After I laid out some of his diary.
I began to receive letters, and is it true, everything I write.
And what is this technique Sumerians.
Of course, that was kept secret more than 12,000 years old, with all folk may not be made public as soon as totally. A person living in the dark, can not, stand, the information.
Read carefully, my stories, and the one who has, there is at least a little flair, will find many answers to your questions ... .
She liked me at first sight. Her black eyes, black eyelashes and hair of the same color, made my heart pound faster.
I thought he had no woman will not be able to cause in me a sense comparable to the feelings of a virgin, who just started to learn all the erotic world.
For the first time in my life, I'm confused. My friends and I sat across from her. On the table stood a glass bowl.
- So, young people - she said, and lifted both hands above the ball - Want to know the future.
Friends nodded, probably, fascinated as I am, by her beauty.
by the way "enchanted"Literally with old Aryan means "man under authority", a "charming" We called modern hypnotists.
- Then, you leave everything - the fortuneteller said - and go one by one.
We have done so. I decided to be the last. Each session lasted about twenty minutes.
We decided after the session, to gather at a friend's house and discuss the prophecy of the fortune-teller. Friends ran away, and I was left alone, as it was my turn.
- Sit down - a fortune-teller said, pointing to a chair - Prince is located.
I looked at her in surprise.
- Your name, translated as Prince - she said smiling
- I know - I said
- Well, it's natural, you're probably dedicated?
- Yes - I nodded in accordance
- And to know the future, you do not want?
- No, I do not want - I said
- And what do you want?
- Invite you to dinner
She smiled. Her lips were excellent.
- Do you want to add me to your list?
- Enough - I said - do not use their abilities without asking me.
She smiled again.
- Well, firstly, I heard your name, when you were talking to each other. And, what about the list, is not it, you whispered to one, when you come here?
She was right. As soon as we saw it, Sergei, whispered to me, "It would be nice to include it in your list of adventures"But it was so quiet it is said that the fortune-teller could not hear it.
- You have a good ear - I said - I have a hearing.
- I do not complain - she said, smiling
- I want to have dinner with you - I said
- And, where did you get that I want to have dinner with you?
- I do not know, but I feel that I want
- Wow - she said - Transferred to you, I kind of did not allow, one can see that you are dedicated and devoted much. Know when and how to behave.
- Most likely, intuitively I know - I said
- Then one question - she whispered - Your answer will decide my consent.
- What a question? - I asked
- Why do you think that I can agree with you dinner?
I looked intently into her eyes and replied.
- Despite, the fact that you can charm in front of you there is sadness. Here, I thought it was a sadness of loneliness.
She took a deep breath and said:
- Anyway, it is nice to deal with gentiles.
- Do you like history? - I asked
- Simply, I remember ancestors.
- Okay - I said - So you agree?
- Well - she said - but, not dinner and breakfast at seven-thirty tomorrow morning.
Of course, I was upset, it meant that I did not see sex.
- I agree - I said
She took my number, my mobile and promised that necessarily calls.
We have, in addition to the shared home, where I live together with my parents and little brothers. There is also "replacement" apartment. I have all day to clean and restore order, at the apartment.
For breakfast, I bought a cake, sausage, milk. As I laid out everything in the fridge, I wondered why the breakfast, not dinner. The answer is, the pop-up from the subconscious, but I wanted to touch it as it evaporates.
Mom, I said that I would stay at the other with an overnight stay, we will watch the show "Heroes". Friends said that I was going to my grandmother, as her birthday today.
All day, I was watching a cable, but still could not forget the black eye fortunetellers. I imagined how love to her. At ten, I decided to go to bed,
But he could not sleep. Fortune Teller, which was named Valeria, did not come out of my head.
I need to let off steam, otherwise I can not sleep. I began to look at itself in the mobile, the contacts to whom you can go now to visit. And the thought of Masha. She called me today and told me that mom and sister go for a visit, and it will be one.
I called her. She was very happy and said she is waiting for me.
The apartment in which I was, was just across the street, that apartment, where my relatives lived. And, Mary, lives on the fifth floor above us.
