I am Natasha, a slim brunette with shoulder-length hair. I arrived at his Peugeot 206 to visit her friend, I was wearing my favorite short denim skirt and scarlet velvet blouse with sleeves mesh. My friend lived in a new house with underground parking, in fact there I decided to leave my car.
Coming out of the car, I saw two nice young men, to change a wheel on a car that was nearby.
I looked at them and they came to me, saying: What a beautiful woman red color of the clothes very well with blue Peugeot, said one. I smiled widely and said flirtatiously thanks.
Then the first took my palm in his hands and said: "Peter, look what beautiful hands of our new friend". To which I replied: "Does your new friend is even more beautiful legs" and slightly raised edge of the skirt, putting on display their already open legs. Peter fell to his knees and kissed my thigh. My heart beat faster and my stomach something hot immediately sank.
I so wanted to caress once two beauties that I turned to the first and said quietly: "I'm Natasha, and the name of you?" "Alexey".
I kissed him on the lips, he did not let go and hugged my palm for the priest, pressed her to him. I felt CURRENT. Peter, at this moment, kissing, rising higher and higher on the leg. I was ready to do anything at this point.
My hand slid on his stomach Alexei through the clasp of his shirt and began to stroke his belly, I could not see but could feel the strong muscles of his press.
Alexei not looking up from my lips began to lift my blouse. Accidentally hitting my nipples, it caused such a storm of feelings that I began to moan. Then Petrushka lifted the skirt on my stomach, tore my panties and began to lick my pussy. Then my mind shut down, I just became a cat, a cat that take two cats. My CIMS licked gently, gently caressing my breasts and kissing me throwing more and more into the maelstrom of passion.
To Peter was easier, I sat on the hood of the car and opened her legs wider.
At some point, I wave of orgasm swept over me and I was roughly finished. Then he shoved both of them and said - stop, let's different. After that, I quickly pulled off their jeans to his knees and began to masturbate and suck a member of a member of another. Then I began to suck a member of the first and the second member to masturbate, then I swap them back ... They were silent, and only moaned. Whose dick in a moment I sucked I did not even know, I just gave it all. Feeling that both have finished here now, I can barely shoved both terms in his mouth and began to lick them and suck them, I almost hands clutched their testicles. They finished almost simultaneously. I would not let them at least until the drop of semen flowed from them.
I'm tired.
Stood up and said - go, I need to freshen up. They said that they will be happy to meet me in the garage or anywhere else again.
Then they left, and did not change a wheel. I caught her breath, her hair, adjusted her clothing and makeup, and then went to visit a friend.
The evening started out just fine.