Part 6.
Immediately after seeing it, I realized that Sergei is very angry. He lectured me two some boxes and started to pull off his jacket, and then shoes.
I stared at him and thrilled. Seryozhka changed. Now it was blue jeans, sitting free, but perfectly underlines the figure. Immediately it became clear what had long slender legs and narrow hips. Instead of gray baggy sweaters he wore a polo shirt made of soft velor fabric. It was a little bit darker jeans and freely down almost to the hips. The collar was unbuttoned, and I saw a hole where the neck passes in the collarbone.
He sat down, removing shoes, and looked at me from below.
- As you loaded up my laptop, Princess? - I asked earrings.
Heck! I've already forgotten about his prank. I had to admit.
- From a mobile phone? - Sergey did not believe. - Show me!
I dragged the adapter from the old cell phone stolen from me more last spring. Sergei looked at it and laughed softly.
- Oh, s-wise - he handed unclear and cheerfully looked at me. - You fooled the whole corporation that produces such machines as mine! And I at the same time! What is wanted?
I had to admit that I was not able to defeat the curiosity.
- I just downloaded your pictures, - sorry I zaopravdyvalas.
- What?! - He literally jumped. - And how you entered the base ?!
I shrugged.
- Usually. I clicked on the folder and walked.
- Login recovery record, - Sergey said tensely.
I'm beginning to lose patience.
- I have all opened!
- How?! - He insisted.
- Yes, how do I know! - I was furious, grabbed a box and walked into the room.
- Be careful! - He shouted after me earrings. - There's a cake!
I immediately turned to the kitchen. He came to me, put down your stupid laptop.
- Well, - he said. - Come again!
I shrugged and turned on the machine. Again yesterday there was a vertical load line, and open the main menu. Sergei groaned.
- What an idiot I am, - he muttered and started something quick to do on the keyboard, then put the three middle fingers on the sensor socket and held until the scanning beams pass through them.
- Explain you do not want? - I asked.
Instead of answering, he got up, went into the hall and returned with his mobile phone.
- Here, - he handed me apparatik. - Password, which I have just replaced.
I took it, looked at the small screen. On it was my photo.
- I'm sorry I yelled - Seryozhka said. - I blame myself. He was a fool, is all the same that scan - another image or a live person.
Ops! I immediately remembered Svetka revelation and looked stared at him. So, she was telling the truth? I've been that person like me? Sergey survived my eye and shrugged his shoulders slightly.
- That's right, Princess.
He would have said that he is defenseless in front of me, now that I know his secret. He did not know everything! I looked down, wondering whether or not to say that otnablyudala his intimate video.
In front of me was his knee, fitted by denim. I'm interested. Quality at the tissue was such that it looked pile. To check your feelings, I ran her fingers over his knee. The fabric was usual jeans. A Seryozhka reacted strangely. As soon as my fingers slid down his leg, he hissed and grabbed my arm. I looked at him in bewilderment, and he very seriously asked:
- Most never do, princess.
- Why? - I was surprised.
- Because - he muttered and added. - Treat coffee.
I dragged pots of slides washed the dishes and went to the stove. Seryozhka grabbed me around the waist and held the nail on the bare skin area between the belt and the bottom of breeches shirts. I like the current shibanulo. I shied away from him.
- That's why - said pointedly earrings.
I was shaking so everything inside, and now at all. His eyes became very dark and bottomless some.
- To hell with the coffee! - he said. - Come to me!
I did not have time to blink an eye as was riding on his lap, and he is also pritiskival me close with one hand. His other hand was on my head. It is with the strength of my head bent to her face, and again began kissing mad when her lips blindly fumble on the cheeks, forehead, chin in search of other lips. He groaned and pressed his forehead against my shoulder.
- What are you doing to me, Princess! - I heard.
