has agreed to this meeting mainly out of curiosity.
A friend has not changed. Oddly enough, I felt as if we had not seen each other all week. He was as lean and agile, with the same roguish look in his eyes. We talked for several hours about life, about what happened to us during this time. Then, feeling that I had enough to drink, I got up and took his leave. On reaching the supermarket, I put the car into the parking lot and out into the fresh air. After walking back and forth, I began to suddenly awakened curiosity to peer into the painfully familiar place where I spent my childhood, and the legs themselves carried me forward.
Vaughn on the bench, I smoked my first cigarette. Won in the garage, I was trying to make his first intercourse with Olga, who was two years older than me. Unexpectedly for myself, I was behind the fence that surrounded the garden of an apartment building, where once lived the family of Anna (or, perhaps, and now lived, who knows?). Carefully manicured garden symmetrically spread out in front of me. Luxury lawn. Spreading apple trees and berry bushes. A typical petty-bourgeois symbol of prosperity. I sat down in one of the bushes and watched the house. Through the transparent curtain in one of the windows was seen as someone walks in the room. Outside it was September and it was damp. From the sky, overcast, rain began to drizzle. I was shaking with cold.
Suddenly the memories came flooding back to me early youth consciousness swept childlike imagination, which had a lot of sperm and that appeared and disappeared in me, like an erection, and it seemed like the place itself was loaded with erotic magnetism to influence me. I lay back in the arms of glib Anne, whose husband with three sons drove off to fish in some Tmutarakan. I'm licking tongue wet petals of a flower, blossoming at the junction of her powerful thighs, I licked her breasts and stomach, she closed her his heavy eyelids and sensual cooing, purring, muttering unintelligible phrases. I held in my hands was not firmly her lush ass, and all trembled with joy in me. I put his fingers into the crack between the buttocks and began to gently caress the anus, she opened her mouth. I kissed her nipples and went into it. Three seconds, I, like a spring creek, stream of sperm, and then collapsed exhausted on her wet body.
Anna was the epitome of the grand femininity. At the same time attractive and inaccessible. Irrepressible sexual and sensual almost belligerently. She's the one for me was the whole universe, which is trying to comprehend my brain inflammation. I caught myself on the fact that I was sitting under a bush, soaking wet and surrender fantasies fourteen teenager. It is foolish to imagine. I got out of his hiding place and have been going to jump over the fence when he saw clearly what can be seen through the curtains of a female figure. Is she still living in this house? Abandoned children and bumpkin-husband? Maybe she noticed me? Maybe she dances behind the curtain, stripped naked, strapped with tight hair soberly tied back in a bun? And that outweighs her chastity krupnovat but graceful body, and the bursting of the abundance of healthy sensuality - a sort of a panther in human guise ... My God, am I really never get rid of childhood fantasies?
Back at home, soaked to the skin and angry at himself for having let himself be persuaded and went to the meeting, which brought nothing absolutely but useless, empty talk, I undressed and climbed into the shower.
And an hour later cleft between the thighs luxurious Anne swallowed me, and I fell asleep. When the next morning woke up, I felt the heat. The legs and arms ached, my head was like a pounder concrete pig, nose and throat filled with swarms of bacteria like the aliens from other worlds. I took a packet of biscuits with tables, turned off the phone and spent the whole day in bed in some delirious. To me was Anna and smiled at her chaste lips. She took in her mouth my testicles, tickling me with her long nails, to suck the last drop of my seed fund. And then he fell on me like a living feather.
At about eight o'clock the heat became unbearable. I scrambled out of bed and pulled on his bathrobe. In vain I rummaged through the apartment in search of something antipyretic. Unsteady gait, went to the site and went to the neighbors. The door was ajar, nameplates on it was gone. Did grandfather Basil moved? I was just about to knock, the door opened very quietly. On the threshold stood ... Anna with a jug full of water. She, like me, there was only a bathrobe. She was barefoot, my senior by ten years, but, despite the fact that the lines become a little deeper, and there was a pair of silver strands in thick hair, she was still the same. I looked at her, she looked at me expectantly, was the unspoken question in her eyes. I knew it was her, but refused to believe their eyes. She did not recognize me. I cleared my throat, not knowing where to start. He felt myself blushing. He lowered his eyes. He opened his mouth, but could not squeeze out a single word. "You are sick?" - I heard her voice as if from far away, as if from a distance of ten years. I could only nod. She took me by the arm and led him back to where I came in May of his own apartment. There she carefully took off my robe, and I stayed in the buff with a member protruding like Leaning Tower of Pisa. Smiling, she gently took it with both hands. Then he put me to bed, left and soon returned with pills and orange juice. Closing the door on the lock, she threw off her robe, and he fell at her feet. Under the robe she was completely naked, and I fixed his gaze at this magnificent body. Round belly, pubic hair like ermine, powerful thighs, knees ... I pulled her down on the bed, she gently fell on me. I massaged curvy buttocks, she gently introduced to a member of her wet slit and lay motionless. Her smile made my head spin.
"Tickle me"- She asked, and I put his fingers between her round buttocks. When I began to caress her anus, she rolled her eyes in pleasure. My fingers barely touching the tight, surrounded by soft ringlet hairs when I stuck his middle finger inside, she moaned loudly. I made some of the strongest aftershocks up and then finished roughly ..."