- I have looked the magazine? - Pasha asked to change me.
- Pasha, you know - I did not took for himself, - I replied. - Alex has finished playing, I told you he was immediately listed. What problems some?
- Yes, you know, not my magazine too. Maybe I'll Leshke remind you to hurry? Why did he it ?! What, he does not give, or forgotten how to make a blowjob? Does he masturbate on it ...? The week has already passed!
- Damn, Pasha, you went to the FIG with its gags! - I jokingly slapped his companion's arm.
- Dianka, it's not my magazine. Papic. It it the whole week was not needed, and suddenly caught himself. Have him explain that yes why. And so I had to be tossed on the coffee table, and that's that.
- Well, Pasha, I came into your position - I said and promised immediately after school to go home to my friend Alex, pick up a brand new "Hustler" and in the shortest possible time to bring home Paschke.
- Well, bye, - Pasha leaned over and kissed me.
His kiss I did not answer, and felt a reed Man slipped through my lips cloistered.
- Listen, Dianka, do not be angry. No wonder I started this conversation. I like this "Hustler" where already in the sitting! - Pasha clutched his throat imitate strangulation. - Papic as the brains went: "where the magazine", Yes "where the magazine". Included you did to me, and that's that! A week later, when everything will be forgotten, I'll give it back, I promise. Well, if you're nicer, of course ....
With these words, Pavel tried to kiss me again. I realized that just because he did not get rid of, hugged him with one hand, lifted her head a little and we started licking.
His hand went through my chest, and Pasha, delighted lack of bra, began to bully me a T-shirt. Fingers circled on my bumps, groped hardening nipple on her left breast. He squeezed it between thumb and forefinger and gently twisted. My hand has done the same way, just to the right chest. My reed began to succumb to the pressure of Pashkina language, and here he is full shuruet in my mouth. I felt the sweetest languor filled body, spread from the chest down stomach. The body relaxed and went limp. I increased the pressure on the nipple, very quickly zaterebila his finger. Paschke, experienced pathogen, continued to turn pea another nipple and lick my mouth. Pussy flowed. Another second - and I can not do anything with them ..!
I lightly pushed his friend.
- Well, you, Pasha - I breathed, straightening his shirt. - Another one will notice ...
Pasha released my breasts, put his hand under her skirt and ran his finger from the vagina to the clitoris, added a few more fingers felt swollen labia and began to stroke.
- Leave me...! I'm already all wet already ....
Pasha wanted to continue to kiss and caress, but I slipped from our secluded cavern with him on the last floor of the school. Places of our secret meetings, where we told each other a lot of secrets. I hope that the window sill on which we so loved to sit, never speak ... Smiling, he looked after me. I straightened her skirt and shirt, waved Paschke hand and ran to the last lesson.
After high school, I ran home to Alex (my present boyfriend, if someone has not thought of) and my luck it was not home. There was no need to waste time on unnecessary explanations. He opened his mother, Aunt Tanya, which is all the time with our love Lesco wanted me to call her "Tanya". I walked into the room my friend, found under the pillow "Hustler" (And, indeed, that he nadrachivat at night?), And put it in a prepared large manila envelope. Peering into the kitchen and said "While Tanya" I ran out into the street on a warm April. It remains now only bring Paschke magazine.
His apartment was on one of the central streets of the city, in an old house, renovated for the new Russian. Pashkin father, the director of whether a bank, whether steamship company, extremely polite (he called me solely on "you"), Very young-looking blonde, wearing stylish sunglasses and holding her son with an iron fist. Pasha he was afraid of fire, but I never heard that he just raised his voice. I walked into the familiar porch, rang the intercom. I opened immediately, without the usual rattling "who's there?". I went to the floor, was about to call the apartment, when load elekrozamok.
"I guess I saw the camera"- I thought.
I went into the familiar corridor (once I was fucking right there, in front of a huge mirror) and without delay went to the salon. This large room with a kitchen, was a favorite place of Pashka, in general, a small family. With that, taking into account that my friend has not yet been submitted to vote, I was ready for a surprise on his side. Or he was going to shoot from crackers or meet me completely naked in black stockings and penyuare his mother or in his cabin will be two dozen of his friends, who will start to whistle and hoot as soon as I go ...