I slipped quietly into the entrance. Mom, because I think other. As the elevator rose, on the fifth floor. I suddenly remembered I went to contact with Masha.
I occasionally slept then with her mother Lucy, then with her sister Sveta. So, like her mother, the problem with the vagina, it is more loved to suck. Once, I went to him, to give to "processing" Aunt Luce his penis. But the door was opened by Mary.
- And, there is no light - she said - But you run, and she is now fit - that I'm sleeping with her mother, she did not know of course.
I had to go. During the conversation, I learned that, too, and no mother.
She told me, something told me, I watched with interest for her. Figure she was excellent. Breasts are the same as big as her mother and sister. I suddenly wanted to seduce her. The girl of seventeen years. I will not be difficult to do so.
- You know - I said, interrupting her - Oh, you're very slender and beautiful.
She looked at me sharply and blushed.
- Thank you - she said quietly - But Light is still better.
- Every woman is unique and beautiful in its own way - I said to her - But, Sveta, do not blush cheeks, when I tell her a compliment.
She blushed again. I approached her and began stroking her face with your fingers.
- Masha - I said - You're so wonderful.
She raised her eyes. I pulled her to him and stared at her lips. Yes, she knew how to kiss. I began to massage his arms around her chest, she began to massage my penis.
Coming off of her lips, I asked:
- Do you want to show.
She looked at me gratefully. I took off my pants and underpants.
She looked at my cock with delight and admiration. Her mouth was a surprise in the form of letters "about".
- So it's true - she said - Sister was not lying.
- What are you talking about? - I asked
Not looking up from my penis, she whispered:
- I, by chance, I heard my sister, praise her friends, what's your beautiful cock. I thought she was lying, and wants to call girlfriends envy.
- And now, you believe - I smiled
- Now, yes - she said, shaking her head.
She opened her mouth was so close to the head of my penis.
- You want to know the taste? - I asked - Or will and admire it.
She gripped with both hands and shook my cock whole.
Slowly, Mary, began to suck the head. The language, licking the base and holding hands, completely took the dick in your mouth.
Previously, I thought that sucking well, able to only women aged. Experience helps, but I was wrong, and now I'm sure this ability is inherited.
Masha, so she knew my job, I felt that I finish now, I told her about it.
- Stop - she said - I have a monthly ... .
. . Elevator creaking stopped and I got out.
The door was opened quickly. It seems that she was waiting for me at the door.
- Hello again - I said, pulling her to him - do you bear?
- ...Good, how are you? - She whispered, looking up from my lips.
Instead of answering, I took her hand and placed it on a member of the memories, he was as hard as a stake.
She squeezed him a little, and then I picked her up and went to her mother's bedroom.
For some, a split second, we were already naked.
Masha attacked my boyfriend, her mouth, got up, such that I had to wince. She, like her mother, she loved to swallow both testicles immediately. Holding them in her mouth, she moved her head in different directions, stretching kozhu.Posle, she sat on me and sent a member in its narrow pescherku.V other positions, she was hurt, and she decided herself how deep I can get into .
Inside, she was hot and wet. But, anyway, my cock was able to get only half, then it was not much.
Conch it quickly, still, all her slit full, hot and hard cock.
Mary, one of the few of my women, who, after orgasm, does not promise to kill me, and says:
- I adore you. . .
But it's almost like my women, loves, finishing sex, sperm portion into his mouth.
After that, blissfully asleep on my chest. At the same time, press on the squares stroking my stomach. I slept with her.
When I woke up, the time was four in the morning. Mary, hugging, I slept. I carefully got out of her arms and dressed gone.
On my pillow, I left a note that also love it.
AT "spare" apartment, I was fast. Not sleepy. I set the table. And waited, and probably fell asleep.
He woke me, tuneful knock on the door. I, as if stung ran into the kitchen, washed, and went to open the door. I, for some reason, was convinced that I would see Valery. Although I remember very well that the address I gave her not to.
He took a deep breath and opened the door.
I will not repeat again how beautiful she is. I could not say anything and let her pass.