But I wanted more. I lifted his chin, cheeks and hugged his hands pressed to his mouth quivering lips. Sergei grabbed my initiative and began to kiss me again, and his hands slid under my T-shirt from the waist to the shoulders. Along the way he casually unfastened the hooks of my bust and pulled up him and his T-shirt. I, too, before his death, wanted to touch his skin, but I did not dare ask him to take off his shirt.
He very gently cupped my breasts, as if rolled it in his hand. From this feeling of coolness and from my nipples hardened and stood upright. I slid her lips over his face and pressed her mouth to the subclavian dimple. And then he took me-Slowly his tongue up from her neck.
- What are you doing, Princess? - He almost groaned. - I can not stop ...
He can not! And I can? !! It was so delightfully topless rubbing his soft and smooth shirt. And more of it smelled so nice - sea and lemons. I hugged him back and legs stuck to her lips. I just went crazy! He grabbed my hands and stroked his back.
- Princess - again he whispered and moved.
I took the opportunity to thrust out his self hem of his shirt and pulled it up. Obediently he threw it to yourself. He had a smooth hairless chest with clearly visible intercostal muscles. He was not thin, just fine and wiry physique, this aristocrat. And yet through the scent of deodorant or cologne smell penetrated his own, and he circled my head.
- Pauline, come on! - He asked loudly.
Even then-tsa Pauline, yes? But nothing was coming to me in those blue jeans and so smile! And your neck so nothing was open!
Suddenly he literally threw me to my knees. And I stretched my T-shirt in a shaking hand.
- Vari coffee! - That his voice did not tremble.
Seryozhka quickly pulled on his shirt. I'm in a rage threw him his jersey and turned away offended, began to fasten bust. I have on the lips melt even his kisses, but my heart was beating somewhere near the temple. I went to the window and leaned his forehead against the cold glass.
- Princess, I'm sorry, - he said. - You're very sorry then!
- Shut up - I said dully. - It is better to be silent until I calmed down ...
I slowly came to himself, but he knew that now turn around and see him again nervous mouth and shining eyes and long legs, and shoulders. And finally Rehn. That's why I did not look at him, when poured into the pots of coffee and fill it with water. Then I turned to face up to the plate and become the next, as coffee is slowly rising from the edges and foams, throwing into the air a million of aroma molecules. I turned off the stove, poured into the pots a few drops of cold water, wait until the grounds settle, and finally turned to him. He looked so miserable. He sat, leaning his shoulder against the wall and broke her fingers.
- What? - I asked.
- I'm sorry, - he said.
- For what? - I just asked.
- It seems to me that I was trying to pressure you, - he said.
Oh my God! Unhappy egotist! I got angry.
- Do you seriously believe that water can flatten?
- The water? - Stunned earrings.
- I was already crushed! - I said. - In your presence even.
He stared at me with hope.
- I like you, okay? - I said. - And keep that in mind! - I copied his statement yesterday.
Seryozhka grinned and shook his head in disbelief. He is more confident and doubt. No, well, that's a delusion! Jump on the white light of any stamped piece of meat ... like our Evgena living solely on instinct, and fancies himself an icon of irresistible desire on the part of every object of the universe! And next to slides on the life here is such a specimen of the nobility and exquisite charm and at the same time a doubt! The question is, where is justice?
I poured the coffee into cups. I remembered about his box, put on the table.
- Discover!
He asked for a cake plate. I brought. This proved to be something artistically cobbled together from whipped cream. In our house, this is not edali with grandmother times. My parents - supporters of a healthy lifestyle. Lots of what they agree - a fruit salad. But I sometimes brazenly buy chocolate bars and eat them under the snide remarks about the funeral figures.
The cake was clearly offered up with the aim to bring happiness to the entire family. I did not disappoint earrings story of his parents' preferences. In my opinion, he himself wanted to eat terribly sweet. I presented him with a special knife and saucer and told him to lean, while she went for the phone, which is desperately raspelsya somewhere in the depths of the apartment.
Called, of course, mom. I explained that the house is all right, that accept guests, we eat cake. My mother was horrified, laughing, and I said that a lot of cake, and that she would have to get their portion of calories. Then my mom democratic loudly and clearly said how much she and her father return home.
