Spring - a rotten time, hit the key hormones and energy (sexual), ready to splash out on someone less suitable. Often I think that rather than throw it time to study and rush with a beer looking for a suitable object to discharge accumulated over time from last spring, frustration, and such is stored regardless of the quantity and quality of the girls were with you during this time.
In addition, you get older with every spring, more will know the fun of this life that can defuse your strength, and all the more eager to consolidate the already acquired skills and fill up your still inadequate arsenal of gags of this life, and this can be done only through persistent practice.
Remembering about the movement of blood in the body, you catch yourself thinking that you have sufficient discharge steam legs- average quality and curvature, a hole of any size (even no longer frightened by the prospect of eggs falling through, or vice versa, the prospect of obstruction of the body adjacent to the eggs) waist- desirable noticeable, but not dimensionless, steam grudey- least -8, 8 though, and it is desirable not rot- stinks. The thought little trezveesh and reaching front legs become a breeding ground for cellulite and is not the object of attention and salivation. But after a moment, and you are again ready to fuck the little low, plump and breastless Woman least in the mouth, even in the back, at least for the intended purpose. It seems that this is a desperate situation, but here comes this angel in human form, this girl, about which you dreamed of, and in the summer, and autumn, and winter and spring just ready to do anything in order to find out if she has a birthmark on the right buttock, or sit on her panties and bra. You start to undress her with his eyes, but do it in a special way, with the inevitable tenderness and deliberation. If all the previous women you once represented in orgasm, then here you are even afraid to rush things.
And here it begins. You spend it slow look from head to toe, the benefit it can not see your eyes and you will you use it. You look at her shoes size 38, and imagine what sort of charming little fingers. Then you slowly, as if assessing treats her feet once more convinced of their ideal. Chornye stockings only decorate these lovely legs, and add them to a special spice and mystery. High shin, knee and hip amazing, do not let you rest, forcing the blood in your veins run faster, causing heart starts pounding insecure, fearing his knock to get her attention. You collect all his will together, tear off your eyes from the couple devilishly beautiful legs and look at her eyes, which would once again make sure that she does not notice you. Satisfied pile unnoticed you decide to watch her ass. My God, you have not seen this. Short light skirt, rising at the slightest breath of wind, barely covers her black panties. You're lucky, and during the next gust of wind, you noticed black lace, hiding the fact that long ago, makes you mad. It takes a moment and your eyes slowly slide down her slender waist in an elastic, a little flawed breast. Deep neckline allows you to see at least part of her lovely breasts. You realize that her chest is ideal, and you feel a rush of wild passion, noticing her elastic nipples, which create a kind of elevation on her chosen, as if specially for the information you crazy clothes.
Do you know her name, but you can not say a word to her, all efforts undertaken earlier, led only to your redness and a silly grin.
After detailed study of all the details of her figure you already can not stop your imagination. You think you're going in the empty compartment, approaching evening, and the sun had acquired distinctive orange-red color. Outside the window coupe swim lakes and forests, you admire them, when suddenly I heard a timid knock at the door of your compartment. You Strictly speaking the door opened and suddenly from behind the door it appears. She was scared to stay overnight alone in his compartment, and she asks you to shelter it from itself. You agree. She was not giving his joy closes the compartment door of the castle, and is suitable for you. Your heart starts pounding in unison with her sweet heart. She sits down next, and you feel that your lucky day today. Everything happens very naturally and easily. She shyly kisses you and you gently hugging her feel the warmth of her thighs, chest and the whole body. You slowly remove her her blouse and gently kiss her neck first, then shoulders and chest.
She starts to undress you, and you completely give her initiative. It takes a moment and you're lying on a shelf compartment, and it is like a fairy fairy hovers over you. You are lifted and you put it in its place, then slowly removes her skirt and convinced that he was right, her panties are made up of seductive black lace. After the skirt comes the stocking. You shoot them, gently turning and parallel covering every centimeter of her perfect feet gentle kisses. You feel a certain lack of confidence, and she felt it, it helps you to cope with the last piece of her toilet, and direct your energy in the right direction. Feeling confident in their actions and strong support on the part of you completely surrender to the feelings and merge with it in a bit primitive, but a great passion. The sun casts on the ground last ray, passing the night of their rights.
Suddenly you notice that she looks at you, and quickly go out of their dreams, looking away to one side. But how would you like to see her in a moment of bliss, and after it, you generally ready all the time to see her, awakening and before going to sleep in your arms and just walking down the street, in the movies and in the theater, in a dream and in reality, you're it you want to constantly and you do not need anything in return. You're even willing to give his life for the night with her.
One day, and walking down the street, you meet her. She walks up to you and wants to meet you, because your friends have decided to keep. What are you doing? You say that in a hurry and you can not talk to her. It's always, your robkost you again let down. You know that it will never come to you and you're not able to make the first move, but maybe it's for the best, let imagination do not disappear, because in them is much more beautiful than in life.