Today, July 25, you're leaving. Permanently. As many as 2 weeks we did not see each other. Unbearable to know that tomorrow, the day after tomorrow you will already over 2000km away. Long away. Parting ... It's so hard. It's hard when you love. You have not yet gone, and I have the third day of a stream of tears. I do not want to cry, I'm tired already, sore eyes and face swollen, but I can not help myself. After all, we have never been apart since we met. Neither you nor I ... we both days could not live without each other, and now this!
You comfort me. Embrace, tenderly stroking her back and asks him not to cry. Why did I start to cry even more, no longer holding back emotions.
It took probably 10 minutes ...
A little calm down, you want to look at me, I hide my eyes. No, I'm not ashamed, just do not want, what would you see my tears and upset.
- You're soon come, right? - I ask a silly question, and, after a pause, continue as if your answer - You come and everything will be fine, and we'll never part.
But thoughts are changing, again, imagine that you are going away and the pain again. Wild, piercing the heart, the pain. Somewhere inside all compressed rolls to the throat lump of bitterness ... At my cheek tear rolled down and fell on your shoulder and not slowing down became absorbed in the jacket. You pressed closer against me to him and I feel like shaking your hands.
- It's time to ... - you sigh.
- Yes you need this Moscow ?! - I was sobbing. - Do not be together ... to go to the next year, for example. When we both would have been on vacation ...
You're a little step back and you give me an envelope.
- What is it? - I am perplexed
- Discover the 28th in the morning - I try to keep a smile on your face - It's our day, remember?
- Yeah - again all within compressed and tears are torn out, - Our day ... but we do not hold it together.
- I do not like parting ... - thoughtfully pronouncing you.
- Hmm ... no one likes ... - as I say thoughtfully.
Ever wonder why the so inexorably flies when it's not needed ... and when you need to, it went faster, it (time) as though asleep and stretches painfully long !?
And now ... It seems to me we have another five minutes, maybe. But you're looking at the clock, you say that you are late by 15 ...
You put your arms around me, whispering in your ear about how much you love me and that will be terribly bored. Kiss, another ... what a strange feeling ... something between the first and the last. You carefully, one might even say timidly, touching my lips, in between talking about love again. Although the word here absolutely nowhere ... They are somehow becomes more painful and sad. I love you and do not want to give up even for a second! And you're leaving ... far and long. Even in the head does not fit, that tonight I will have to spend alone. And tomorrow morning ... you do not chmoknesh me on the cheek and say, "Good morning sunshine"... And I have to drink coffee alone. And you do not call me a lunch break. And no one will please your culinary skills for dinner. From these thoughts is not alone, I want to turn into something small, greyish, hide in some corner and wait until it's all over.
Time! Again time! You take the bag, open the door, kiss me in the temple and go. Going down the stairs, looking at me, I wink, they say, everything is fine, and the rest of anything do not think. I close the door, and the tears start pouring waterfall. Sliding down the wall. Just one question scores my whole head "Why". Why is that? Sharp rise. Somehow, suddenly I wanted to run after you, ask forgiveness for all the mistakes, to say that I love, hug, kiss ...
All night I cried, not knowing why. It seems to be all right. You're just going to rest. Besides, if you look, 2 weeks - this is not long. Plus, we love each other and you're sure to come back. I was just unbearably painful and heart seemed torn into small pieces.
July 28 th, in the morning, I opened the envelope, which was a card and a letter ... "Hello, Zai! You are my sunshine! Shoot 2 weeks we'll never see each other. On the one hand 2 weeks - a little, but on the other - time goes so slowly when we are not together. This is a test. But we will cope with it. I know you're waiting for me, and love, and you know that I will return to you, hug, kiss ...) Damn, would soon! I love you so much! Even pinches the heart of what I can not see you now and I will not see for another two weeks. Do not think that in Moscow, I find myself someone or change and fall out of love. It's impossible. I have no one but you do not need! I can not imagine life without you. I love you very much to give you up. You have only one. The most beautiful, clever, cute, charming, sweet ... just super !!! I'm so glad I have you. It is you, not someone else. I'm just happy that we found each other. Here I lived, not knowing you, and so would not know love - the greatest value of life. Well, would not the bad. We're together, and love each other.
And everything will be fine. I do not know why you love me, but I'm very glad you're with me, you prefer to be with me and not with anyone else. I though you feel happy ...) I want to explain to you how much I love you, but I can not. Or vocabulary small or my love for you is just indescribable. No one can love more. It just can not be, there's nowhere stronger. My love for you is the biggest, highest, gentle, clean, frank ... most-most, as much as possible and not possible. I just can not have without you, without your love. I need you! Like water, like air, like a cool breeze in the summer or warm in the cold wave. My love for you - it is I myself and do me from you not to get to (yes I do and do not want) I know that in Moscow I always will think of you, of your beautiful eyes, soft lips, gentle, playful hands, charming face. I just melt from the memories of you ... immediately weakness throughout the body. How can I do without you? You'll always be in my heart. Although we swear sometimes quarrel ... I do not love you less. And I will love you forever. You do not love impossible. You - my life, destiny, joy, my happiness, you're just my ... I adore you ..."