Cautiously I went and saw that a surprise place!
The bar at the opposite end of the room, on a high bar stool without a back, near the entrance to the kitchen sat Pashkin father. He wore trousers of gray suit, pink shirt with flawless zapankami gold and pink, but a bit darker and glossy tie.
- And ... hello - I mumbled.
- Welcome - Pashkina parent voice was very soft and friendly, and he, without giving me time to recover, immediately offered - Sit down ....
He raised his hand palm up, pointing to the same high chair, as he does, but on the other hand, on the other side of the bar ...
- And ... I would have to ... - Then I realized: no matter what I had to, but you need to sit down.
I must say that I ran home for a moment, changed her skirt. Who I was super small, but very tight and tight. When I perched on the damn bar stool and attempted to sit back, my legs, in the desire to obtain the support, naturally parted. I looked up and saw that Pashkin dad knows where it is necessary to look at the moment when a girl in a tight-fitting mini trying to get on a high stool opposite. All that is necessary, it has already seen. Frantically move Lyashko was no longer any reason ... I decided not to strain.
I put the envelope on the counter made a few movements booty to finally feel comfortable, smiled, and received a smile in response. At the reception there were some exotic fruits, Balon and soda, I do not suggested to try out, and struck up a conversation with us.
My interlocutor was pleasant. He knew how to listen, and did not impose their opinions, and moderate joked. And we discussed just a burning topic, inspired by my dress: it looks sexier - long skirt with a slit or small. I put my foot on the leg, shaking his shoe, something pakazyvala on himself and completely fascinated by the conversation. Pashkin dad too all went to our dialogue, even twice dropped Incoming call on his cell phone. Several times he touched my knee, patted it, but it all seemed quite natural, fit into the framework of discussion and is not alarmed.
I must say, I often spoke with the fathers of their friends and girlfriends. With startling speed, looking at my feet, or brazenly sticking through the translucent T-shirt nipples, honorable fathers brought down to a ridiculous raid. Almost everyone hugged and looking into his eyes, telling me how good I looked in his secretary in the office. Pashkin father offers no redeeming its novelty, is not given, and a light touch to the thigh were in some way pleasant. I relaxed at all, did not even lift his legs ripped off the shoe. I was comfortable and interesting.
Suddenly Pashkin dad reached for the package that I brought, opened the envelope and pulled the ill-fated magazine. Not in the least surprised, he put it on the counter and opened at random somewhere. On the big pictures ... full reversal gorgeous blonde with one hand supporting himself big breasts and fingers second drop labia, vagina opening pink, set off her charms thin strip of hair above the clitoris. On the next page, this is the owner of large breasts developed, and showed well tanned ass. On the next - this is ass close-up, reddish hole anus glistened with grease, and in the vagina juices expiring inserted impressive size dildo.
I did not know where to go and how to lead in this situation ...
- Do you like to watch these photos? - Suddenly I asked the landlord.
I can not even breathe. My throat was dry, the sound is not possible to publish. The dark eyes, heart pounding furiously. What do I need to do ...?
I nodded, unable to utter a word.
He turned a couple of pages and suddenly put one hand on my hip. I felt a pleasant stroking of his fingers. A moment later, his hand moved higher and he started to stroke me on the very top of the thigh.
Jumped down from the chair, I moved back to the door. Pashkin father left the magazine and took a few steps in my direction. Escape was very easy, the path to the front door was just behind me. But how to get the shoe, lying between the counter and stool? ..
Pashkin dad took a few hesitant steps toward me.
- Wait ...! - I shouted suddenly.
He stopped dead in his tracks.
- Stand back! - I again commanded.
He took a couple steps back.
- Yet..!!! - I was insistent.
He was somewhat embarrassed, but humble, humbly walked almost to the edge of the cabin. Behind him was an ottoman.
