Sauna, football and more ...
It happened in the summer. I had just dembelnul from the army. He lived in the country, the weather was great, I spent whole days on the lake. I was there the supervision of wild beach - where you can sunbathe and swim naked, without having to worry that someone will break privacy. Sometimes it occurred schlock, repaired cars gardeners. So denezhek is missing, the search for a permanent job, I was going to attend in the fall.
This morning I was awakened by a neighbor. To her grandson came to visit, and she brought him acquainted with me. Grandson named Maxim, he seemingly was 14-15 years, good-looking, thin blond lad, he looked a little confused, peering over the shoulder of her grandmother.
- Look, this thing, and only met Maksikom, a call from the city, have to go to resolve the issues, the boy with a drag not hunting, keep an eye on it, that would not be missed, and it's not know anyone - Aunt Nina looked at me with pleading eyes and added - you will go to repair the machine take it with you, he loves technology.
- Everything will be okay, will not be bored - I reassured her neighbor.
After breakfast, I sat down on a bench, lit a cigarette and began to make plans for the nearest life. After seeing Aunt Nina to the platform, Maxim came.
- Well, young man, such a proposal: Now go sunbathing on the lake in the evening watching football, I'm still going to drown bath today, there is a desire, you are welcome. Questions, comments?
-Questions and requests not only do I need to jump over the smelting - Max replied to my proposal.
-Snaps, after 10 minutes waiting at your gates.
I finished smoking, started the her old but still very spirited "HONDA", took his new friend, and after 20 minutes we were at the lake.
On the lake, I immediately stripped to the goal and with a running start jumped into the water. Max stripped to his swimming trunks, and also climbed into the water. After a swim, we sat down on the mat, I got a beer and offered Max: "If you want, keep it simple, I'm not going to be an overseer for you, behave more naturally, we have with you is not such a big age difference."
I lay down to sunbathe on the back, exposing his friend the sun, curled up on the cold water. Maxim Framed sun back.
- Look, from heats remains trail, which spoils the whole tanning, you make me shy or something, - I said, to be honest, I already had the idea in my head unleash the sex of a cute boy.
Maxik took melting, from that, he became more appealing. The long, beautiful legs, tight ass tightened, pubis, which is only beginning to curl blond hair, his pisya and scrotum shrunk after swimming
We look miniature. What would not particularly hornier I went to bathe, Max joined me. While we splashed the sky overcast with clouds, a storm was gathering. We had to urgently collect little things, jump on a bike and go to the country.
Arriving, we flooded the bath and decided to wash prior to the football. Sitting topivsheysya stove and sipping beer, the conversation rolled on the army and relations between the sexes. Maxim turned a virgin. I'm told that we have in the company was parenk- Valera, he willingly provided sex services could meet the night three, four. I saw that Maxim is very concerned about this issue. I admitted that fifteen years feel bisexual, do not restrain those impulses, and do not feel flawed.
- Soot me honestly, do you have a desire to participate in a small orgy - I asked the silent boy.
-Yes, - said Max, his cheeks were covered with a blush, just like the girl,
his eyes sparkled, it was obvious that he was very excited.
We undressed and went into the cool More bathhouse. Max was a little tense.
- Do not be afraid if you do not like something, or will hurt - just tell me - I have tried to liberate the boy.
I put Max under a warm shower and began to lather his beautiful body, the body is no longer a boy, but still not a man. He had a very soft skin, his hand I researched all the hidden places of the body. Washing away the remnants of soap, I squatted down and gently pulling the foreskin washed with water beautiful zalupku. I saw that my friend pisechka slowly gaining momentum. I stood in front of the fellow on his knees and took him into her mouth huk. Max groaned. soap hand
I caressed the scrotum, inner thighs stroking, kneading the buttocks, without ceasing to process language already got stronger member Max. The second hand, apart rolls, found curled ring anus, overcoming resistance, soaped finger got inside, and I began to develop it in a circular motion elastic ring. Max arched his back, a little ass sticking out, it lasted a few minutes, I felt that the guy is not far from an orgasm, then I focused all efforts on to make it happen as vividly as possible. I am the one hand firmly gripped zaluplenny member Max, and the second hand began to stroke zalupku around the bridle. A few more efforts and begins to shake Maksikom first orgasm of his life, a powerful jet of sperm hitting me in the face, the whole body tenses up Max, he moans, I keep on hand to masturbate his penis, helping to pour everything through.
I am bringing the Max to the bench and falls to his knees, he still does not know what will happen today. I myself have long been ready for action. Soaping his friend and rests on the point Max.
- A little tighter, so it will be easier - I reassured Man.
