With Tanya and Seryoga we've known for many years, often celebrate holidays together. So this time we came together to celebrate the birth of Seryoga.
The evening went great, ate, drank, laughed and danced. The children had been sent in advance by grandmothers, so that you can rest easy, and what contributed to a decent amount of alcohol stored up Seryoga. We all have been "preheated" When midnight Tanya decided to free the table from the excess, leaving only drinks and snacks. Seryoga my Svetlana went to the balcony to smoke, and I decided to help a little Tanya, it is very kind of her was miserable. So, standing in the kitchen, wiping the dishes and chatting with Tanyuha not what, I suddenly realize that smoke break our "halves" somehow delayed. I must say that I started to notice that lately Seryoga on my Light somehow uneven breathing. Notifying the spouse, I heard in response to an official statement about her loyalty and hot declaration of love. The reason for the jealousy of his wife gave me a little, saying that it is enough me. But the drunk state of light in the bed worked wonders and this passion that from it and prla me terribly wound up and at the same time a little frightened. She grew bolder and were ready, I think, a lot. In its 36 and after the two children she looked amazing: tall, slim, with a gorgeous breasts third the size and black as pitch hair. In short, it is quite understand those men, drawn to her attention. Tanya, in turn, was quite nice on the face, had small breasts, no such growth, as my wife, blonde wavy hair and beautiful thighs, running into a funky ass fitted by this evening narrow trousers. So wiping the dishes and admiring Tanyukhin ass, I quietly pondered what is happening right now on the balcony, not exactly knowing, but knowing the reason for the delay Seryoga and light in this time, Tanya went to the room with clean glasses and stood there rooted to the spot, eyes wide. The light in the hall of our smokers going out to the balcony, as unnecessary extinguished and the room was dimly lit only from the kitchen, so what is happening on the balcony (and there was burning a few candles) was pretty good seen and tannins from the expression on his face it was clear that she sees clearly not what we would like. I put the towel aside, turned off the light in the kitchen and quietly walked back to numb Tanyuha. A gift of speech had something to lose! Our pious, merged in a passionate kiss, forgot about everything! Seryoga Svetlanin kissing lips, eyes, neck, do not forget to stroke his chest and swollen obviously not from the night chill nipples. My wife, Coiled arms around his neck, with no less passion responded to his kiss.
- What do we do? - I asked Tanya had collapsed voice.
- First, put the glasses on the table - I said, afraid that it would crush emotion thin glass.
Follow my advice, Tanyuha could not tear his eyes away from what is happening on the balcony. I stood behind her, put his hands on her waist, gently pulled her to him and leaned toward her eyelet said:
- We have three options: a) we break on the balcony, you cling light in the hair, I break Seryoga nose and we scatter to their homes, b) we'll organize a strong competitor to the other pair, and are engaged in the same things we are busy they are but warm and on the couch, or c) we quietly enter the balcony and join these pigeons.
- But that will gangbang! - Tanya whispered.
Her excitement perehodeschee in small tremors, I clearly felt his hands.
- It turns out, - I replied.
After thinking for a few seconds, Tanyuha whirled me. In her view, I realized that the option of a) is winding down, but was struck and I liked it even more the answer:
- Option b), - she said, looking me in the eye and, after a moment, added quietly - and then c).
Then, with a feline agility he grabbed my neck, and fastened on me, throwing his feet me and again looking into my eyes glared at my lips. Kissing her passionately and expertly, it was clear that it was a factory. Her gentle, soft lips might bring to mind any and agile reed dance in my mouth some rapid dance, which was dizzy and his legs gave way. I stroked her back, stopping at "cat place" On her ass, down below all I reached her womb: they all glowed! Sitting on the sofa, I almost removed from Tanya yourself, giving yourself the opportunity to get to her chest, and was instantly pooschrn her weary sigh and solidified as cherry nipple. Slipping his hand under her, I touched her crotch. Through the thin fabric pants I unerringly felt her swollen labia and nezamedlil mash them lightly at the same time rubbing the place where the clitoris. Look Tanya quite blurred and I felt the moisture slowly emerges through the thin fabric of her trousers. Then, thinking about our spouses, we decided to go to the last part of our plan. The guys on the balcony already managed to break away from each other, not paying attention to us, but continued to stand so close that everything that happened 5 minutes ago it was obvious.
- Stop smoking, let's go dancing! - Tanya said, opening the door to the balcony.
On the slow track, and he took me by the hand pressed his whole body towards me. From the balcony, holding hands, we went to our spouses and joined us.
