Yesterday I had a dream, the man was like you:
When I pressed him sleepy, then I felt his curly chest hair thick undergrowth and protruding bumps muscle madly excite me. I stroked his breasts with her hands, and behind them followed my lips. Hands of a man squeezed my breasts and he touched the tongue pink nipples, which immediately turned into a little gem. He laughed hollowly and bit him, I screamed and pulled away, but he quickly grabbed my waist and held her close again, while biting his earlobe. He held me tightly, patting on the back, legs, hips circular movements. I began to stir up the heat, I was already all hot. His passion for me in full swing, it could already feel, he's frantic pressed me to her.
His hands were demanding, they dented my body into his flesh, he seemed to want me to merge into one. When he touched my finger, stroked my clit, I trembled on the severity of these impressions. His other hand was stroking the inside of my thighs, and finger penetrated deeper and deeper into me. I widely spread her legs and waited for something else. Finally, I felt his hot tongue that licked my every crease, sucking my pearl. A strangled cry escaped from my throat and I shouted: "Yes, take me to the faster!".
He raised his hands my hips and pressed a member to the hole and began to slowly come to me. I knew that he restrains himself, but could no longer and she rushed to meet him. His term as the count entered into me, and I screamed. The man gripped my hips hands, guiding me, subordinating smooth unhurried rhythm and I felt all the more acutely the pain of his invasion, which is bordered with pleasure. When his movements quickened the pace, I grabbed her nails into his back. My whole body writhed and evaded, though struggling with him, begging for release. He lifted my legs even higher, it seemed that he pierce me with his member through, followed by two long strike, I finished and felt the hot liquid, which pushes poured into my body.
All sweaty, very weakened, not knowing that with my body, I clung to him, patted his hand and fell asleep.