It was summer. I just finished the first grade and came to visit my grandmother. She lived in a five-storey panel. On the same landing woman he lived with us. Grandma called her Valya. She was about 35 years old and she lived alone. She had huge thighs and a very large breasts. I kept at it zasmatrivalsya.Kak once grandmother was not at home and I was waiting for her at the door as It had no keys. Then I saw returning from the Valya. She was carrying a huge watermelon. I ask me why I'm sitting here. I answered. Then she suggested to wait at her and at the same time help her to bring a watermelon. Leaving a note for her grandmother we went to her apartment. First we drank tea. Then it came to a watermelon. Watermelon I ate without thinking of the consequences. And the consequences have made themselves felt immediately. I really wanted to use the toilet. But shy to ask. I tolerated until recently. And unable to stand it any longer asked how to get to the toilet. She pointed. The bathroom appeared related. And there was no door latch. I do not attach any value, because she lives alone. From her close then? I lowered his shorts and as they say the process has begun. Suddenly the door opened and entered the toilet sharply Valya. Quickly pulled my shorts with shorts to the knees, he grabbed my hips and forcefully hugged her. I was taken aback. At the same time, I continued to write, the process will not stop. With the fright I was trying to cover up his farm. Finally I finished writing. Valya continued to press me hard to stomach. I stood there and did not know what to do. She let one hand start gently stroking my buttocks, squeezing her slug. This went on for a couple of minutes. Suddenly, she abruptly pulled my shorts with shorts to his ankles, stepped on their leg and grabbed me by the armpits pulled out of them. Bent, picked them up from the floor so as dramatically as entered, came out of the closet. I was frightened. After standing for a few minutes I decided to go. Closing his palms economy entered the hall. She sat on the couch. Trusov shorts was nowhere vidno.Valya told me that if I wanted to get them back, you'll have to do what she tells me. Otherwise, it will give my grandma panties. I did terribly frightened. Now I understand that no one would give her nothing, but then I was really scared. I agreed to it usloviya.My went to the bathroom. I was ordered from now on do not try to hide behind his hands. Remove the shirt and get in the bathroom. She herself remained standing in front of the bathroom. He turned to his back and made lean. That's exactly what I did. She slapped me with a force on the buttocks. She said that I would not hack-work and spread his legs wide and bent down as low as possible. Including warm water and began to pour out my soul. Then she began to lather buttocks. She did it very slowly and gently. I gradually forgot about shame. Warm water and gentle touch to relax. Bringing down gently stroking the buttocks, squeezing them gently, squeezed and pushed. I caught myself thinking that I like it. Gradually her hands peremesilis on the perineum. When she held his hand in the anus area I played goose. I did not know that it is possible to obtain such a pleasant feeling. Valya lathered my testicles and started to roll them gently in his hands. Fingertips gently drove through the gap between the testicles and anus. When her fingers were in the anus area, I could not help trying to catch her anus fingers. Seeing that she slapped me on the ass and said that I would not move. After that, unscrewed from a watering can shower and put on my end of the hose holes. Warm jet flowed into me. Second hand she kept stroking testicles. Such a buzz I have never experienced. My segment was pressed tightly to his stomach. But gradually the water began to overflow me. I was told to keep the hose itself. Stand up to the last and then sit on the toilet. So do as long as I did not go out of clean water. With these words she left. I did everything like I was skazano.Kogda I stepped into the hall he found Valya lying naked on the couch with your feet wide apart. Her baggy buttocks instantly riveted my opinion. I've never seen a naked woman. My cock stood like a stake. I only had time to translate gaze from her crotch to his chest. The nipples were pink and the size of the floor probably with my palm. My heart was pounding, and seemed to jump out of my chest. When she saw me she got up and told me to go to the center of the room, kneel down and lean on your elbows. She herself perched behind me. My knees parted shoulder-width apart. Having greased the palm of how the cream Valya began to rub it in my my "mezhdupopie". It was very nice. Gradually increasing the pressure on the anus. This went on for several minutes. She told me tighter. And as soon as I did that it turned out to be the middle finger in my ass. Val moaned satisfied. I did not even have time to understand. It hurts not, surprisingly. Second hand she patted me on the buttocks, back. Something gently whispering about what my sweet pink ass. What it is soft, and it excites her. She began nadrachiat finger my hole. Alternately changing fingers and changing the tempo. Then she tale that I puffed as much as I can and then ushers the second finger to the hole. But he stubbornly did not want to prolazit. Valya said that I had scored a deep breath and exhaled sharply. As soon as I breathed a sharp pain seared my hole. I cried. But Valya did not think to clean your fingers. With his free hand grabbed my hip and pressed her to him, that I had not escaped. We stood for a moment. The pain gradually disappeared. I stopped struggling. Valya said that I myself moved and thereby regulate the depth of penetration itself. I began to wobble at the knees. Hand it still moved me to a meeting. Soon, fingers plunged into my full-length. When they were in me, Valya rocking them from side to side. When I moved away, she pulled out them from me. And cutting inserts ago. I especially liked it, feel like a ring anus is stretched again and again, and my butt takes a her two fingers. Val said, I have a very soft ass and asked whether not doing so earlier than that, it was too stretched my anus. I said no. Then she went to the kitchen and brought a small carrot. Long it was 15 centimeters and about 1.5 centimeters thick. Without thinking she drove it into me. I did not have time oyknut. As I stuck out only about 5 centimeters. He told me to get up. Carrot crawled back. Then she brought my shorts and told me to put on. Embarked member and sticking carrots greatly hindered to do so. Val said, it was my turn. And yadolzhne will work on its holes. She got on her knees on the floor, leaning on the shoulders, has got his hands back and spread her huge buttocks apart. My eyes