I decided to rescue the shoe. When I started to move forward, Pashkin Pope also moved, as if to intercept me.
- Back ... - I went back to a safe distance. Pashkin dad also again stood at the ottoman.
He looked at me, not taking his eyes devouring eyes my figure. My chest heaved from the rapid breathing.
- Sit down ..! - I ordered again. He obeyed without a murmur.
Again we looked at each other. Silently. A few moments passed in silence.
- Stand up ...! - I ordered.
He stood at attention like a soldier, not taking his eyes off me.
- ... Sit down!
Orders executed.
- Get up ..! ... Sit down ..! ... Stand up ...!
He obviously liked obey my commands. I also covered the slight tremor. The unusual situation at the same time frightened, amused and excited. I'm standing in the middle of a huge salon in one shoe and a man in front of me, two times older than me perform my stupid demands.
- On knees...! - I did not expect such a hurried from himself. His voice I heard from the outside, both from an invisible speaker as from some of the film with a complex plot.
Pashkin Dad quickly dropped to his knees.
- Now on all fours ..!
Again he complied.
- Bring me a shoe ...! - No, it's not me, it's not my voice, I myself can not believe that it broke out of my mouth .. !!!
Pashkin dad on all fours, like a dog, went to the bar, skirted chair on which he had been sitting, went to my shoe, bent his head, took her teeth for a side, with the rustle of turned and walked in my direction. Pink tie dragged across the floor. He was approaching. I had a last chance to escape barefoot ...
A few seconds later he came to me, dropped the shoe of the teeth, it crashed to the floor in front of me. He was standing at my feet, on all fours, his head bowed down. I, too, was not doing anything.
Then Pashkin dad began to rub on my knees ... head hair. As a third cat. Gently, but firmly. Not moving away from the shock, which caused these nice touch, I felt his tongue.
He started licking my fingers on the wrong foot, that stood barefoot on the floor. He is actively licking between my fingers, lifting, then tickled tongue slid up to his knees, then even higher to the hips and then fell. Unreality suddenly beginning to excite me. I felt a warm wave of the body are filled. It was so unusual, thin, fragile. And the adult who rubbed against my legs, and his tongue to lick me now inner thighs.
I took a second, interfering now shoe. A little legs apart, I launched his head higher. He tried to lick my thigh near the panties. Moving his ass, I drove up a narrow skirt above the waist. And the tongue Pashkina Pope began to lick my panties, where a few hours ago walked the fingers of his son. Excitation was unbearable ... After a couple of steps away, I sat down on the arm of a large leather chair and raised his feet. It was uncomfortable to sit. Beckoning Pashkina dad I turned around in his chair, he sat straight, put both feet on the armrests. Pashkin Dad crawled between the chair and low table. I caved in and pulled her ass closer to the edge. Panties were quite wet. My selection mixed with saliva Pashkina father. And he hastened to add a new one.
My saint opened his mouth and sucked a pussy got wet right through the fabric and began to lick, suck, smack. A wave of pleasure carried me to the seventh heaven. My little finger through the shirt groped protruding nipples and began delicately, delicately pull them. I'm a little bit moved forward in his chair to caress my mouth, let me how this position. Moisture was so much that the panties were already quite wet. A Pashkin dad continued to slurp.
Suddenly he lifted his hands from the floor, pulled promokschie panties, pushed them aside. Parting with your fingers wet black hair that thickly lined my labia, he again sucked my pussy. His tongue began to sink between my folds, and the whole mouth making sucking movements. I felt like he sucked into his mouth, and my clitoris full crawl on his tongue. I caressed the breasts with her hands, the tender peas pleasure, bliss through which spilled across his chest. Stop a moment ....
Looking up from my pussy Pashkin Dad raised his head, took off my feet with armrests and again engaged in licking fingers. Then he lifted my feet higher, paced language on the back of the thigh, once again pulled her panties and his tongue engaged in the brown hole in my ass. He then licked my ass all over the surface of the tongue, then shoved him inside, squeezing through narrow svinkter, licking around the hole and across the gap. Then he stuck out his tongue badly and began moving the head from the bottom up, from the anus to the clitoris, polishing every millimeter.