- Speechless - she smiled.
- So strong are you - I said
She smiled again. And he asked:
- And why so dark? - And going to the window, pulled back the curtains.
A room filled morning sunbeam. She raised both hands and said:
- Hooray. I Valeria
And then, the idea that yesterday I could not catch, lightning hit me in the head.
I shivered. Sex, I was assured.
I should have known before, because she called me a goy (seeing, to know the truth).
- So - I said - you mean Valkyrie?
- No - she replied.
- Oh, I forgot - I said - Valkyrie gives combing their hair. So you Dara?
- No, I'm the same as you.
"The same as I" - I make out on the part of its name and said:
- You're the keeper of the
- You're right - she said, and sat down at the table - so we'll start breakfast?
I sat down across from her. At the table, we are not talking.
I was time to think.
I was still mad at myself. Since I not understood at once why she chose the morning.
She, knowing how I look at her watch. Deliberately, I chose the morning. Perhaps she, too, missed the men's affection.
According to the ancient Aryan traditions, make love at night, it was considered dangerous, as the night, the dark creatures can penetrate into a fertilized egg cell and possess child soul.
The same night, the dark beings, may be present during intercourse, a few quantities and simply guide the process.
Occupation in the morning, ensures the birth of a healthy and strong baby, as the sun or other of Ra, protect from evil spirits.
Gradually, it grew into a tradition. Both women and men Goi, chose the morning, to enjoy.
In principle, and people remember about it indirectly.
Suffice it to recall, sexologists and urologists, who are advised to have sex in the morning. Referring to the fact that the body of night rest and gain strength, and the main reason of all is forgotten.
Although there is an exception, since the moon is a sister of the sun, you can have sex at night, but only at the full moon.
I finished my meal and got up. I headed to the player and the room filled rhythmic, speaking on national ballad.
She, too, got up. Her black, long hair, and beckoned to him, I had a desire to comb them, let it not Valkyrie, but I was sure of that energy of her hair, it was no less.
I held her hand, inviting to dance.
She gave me her hand. I hugged her waist, she just put her hands on my shoulders.
We started dancing. But, it was not normal, and energy dance.
In the space between the mine and her body, touched two energies, one old Aryan, another drevneshumerskaya. And if we now embrace it. . .
She herself, clung to me. Our energy merged. In human language, there are no words to explain our condition.
Orgasm is a faint resemblance, that feeling that we are now experiencing.
Fully enjoying, each other's energy. We got up in the middle of the room and did not dare to move more.
- I did not know that "keepers" able to charm - I said - I thought it was a privilege gifts.
- So you're wrong - she whispered, and put her head on my chest.
- But, you're a fortune teller, as you perform the duties of the guardian?
- Remember, the keeper of AC Milan
I remembered her. There are two types of guardians, using some knowledge of the good and try in small doses, this knowledge is put into Outcasts (a blind man, not dedicated). These I and Valeria and treat.
The latter also use this knowledge in order to dominate.
Fortune Teller Milan, prophesied a great future for the French soldier. His name was Napoleon.
Keepers and any other Goy, do not have the right to themselves to change the course of history. For this purpose, are emissaries. Such as Napoleon, Hitler, Macedonian, Blavatsky ...
- I understand - I said - You use this concept a little differently.
- Yes - she said - in principle, the future, all I prophesy the same, but at the time of the process, lays the grain of knowledge. For example, I tell them the meaning of their name. I told him that they were born in the morning and what is good.
Through their hand, I tell them about their ancestry. . .
- And, they are intrigued - I interrupted her - rushes to seek all the information about it.
She nodded.
- And how do you cope with that? - She asked.
- Well - I said - I chose a different path. Way Werber.
- That is - she whispered - You use the truth in prose?
- No - I smiled - Spread your erotic diary with a gentle reminder of the ancient knowledge.
She frowned, then she realized.
- I understand - she said - It is on these sites are usually a lot of people.
- Yes - I said
- So how's it going?
- After the first story, email me, it's more than fifty letters.
- Wow - she admired
- Everyone wanted to know what a Sumerian methodology and where to find it.