Max yells, he is trying to push the wider arms buttocks, I, holding his hips, keep your stick on the pisun, carefully, trying not to cause pain. So I got on the floor length, more, more, Max exclaims, my crotch rests on its delicious rolls. I begin flowing movements vperd- ago, Max, sobbing, writhing in my arms. I hear him whisper: '' Come on, more, more, more .... ''
I hand pisun find my friend and begin to bring it into operation. I have a very fast turns. I do not know how many minutes I fucked this sweet ass, dick in my hand now as stone, Max begins to breathe heavily, his point presses my dick even tighter, I accelerate the movement and try as far as possible to pull her pussy, and then drive it as far as possible .
More little Max screams and begins actively ending, I do a few more movements and I also envelop orgasmic waves. I come to myself lying on Max. My huk still in the ass at Maksikom, I do a few movements that would extend these moments. Then we gently my each other and go into the locker room to relax and drink beer.
I is wrapped with a towel and went, that would bring a TV set, soon had to start football. Then one friend called me, several times I helped her with the service cars, it was a woman of about thirty, terribly weak on the front end, her husband ever earned money on business trips, and she spent them quickly.
After explaining the situation to her, I offered to join us.
Configuring the TV in the dressing room, we started watching football, drinking beer. Ended the first time, we went to the steam room, had a good pohlestat each other with brooms and flushed sat on the top shelf. Suddenly the door opens and the steam comes my friend, Tatiana already skinuvshaya off all my clothes.
-Hi boys! Guests waiting for? And they have already come.
Max closed his surprise treasure hands and silently stared at the newcomer Tatiana.
- Boy I do not need to be afraid, I'm a good aunt. Come on show me what you're hiding? Okay, come on shy, my name is Tatiana, - with these words Tanya climbed to our shelves, and parted his hands Maxim took as in a handshake, his overworked pussy - very, I must say, a decent size.
Max sat still taken aback, our guest went rinsed with cold water, I went after her, help her to be washed away. Out of steam Max. He looked looked beautiful body Thani. There was something to see, stroynenkie legs, thighs ... the steep, beautiful white ass, not big, but very beautiful breasts. Nowhere is there not a bit of fat or cellulite marks.
- A boy approaches touch it, enjoy it, it's all yours now vecher.- Tatiana lay back on the bench, his legs wide apart. Maxim was resting his eyes on the wonderful picture, as always around the vagina at my friend, everything was neatly shaved, her pussy already invitingly oozing juice.
-Kiss me there, today you will be the first. it is not necessary to think about prevention. Begin, I can not wait ....
Max got up on my knees in front of this flower, and glared at him with a kiss. I began to quietly masturbate his pussy, she instantly suffused and petrified,
Maxim vengeance processed Tanya's slit tongue, the girl had started up, and now it is almost a boy stuck his head into the vagina itself. But she pulled the guy over, Maxik lay down at the girl, I helped him huyku determine the direction of Tanya lifted her foot on the lower back of Max and began to set the pace of movement. Man licking lips breast partner. In order not to miss, I lathered hands and began to develop anal hole our Tanya.
A few minutes later Max's body was tense, I put him in the ass finger and began to slowly massage the prostate, for the full experience, Maxim natural growled with pleasure, and even after a few minutes the guy profusely finished.
-Come closer to me, - I commanded Tanya - I take in my mouth.
Max stood crustaceans over the girl's head, and she took the remains of a sperm.
I changed the Max on the lower half of the body of Tanya. I already knew that Tanya really like rough intercourse, my cock abruptly moved the entire length of the vagina, my hands crushed curvy buttocks girl, Max, already excited by the new-and drove from the heart in her mouth. Attracted waves of orgasm, that's more, more, recent movements, Tanya, clever, she felt that I'll finish, and strained muscles of the vagina, creating better conditions for my body. All! I'm starting to irrigate Tanya's bosom, but do not stop coarse movements, body writhing beneath me, and a little more chut girl, spitting out of his mouth apparatus of our tireless young friend, he starts to shout, it always ends up noisily. Thank God like no neighbors, no one nor the other.
Opolosnuvshis, go relax in the steam room. Tireless Max keeps his hands to explore all the hidden corners of the female essence. Tanya he actively helps. I'm going to inspect the football, we played in a draw. It's a shame, but this is not important. We sat down to play cards, the rules are simple: who came to the ace of diamonds to make a wish, who came to the ace of spades. Lucky lady. Max enthusiastically treats her anus language. I liked them both. Then luck is on the side of youth. Tatiana leans, rests his hands on the wall and Maxim attacks only that they licked the ass. He has such a head that I have to reassure him a little. Looking at all this from the outside, I feel a rush of desire, I unfold Tatiana face him and she, knowing without words, it makes me a blowjob.
Then, having washed finally go to sleep. I inflates the bed, placed her and almost instantly chop off, tomorrow a new day- new joy.