appeared her anal hole. That hole. Anus was a huge match for all the ass. He was dark, with a diameter centimeters 3.Valya said I to start properly licked her ass. I fell in behind stuck out his tongue and began to carefully lick. Immediately she stopped me and said I should do it more gently and slowly. Gradually, I got a taste. I liked her ass. I licked, kissed and rubbed his lips. Besides my tight shorts at my slightest movement brought a lot of pleasure by stimulating the penis and will drive deeper morkovku.Valya guided my tongue and said what I tried to stick to the tongue. Hands with force spreading his buttocks I saw her anus slightly open. Here's my tongue slipped inside. Val groaned. I began to fuck her in the ass his tongue, it could benefit protrude far. With one hand, she began to rub the clitoris itself. Suddenly she screamed, bent even more and began to groan. Her ass clenched convulsively. The tongue was pushed out. Val rolls onto its side and breathed heavily .... This was the first female orgasm that I've seen. Few rested she took the former position. Ordered to take the cream and lubricate his hand and try to shove in the ass fingers. I put the first finger. No resistance was not. Inside was a pleasant warmth. I twitched inside the walls and then added two more fingers. This Valea moaning loudly and incessantly plucking at her clit. Little fuck her three fingers, I added a little finger. It was nice to feel like anal ring stretched under my fingers. Her ass was my whole hand. It was only the thumb was out. A couple of minutes later, I kneaded her ass hard. Valya loud zarichala: - Come on! Stick me in the whole hand! What are you waiting! Clasped his hand boat began to enter into the anus. At first it did not work. But gradually the whole brush slipped into its hole. I began to stroke her from the inside, press down on the wall. Val moaned loudly. Taking his hand, I saw that the edges do not touch her anus. Clenching his fist, I began to shove his hand up to the stop and then get. When the arm was completely in her ass, I noticed that the anus is not very tightly grabs my wrist and decided to add a second hand fingers. Gradually, I was able to immerse in warm ass four fingers of his left hand. Next thing stubbornly went. Then I took her hand. I accumulated a lot of cream. Lubricate both hands and her hole again. I must say I was very excited it does not close the anus. I watched as it pulsates and it implies cream. Without thinking I put both hands in the boat, and with the force pressed on the anus. Fingers immediately disappeared into her ass. But then it did not go. Her ass stubbornly did not want to take my hands completely. Nawal all the weight I abruptly pushed his hands forward and they just fell into her ass. I'm even a little taken aback. Val hissed, and said that she was very sick. Asked until you move, wait until her ass privyknet.Podozhdav a minute. I started to get the hand. But it was not there. Then I began to shake hands from side to side. Slightly pulling back and will drive deep into her ass. When I bred elbows to the side, he saw a dark crevice between her anus wrists. Pulling her arms stretched anal ring out of my hands. All of this is very exciting to me. Shorts were very narrow and too much rubbing my cock. Carrot I drove deeper and deeper, resting it on the floor. And I felt that I finish. Yeah. This orgasm I have not experienced, but masturbated regularly as I can remember. Nothing wondering pleasure, I fell on Valya, and the hands were parted to the side, stretching her anus to impossible dimensions. Valya shouted, my hands were squeezed. Her anus began convulsively compressed. Creek fell to wheeze. Val rolls onto its side, my hands were still in it. With one hand, she squeezed the nipple itself, while the other four fingers were in her vagina. She rolled her eyes and mouth wide open as if gasping for breath. Hands slipped from her. After taking a rest. She said that I just clever, but my work is not over yet and I need to work on her second dyrochkoy.Pervaya hand slipped into the vagina without any problems, but the second one again, did not want to be placed there. Having learned from experience, I have acted boldly. Within a few minutes, both hands were inside her vagina. The pope was much closer. Valya was lying on his back. Widely spreading the legs apart. She hands squeezed her breasts. Taking one hand I strongly introduced in the ass. Val gasped. It was very nice to feel your hands through the partition. Few massaged both her holes, Valya said that because it is small in one hand. She sent me to the kitchen for milk bottles. I was told to lubricate it with cream and stick it in the ass. That's exactly what I did. It was a bit difficult to push through bottomed forward, but her anus after my hand was ready to accept, and not so. Bottle entered her ass well. Several times I wiggled bottle in Valya pope.Zatem two hands I have placed in the vagina. It was a bit difficult to get them to stick, interfered with the bottle. But I came out and it. I struggled to apply pressure on the walls, especially the wall that separated me from the bottle. This Valya survive long could not. He caught me by the neck, it is strongly pressed my face to the clitoris and ordered to lick it. Before I could spend more time and on her clit as my hand very tightly. Val gave a cry. She began to squirm. He dug his nails his chest. This went on for maybe ten seconds, no less. I pulled out of her hands. Bottle she took herself. After lying just a few minutes with his eyes closed and was breathing heavily. Recovering Valya said that I took off shorts, lay back and spread her legs. Pulling out of me a carrot, she abruptly introduced to me at once and pressed two fingers inside to the testicles. My standing segment entirely disappeared from the mouth is not. I had quite a few frictions and finished. It was not an ordinary orgasm when masturbating. Fingers in the priest gives the unique feeling. Orgasm is poured over the body from the anus. And the mouth can not be compared with his hand. Many years have passed but still I prefer, what would I do blowjob only with fingers in anuse.Potom we went to the bathroom to wash. After that I have been awarded shorts. At the exit Val said she would come back tomorrow for her. If I refuse, then she tells the grandmother. How was I naive, it is clear that it would be this would not do. But it would have come in any case. To experience this again! This can only mechtat.Ona said that I would come every day. What would I myself cleaned before the arrival of the soul with the help of today. In parting, she kissed me on the lips and slipped into my mouth my tongue. It was my first real kiss. I like to feel in my mouth a stranger yazyk.Leto just beginning.