The singularity of all that is happening still prevented me finish. I could not focus on himself in the head crept extraneous thoughts (ah, why I did not go in the shower before you go out, or had a shave at least on the ass). All this does not sposobstovalo orgasm, despite a very correct and nice manipulation Pashkina Pope. And I dared.
- Wait ...! Wait ... - Pashkin father stopped licking and I saw his head, completely wet and slimy face between his legs zadratyh. - Sit down in the chair opposite.
Pashkin father obeyed.
Lift the hips, I pulled her skirt, then her panties. Sitting right I lifted her shirt. Arms crossed, I began to stroke her nipples user posted, looking into the eyes Pashkina father. My fingers outlined the brown circles, runs through protruding goroschinam, I changed the pace and pressure by acting on the peak of bliss. Closing my eyes, I shook her head ....
- Rastegni pants, get a member. - Pashkin father obeyed besprikoslovno.
Dropped down over his trousers and underpants charmingly stuck erregirovanny large penis.
- Do not touch his hands ...! Just look at me, - with these words, I once again settled into a chair.
I again put his feet on the armrests and strongly pushed the knees. I was all open, my excited, current juices disclosed, slightly swollen estestestvo willing invasion. The right hand of my left nipple and covered pussy. Middle finger, I found the crease of the clitoris. Close your eyes. Relax ... every cell of the body. And .... very quickly rubbing the clitoris, occasionally dipping a finger inside, wiping the grease.
At the bottom of the body it was warm and pleasant. pelvic muscles contract and relax pleasantly. I breathed and often intermittently.
Butt I moved towards the finger movements. I already do not care, I did not care who is watching me, who looks at me, and what he does. I wanted to just faster, stronger, stronger, stronger !, !!!, finally climb to the mountain, take a run, jump and fly into the abyss. Breathtaking. Squish motion of my finger overlap moans. Faster, faster, come on ... !!! I myself was scared of his crying, repeatedly reinforced interior acoustics.
When the last pleasant spasms subsided, I opened my eyes. Pashkin father was sitting in the same position, obeying my orders, he did not touch his penis. His body is now lying on the shirt covering the pubis. I leaned across the table and took his hand. Pushing skins I saw a drop of viscous fluid that has leaked from the holes. Fingers I smeared the liquid on the swollen head and started to do up and down movement of the trunk member. My hand was quite wet from my selections, so cock slid easily between the fingers. Second hand I stroked the trunk poddtyanuvshiesya testicles.
Pashkin father shifted in his chair and began to moan. Realizing that the end is near, I accelerated the movement. Up and down, up and down, very slippery ... He tried to stroke my pussy, his narrow fingers groped the clitoris among the hairs.
- Take your hand off! - I decided to be a bitch to end.
His hand returned to the armrest. I crushed it with his foot, preventing its full movement, but by giving him the opportunity to admire the focus of my pussy. Up and down, up and down ... He repeatedly podmahnul me, then just caved in, stopped, and out of the channel on his weapon appeared large drop whitish viscous substance. And then from the shot.
Honestly, I was aiming not on purpose, but the first volley of his sperm hit him on the face, between the nose and upper lip. The second, third and fourth salvo fires in a pink shirt and tie, only then flowed sperm on my fingers. I made a couple of moves, but Pashkin father reached out and pried my fingers. He looked back at me. I licked my cum off his hands and slumped back in his chair ...
When we got dressed again and sat behind the counter, he offered me a cigarette. As if nothing had happened. I refused, and did not eat anything. I felt somewhere uncomfortable, I wanted to leave. I wanted to lock myself somewhere in a sit-think about what happened. I hurried home. After a few minutes we came out into the corridor. Accompanying me to the door, he pulled out a business card on the back of the hand written a number of mobile telephones.
- This is a special room ... His wife does not know even. If there are problems - call ...
He did not kiss me goodbye, just gently patted on the shoulder.
Needless to say that the secret number Pashkina Pope I took no time ....
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