Sergei glanced at the clock above the table. Heard means. I said good-bye, put the phone on the table and maliciously reported Seryozhka that Mom had not meant seven in the evening, and morning. And she began to it closely and with great interest to see. Sergey while choking cake, then resolutely put down the plate and saying, "Okay! Persuaded! "She grabbed me and dragged me across the body in the room. The only figure I was now afraid! I even managed to pick up from the table of the second box, he brought. By the way, the box had a few discs with movies.
When he flopped down on my bed, I began to read their names.
- Paul - he called.
- Mike fetch my kitchen, - he told I furtively followed him.
Wow! Jeans for him and really cool go. Hair disheveled, and faces the traces of cream. I rolled over on his stomach and began to read the names. There were a couple of adorable zhutikov me, a shooter and some "generals sand pits", a fantasy, I guess. I began to choose between zhutiki. One was about vampires, the other - about the aliens.
When Seryozhka came, I hid them behind his back and asked in a hand. He looked at me a smile and offered to look first of these "generals".
- However, they are in Spanish, but I'll translate.
I looked at him, and he, without waiting for the question, said:
- Mom I have a Spanish translator. Since my childhood bilingual.
Wow! That I do not know about it! I sat up and reached for the T-shirt. He grinned again, and did not give, and threw it on a long chair.
- I understand - I said sarcastically. - You're in a difficult position. So, I think it will be easier to stop.
Instead of answering, he turned dividishnik located on the sofa with great comfort, and then pulled me onto his lap. I immediately remembered Natasha revelations about going to the movies and snorted.
- You'll giggle, give the forehead, - declared Sergey and helped me get comfortable.
The film turned out to be surprisingly good, about the Latin American street children. The two main characters were our peers, and they had a love there. Seryozhka translated simultaneously without hesitation. Apparently, he had watched the movie many times. It ended there all bad character died. When she was buried in the sea under a heartbreaking song, I was already being proceeded with tears. Seryozhka dropped and began to translate his lips to collect the tears from my face.
His hand was back on my chest. He gently pulled the bust to me when there was a sex scene. It was a classic sexual intercourse, shot in every anatomical detail, but to the point nicely, that I absorbed what is happening on the screen, did not even notice that I was undressed. And now I accepted his caresses turned face, catching, which will lay down his kisses. He undid the button on my breeches and looked questioningly into his eyes. Instead of answering, I forced him to pull off his shirt. His shoulders still drove me crazy.
Then my breeches flew all in the same chair.
- Paul - he asked in a broken voice, - say, if you do not want.
Yeah, tell me! I was felt a wave such languor that I still could not speak. I just put a hand to the spot on his jeans, where something lived their separate lives and straining at the leash. Seryozhka hissed and began to quickly get out of them. Then I start periodically disconnected consciousness. At some point, we were already on the floor without anything. He covered me with kisses and from it literally rained affectionate phrases - half Russian and Spanish - all these "sunshine", "my girl", "gatita", "kuerida" ... His hands glided over my body, touched the chest, clasped her waist, appeared between the legs, and then I felt the confidence of his fingers and seemed to wake up. Instead of languor came a wild desire to connect with him. I found his hand tense penis and stroked it, feeling as he faltered and significantly pushed into my hand. I wanted something immediately to do, such as action, but was empty in my head, and I could not figure out what I should do.
- Hush, kuerida - he asked - let ... I'll ...
He threw my convulsively clenched thighs, rolled over me and I felt his hot weapon buried me in the vagina.
- It will be a little longer hurt kuerida, - he said. - You just do not be afraid ...
And I felt as he moved into me, making his way with difficulty, but without stopping. At some point it became really hurt very much, but then something happened and there was a burning sensation in half with a fading pain. He walked me to the end and muttered softly:
- For all kuerida. Do not Cry.
