When I was little, then our neighbor on the site was a military. Officer obschevoyskovik. His image is imprinted with the time: a shapely, toned body, beautiful shape, shiny boots and excellent manners. He always greeted first, even to me, a decade soplyuhoy.
All my life I have remained indifferent to the military. This man is for me one who wears a military uniform. I just melt from the high military, if it is naturally athletic. I like strong hands, accustomed to military work, includes a narrow waist belt, emphasizing the development of breasts and slim hips. It excites me a unique smell - a mixture of sweat odors, tobacco, weapons and shoe grease. This "the spirit of the barracks" drives me crazy ... But in his native Hill enjoy it impossible.
Now I'm a grown woman, not without intelligence, he helped his father in the business. So, this summer, I received from him the task to organize a number of contracts in the Primorsky Territory. And together with our economist - a lady of forty - we drove around the entire south of the country. Were in the open, Sanchane, Nikolsky, did not spare the beautiful islands in the Gulf of St. Paul. Everywhere was lovely, especially liked the South Port - the capital of this land. These hills and its bay ... and night city just conquered me.
And here in South Port, I was able to afford it, that is absolutely impossible Hill.
At the airport we met the South with a young naval officer. He helped us get to the hotel, when we parted agreed to meet the next day.
After completing our commercial business, accompanied by a voluntary guide went to a recognized local holiday destination - Azure Bay.
My sailor was very impatient. On the beach, at the sight of me in a bathing suit, it is noticeably excited. I saw his melting literally pop from the penis head. He almost dragged me by force into the water. Of course, I wanted to carry out their fantasies, but his straightforwardness puzzled.
As soon as we were in the water, he hugged me, sailor's lips passionately clamped my mouth, and I felt like he pulled me from the smelting. he said directly to my question, that he sees no other possibility (and in fact the way it usually happens: the sea is not waiting, the ship can sometimes go to sea quickly and unexpectedly and permanently). And then I felt something huge and includes hot between my thighs. I jumped dramatically, and it turned out to be a member. He was like a stone. It was hot even in cold water. Sharp jerk, I hurt him, and for a moment he let go of me. I instantly took off to the shore in what was left ... a passing car with my lady, we raced off into the city.
In the evening, the phone rang. Our friend tearfully apologized, offered to the world, and when reminded of my bathing suit, I laughed for a long time and barely managed to say that of course he is forgiven, even forgive me, I'm waiting for it and agree to drink the world ... I was ashamed of myself He pushed his dream.
We went up to the room, drank brandy at first for a happy resolution of embarrassment, and then for peace and friendship between male and female people. Then I finally decided that I can realize your fantasies ...
My request to show his "fright" First confused gallant officer by surprise, he even squeezed thighs. But I myself unzipped his pants, and my fingers found a cloth pant hot and pulsating nature. Member of grew on the eyes, and that his head appeared from behind gum, just dangling panties, I saw a classic straight term with large elastic head. Sweaty body to issue a sharp smell, and I smelled richly poured brandy.
The guy was very surprised, but the anticipation of unusual caresses done its job, he spread his legs. I slid his fingers on the trunk member, descended to the scrotum. I felt taut testicles hidden under velvety skin taut. It is at this moment seized my breasts, squeezing them gently and lightly twisting the nipples. It has brought me even more.
Remove the pants, I would not let him, because the shape is more excites me. I profusely poured brandy cock slowly and gently touched the tongue hot handsome head. From fun lieutenant he stood up, and turned out to be a member of itself in my mouth. Now he was not "stone"And elastic dense head gently touched the sky. By helping me, he slowly moved backwards, and I gently compressing head with his lips, tongue licking the channel opening, causing it to wiggle her ass as coals.
So he ends up with a groan of delight, and my mouth filled with thick cum tart. Slowly swallowing, I try to prolong the pleasure. I was saving the last straw for him, and when I give a passionate kiss. He has not tried this initially pulled back, but I reassuringly stroked his chest and is still forced to try ... Cum seemed to have the smell of the sea and was charming! I slowly stroked his hips, feeling a slight tickling the palms of abundant hair skin, covering the body.
My friend pulled me up, I stood over him, and he slid his lips on his chest touched the navel, down, down, and that his lips were caressing the pubis, thighs, tongue dives into the fluff ... and I can not hold on feet. He lies on his back, taking me to the person I'm standing over him on his knees, his tongue slips inside, strong hands squeeze the buttocks, making me flinch at every touch. Feed my passion seizes and carries the waves more ... more ... more ...