He was a guy of her dreams. And it even seemed that he pays attention to it. And then one evening:
- Hey, Julia, - there was a tube in her familiar voice - how about we go to the park today? Walk? I'll come for you.
- Great! Just my parents went to the cottage for a week and I'll sit all night alone. I agree. Zayed me 8.
- OK!
Julia was dressed all in white and perfumed spirits exciting. She came out of the house five minutes to 8. Its expensive car drove up to his house at exactly 8 Julia and Igor were classmates and learned in grade 11, but his father was a businessman Igor, and could afford to buy his son an expensive foreign car. Sitting in his Audi, she felt that he wanted from her.
- You know, Igor, we both know what the outcome of this evening, but I want to warn you - I .. I .. virgin ..
The unexpectedness of Igor hit the brakes and threw it on the windshield.
- Damn, well, why is it so right .. I'll take you back.
- No no no!!! I want this. Moreover, I want you to be my first man!
- Another surprise. I thought you despise me.
- If I despise you, I would not have agreed to go with you to the park. I now propose to go to the bar, have a drink, and then to me. Parents will not be for a week. Deprivation of my virginity can last all week. Do you agree?
- Yes, - he said, and slowly began to stroke her leg above the knee.
After two hours, pretty drunk at the bar, they burst into her apartment.
- I want you right now - whispered in her ear, Igor.
Instead of answering, she kissed him passionately on the lips. She led him into her bedroom, not stopping to kiss him, and he was on his way with her pulling off her white dress. They fell onto the bed and began to undress each other. Finally, he was completely naked with protruding member of the stake, and she stayed in shorts, he pulled off her teeth.
He slowly began to cover her body with hot kisses, from which she breathed heavily. Finally, he got to her pussy and began to lick her juices, which were already very much. Then he put there first one finger, then 2, and she moaned softly.
- Be patient, be a little painful.
Finally, he took aim and went into it. On the floor the way he felt the barrier and put pressure barrier broke. Julia arc arched her back and screamed in pain.
- Well well well! It hurts to be no more!
He gradually began to increase the pace and soon felt that the finish. He took his dick out of her and began to finish it. When he finished, he plopped down on the bed beside her.
- And now I'll give you a pleasant, - she said.
She slowly got up and started to suck his cock, which immediately stood up. She sucked great. At first she sucking and swallowing it into the egg, then she licked his cock at the base, rising higher and higher, and after 10 minutes she was playing with his prick.
- Baby - you .. well .. .. was a virgin. How do you .. so .. umeeeeesh - he asked panting with pleasure.
- I was a virgin, but not a nun!
After her excellent blowjob he quickly finished, but apparently did not stop there. He put her cancer and began to fuck so that their thighs were fighting with such force that turned red after a few minutes. Julia screamed like crazy. This time he did not bother to take out her term and finished it right in the gut. Then he collapsed next to her and she to a pleasant pain squeezed his cock in cam. In this position they fell asleep.
Waking up, they continued their job and doing it all week ...