a slave is no longer chelovekrab neither has nor any pravvse its existence is subordinated only to the service of a slave Lady volivoli there and it is not allowed or anything, everything that makes a slave is a slave does the will of Lady asleep and only just enough vkolko allow Ms eat as much Lady and plenty of it to allow Ms.
Ms. fully controls the action of a servant, going to the toilet is possible only with the permission of the Lady, and only when Mrs. sees fit ... like a dog you are walking .. only servant prohibited whine demonstrating their desire Ms may decide that the slave eats too much and allow only related hands from the bowl on the floor or servant can go to the toilet for their needs only after the domestic work in the absence of the Lady - if the slave did not have time to do everything that he has no right to come into the presence of the Lady, if Mrs. considered that thanks to slave for food not it is sufficient orders servant sblevat food and eating a her new mistress in the presence of a slave has no right to show any emotion or desire and servant Mistress punishes slave zza incontinence located only where allow Mrs.
If Mrs. houses and the housework done servant be at tion Lady on her knees leaning his forehead against the floor or sluzhet mat or stand for tion Mistress slave back can be a chair or stand toilet mouth plevatelnetsoy, tongue brush for shoes or tualetnoyts paper, abdomen and chest rug.
Ms uses slave and entertainment, it can entertain yourself and friends and ordered a slave to simulate sexual intercourse with a sofa cushion, or just make him masturbate or do cunnilingus or anusling slave, blowjob other slaves or to substitute the ass for anal sex with a slave servant can be punished for any actions are not allowed Mistress or just udovlstviya Lady. Penalties a variety of spanking Mistress -the most simple can lock the slave in close closet pre forcing servant put his anus butylkui spread penis head pepper, lady sweeping the floor can make inserted into the anus of a broom - it is very painful, but in this funny to watch Lady can use slave mouth as a toilet bowl (this is not a punishment - it is a natural function) but did not allow for a long time to swallow and hold in your mouth all you got there
The very worst punishment for a slave - to hear from Lady "more you are not a slave"