I decided to have a drink and began to pour drinks, and Tanya, taking advantage of a moment clung to the other pair, embracing the Light in one hand and put it on her belly, while putting the other arm Seryoga on his chest. They looked great threesome! Especially our girls, fused together. Tanya slowly began to lift my pen, getting to Sveta's chest. My wife's excitement has not yet subsided, so Tanya quickly found the hard nipple and began to play with it, while from time to time gently squeezing the breasts of my wife's gorgeous. Light it looks like, t. To. She closed her eyes and panting Seryoga put her head on his shoulder.
- What she has great breasts! - Tanya said, referring to the Seryoga.
- That touch, much more than me!
- Can i? - Seryoga asked expectantly at me.
- Can! - Light answered me and put Seregin palm on his chest, covering her nipples sticking out cheekily.
- And you let my husband is also the possibility of something to compare, - she said to Tanya and naklonivshes to it, kissed her on the lips.
Then, turning to Seryoga, she pulled her blouse over her head and eagerly dug into his mouth. Turning to me, Tanya followed her example, while taking a step even further than her friend took off immediately after the blouse and bra. I looked at the beautiful breasts, nipples crowning solid.
- Getting over, - he told me Tanya, took another step toward me.
Twice did not have to ask me. I picked up this beauty in your hands, covering Tanya's neck and shoulders with kisses. Everything that happens wildly excited and my petrified member rushed out, intending to see the show with his one eye. I caught a glimpse of that light is almost naked in some thong pulls off Seryoga jeans and a predatory look in his swimming trunks sticking out under the member, burning with desire. At this time, Tanya managed to shake off the remnants of clothes and started like make with me. When she released me from the heats, involuntarily gasped: before her eyes rose from my humming voltage ... dick sizes which even I was surprised today. Sat me down on the sofa, Tanya gently stroked my trunk, her tongue fluttered around the purple head, it closed its jaws, and I plunged into her hot mouth. Seryoga felt the same as I was, standing in the middle of the room, holding his head, Svetlana, who selflessly made him a blowjob. Suddenly Tanyuha jumped on me, sent my penis in the vagina and raspalnnoe roar sank, throwing back his head. And then I began this jump! I kneaded her breasts, twisting her nipples and admired this fury, all stronger than the plant, I was seen as a slide her swollen labia on my cock, leaving traces of its juices. Light Seryoga laid beside me and immediately went into her vagina expiring. As a team we started with Sveta passionately kissing.
Tyatyana jumped on me like crazy, Seryoga pecked furiously moaning beneath the Light and I am happy to hold Tanyuha hips, spitted on my dick and kissed the Light. Deciding to help a little Tanya, I touched her clitoris and rubbed it. Effect it was instant: Tanya, opening wide his eyes and took a deep breath, started screaming to stop.
It was a stormy and wild orgasm, which cost me a couple of scratches on his chest. Looking at his wife, Seryoga started to pour in with the roar of his seed Svetlana. She, too, was almost on the verge, but a little bit it's still not enough. Noticing this, Tanya jumped with me, shoved exhausted Serega aside and pressed her lips to the oozing vagina of my wife, licking the cocktail of love juice Sergei and Sveta. Taking advantage of the moment, I was attached to Tatayane back and holding her hips directed his cock in her pussy. About this situation, I have dreamed for a long time and getting away from it all great fun, now had Tatiana, enjoying the fact that she got up with my wife. Svetlana from the unusual situation was confused at first, but then in anticipation of something new relaxed and leaned back. Tanyuha got up as his tongue such wonders, climbing into the most secret corners Svetlankinoy pussy, fingering clit swollen that light have quite a short time and arched arc, she experienced the strongest orgasm. God, how beautiful it is in these moments! Such a spectacle effect on me is always the same: I rush for his wife. And now, feeling that too rolls orgasm on me, I began to move faster, squeezing Tanyukhin buttocks tight and discharged in a jet of seed Tatiana. It was great! We tumbled down exhausted on the sofa, gently kissing their wives, they just smiled and looked happy as ever. Then we went in pairs in the shower, then lightly dressed, continued to feast. We sat and drank cocktails and chatted about all sorts of things. When we went to sleep, Light asked not hurt me if I'm on it for such courage?
- But we are with you like it? - I answered with a question.
- Yes, it was great! - She replied.
From the next room could be heard moaning and Tatiana dimensional creaking bed. Exchanged glances with his wife smiled and we merged in a gentle potselue.