I am a normal guy with a completely healthy sexual orientation and corresponding desires and needs. But I have a huge problem. We have a parallel group studies a remarkable girl. Rare beauty, face, figure simply stunning (models see - obzaviduyutsya), besides it smart, learns well and is not a slut, decent, from a wealthy family (rodoki her live in the neighboring town, and only little daughter take off here a small apartment and a regular supply cash).
Many have tried to drive up to her, but somehow it all otshivala. I am also on it and the fuse, do not know why, but I went all the best. At first I, for some time, quietly threw the rod on it, when we were sitting together in companies, and then somehow found themselves together in a nightclub, and she recognized in me the winner of its tender heart. After that walk the city at night, poetry, romance, kisses, and now we find ourselves in her apartment. As soon as he entered the room, she begins to undress me impatiently, tears his clothes, asking if I want it. Why ask if I'm all obkonchalsya is walked. It remains to it a lace underwear and says: "I'm really want you, let's make love, but first you have to meet Michael " - And puts on a sofa teddy bear, large such, the floor height of a man.
My brain creaked so it probably could be heard. And she, saying, " Well, fuck it, well, fuck"It puts the bear in the knee-elbow position and lifts his crotch small slit into which sew something flexible. Here my cock, up to this all night which prevented walking, point wilted. My beauty is not confused, I pulled off my pants, and, continuing the Twitter began to knead and caress my farm. Her hands surprisingly quickly initiated me, and to seize this perspective simpatyulkoy (and I drank for courage), allowed her to drag me into this wild event. She smeared my dick and slit cream bear, and I slowly began to fuck him. And I do this madness and wandering in the head sad thoughts: " where I was".
Feeling so so neither fish nor fowl, one word - a teddy bear. It's like that jerk. And judging by their appearance, I have this bear first. And then my rhythmic movements are interrupted by a heart-rending cry from the side. I turned around, and there in the chair, my tormentor sitting completely naked, his feet on the arms slung, one hand on the chest holds, and the other pulls her pussy violently. Between moans screams to me: "stronger than his fuck! Stronger !!!". I was not thinking that happens, I start to peck bear struggles, and he suddenly zarevt (it is built chants and me it seemed that he had finished).
You imagine yourself in my place, I had to experience. So impotent and become. But the closeness of her exquisite body and masturbate using a bear, led me to the end. Before the eruption of a friend grabbed my tool and sent to the end in his mouth. The whole rest of the night we were engaged in healthy, delicious sex, without the participation of the toy master of the taiga. After such a start we had much closer. At a meeting kisses, after school festivities - crimping, although I have often recalled with horror that I had to endure. A few days later she took me to his home to spend the night. I thought that the case was an isolated, however, and this time it was the same. Please bear with cancer while she was watching, and then later unearthly sex with his girlfriend.
And so it was every time. Even when she was menstruating, she begged me fucking stuffed animals, and she, onaniruya, flooded with blood polkresla. Although then let into his virgin ass, and it was superb. And now she is madly in love with me. All around me terribly envious that I have such a beautiful girl and that I sleep with this miracle, they do not know through what I have to go for it. The relationship we have excellent, and her head is all right: always shows unprecedented logic and intelligence, until I meet with Michael - everything goes awry.
I am convinced of the existence of mental disorders themselves: it is a toy - a fetishist, I mean, it's an animal - I mean zoophyte, and finally, he had a man's name - I mean blue. All my attempts to learn about the meaning of the bear will come across its complete silence and talk about it once in our sex life to her calm that this is just a game that can not fail to please me. The fact is that I gradually fell in love with her, too, and I do not want to part with it. So I rushed in search of the right solution. People! Help me! Advise what to do. On the one hand a great girl, I want her to be always on the other hand have no desire to fuck each time a teddy bear.