She smiled.
- As always - she said.
- But, I said, only two of them, boys and girls.
- And as a call girl?
- Natalia
- I understand why - she said.
Name Nataliya translated as my own, close to nature, but rather to the higher mind.
- I even gave her to read books, Asimov and Werber.
- Well, that's good - she whispered.
Valeria, stroked my eyebrows, cheeks, lips.
- You have beautiful lips - she said.
- You too - I assured her.
I want to get better. Valeria, missed not just for men caress and affection in the male energy.
Being a male, she as well as I could have been at least every day. But, to be with a man goy, it can not be every day. However, as I am, a woman Goy.
We deliberately dragged our rendezvous. You know how rough it is. I kissed her fingers. She just snapped them on my lips, and the Let a beam energii.Ya like breath of fresh and clean air.
Then I kissed her on the lips, and he has breathed into it ... your energy.
I felt for a long time she wanted. My energy, made her cheeks blush.
The next kiss, we have generously shared with each other with the most intimate and wonderful energy.
We undressed each other, at the same time, still kissing.
The body, it was unmatched. Full, round with black nipples breasts, waist with a smooth belly, a delightful triangle of hair between her legs.
We hugged again, weaving our naked bodies. Her hard nipples, rested against my chest.
I broke down and got on his knees. Kissed right nipple, then left and began to suck him.
And she took pity and my body, through her nipple, joined the flow of that without which would not be able to survive more than one child. In infancy, when the mother is breastfeeding, it is the only time when the life-giving energy, mixed with milk, enters the body of a child, without any effort. That's why you can not take the baby from the breast, replacing breastfeeding, something else.
Sated, I was in ecstasy, with trembling legs lay on the bed. Valeria leaned outwork, and kissed me on the forehead, nose, lips, neck, chest, nipples bitten, kissed each of my press box. And it stopped. I stroked it, kissed, and then took the head in his mouth and looked at me. I came my turn, to share energy.
I relaxed and gave her the full monty. She slowly began to suck the penis, enjoying my power.
There are certain people who can suck the energy without permission and not to share his. Such is called an energy vampire. Beware of such people.
Only mutual exchange, can deliver a divine state of mind.
Valeria, licked energy and sochivsheyu of my penis. I took completely (as possible) in the mouth.
Do you know why a blowjob, gets so women and men kunniling?
Because it when having sex, the human energy that is out of control. And caressing dick men, or a woman's vagina, both sides, without knowing it, the energy drink each other. That is why, on the importance of love. In love, energy is produced in a large quantity.
What is love?
For the uninitiated, I love it when you do not know what you love.
But we know what love is, or rather we called it differently. . .
After enjoying my cock. She straddled me, as well as Mary the night. And let my cock in itself. Valery was wet and hot, as well as at night, and Mary, but with only one difference. Valeria inside, was not just chaotic energy, as ordinary people. A typed, for years and deliberately used by Valeria.
She jumped on me, shouting my ear pleasing words.
- Oh, how long I've waited for this.
I squeezed her buttocks with strength and sit down on his cock. She squeezed my breasts, so much that after I left bruises, and only a hairline cover, such as hiding them.
I held her close. And we turned over. Now I was on top. I held both her legs and entered into it all stronger and faster. Together with the member, my energy, flowed in her nature.
I got out of it and turned on his stomach, she dutifully got on all fours, and gave me his ass.
I squeezed her buttocks and firmly re-entered into it. I held her by the hair and continued to exchange our energies.
- I'll finish - she whispered.
Her whole body began to tremble, she screamed, loud and totally lay on the bed.
I lay down on top, pinning her to the pillow face.
- You were wonderful - I told her.
_ Quench my thirst - she said.
I got up and lay down beside it just covered her beautiful lips of my cock and began to suck him.
Very soon I had finished and.
Many of my women, scolded me for what I'm coming to them in the mouth and swallow even ask. They do not even know what kind of life-giving energy, I pour into their mouth.
The taste of semen once, will want to try it again and again. But, why ??? They do not know, but knows their body ...