I noticed that sobbing, and stopped. I reached out to him - a kiss. And he dutifully bent to my lips. Until his nose he hung wet strands darkened, and his eyes looked black. His lips were dry and inflamed. He closed them, my mouth and slowly began to move in me. At first it was a little uncomfortable, but it soon passed. I again felt the growing excitement, and legs wrapped around his waist, taking him a member of the full depth. He propped himself up on his hands. I saw his pale, very serious and very beautiful face. He was breathing heavily and often pereglatyval.
Once my grandmother in a fit of candor said, that there is nothing better for a woman than the heavy breathing of a young strong man on it. Now I understand what it means. Sergei was moving faster and faster, froze for a moment and start again. During this time, I have several times offered up to the heavens, almost losing consciousness, and slipped back into the ground. And then came the moment when he went particularly deep, then abruptly pulled out my dick and I felt on my stomach to see me fall heavy viscous trickle. For a moment he did not move, and then returned to my bosom and made several strong aftershocks. At last I felt like everything inside me ached, covering his cock, and Sergei, exhausted, fell on me and fell silent. He was still breathing heavily and muttering:
- Thank kuerida, my girl, my desired ...
Then we went to sleep with him in the same place on the floor, is not tripped. We woke up about an hour from what froze. Sergey jerk grabbed my hand and dragged on the sofa, hid rug and said to make coffee. Then he climbed into the melting and went into the kitchen, her bare feet slapping on the linoleum. I began to warm up.
In the pocket of his jeans suddenly load the phone. First there was the "de-lin," and then "Sergei, tell me, is my mother ..." I got up, wrapped in a blanket, pulled out a mobile phone from his pocket and went to him, ... muttering, into the kitchen. Sergei turned at the sound, looked at his watch and cursed under his breath. He nodded gratefully, and I picked up the phone.
- Ma, I forgot - he said. - I'm sorry, please ... I know it's too late. I'm Pauline, ma ...
His mother apparently demanded that he went home.
- Do not go! - Mouthed I pleaded.
He closed his eyes, smiled at me and said that he will spend the night with us. His mother, apparently, said that it's embarrassing. He assured her that everything is fine, that my parents do not mind, and that he is sorry for what he forgot to call.
- Well, here, - he said to me, when the conversation was over, - I'm staying. You're not sorry, Princess? You're not about anything you regret?
I shook my head and declared that for a moment go to the bathroom. Seryozhka had come with me. Then we kissed for a long time in the shower as long as I did not feel that once again ready to accept it.
- Not so fast, Princess, - he said. - Do not rush, and everything will be fine.
With that, he ran away from me. And I began to wash off the traces of the crime and wash panties, which blotted from his belly his sperm. On the inside of the thighs, I noticed traces of blood and attended to, if something on the carpet got. I wrapped myself in a towel and went to check. Fortunately, nothing happened. We are not soiled nothing. I dried her hair, pulled on a tracksuit and came to him in the kitchen.
There I waited for coffee and a slice of cake powerful, that I have no qualms began to knead. I felt wildly hungry. Seryozhka smiling, sipping his coffee and watching me. And I suddenly remembered and asked him:
- What is gatita?
- A? - I did not understand, but he quickly responded. - This cat ...
- A kuerida?
He was embarrassed, but bravely translated:
- Hope. My favorite.
- Thank you.
I blinked. Overall, I got what I wanted. Star your hour. And this song is sung in our children from an "accident" in Spanish sounds a million times better. Now with this song in my whole life will be associated happiness.
- Gatita - again he said softly.
I reached. I physically was just great.
- It's great that you're so! - Quite sincerely I said.
We clean up and went to look zhutiki and thriller. More kissing, than watched.
And in the morning I was awakened by the voice of my mother touched.
- Lord, you are my God!
I opened my eyes and saw idling dividishnik. I was sitting in the ring Serezhkin hands. We slept well on the sofa in a sitting position, hugging tightly. I looked at her mother and smiled hesitantly.
- Hi, - I said.
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