I met him on the Internet.
I do not know that it was this, but when he said he would not mind to meet him in the city, I was broke. On the train, I did not understand exactly what I need and what I achieve. Just I went, because after talking with him my panties get wet dreams were unforgettable. I have not seen a photo of him, he could not see mine. We were attracted to each other for a year, and finally! I'm going! I recognized him immediately: I'm like a dog smelled it. I saw his eyes and felt naked in front of him. We greeted each other, and after a couple of sentences about the weather just silent. It seemed to me that we have all discussed. The door closed behind me quietly, almost in a whisper shelknuli locks. I took off my coat. We made eye contact, and before me swam thousands, millions of characters of our conversations, I have decided that there is no need to pull. Today I play in any games. He must have read my mind or thought as well. After 2 seconds, eloquent silence, he lashed out at me and started to pull off my clothes. He tore her blouse and kissed her neck, biting my ears and scratching his back rastegivaya bra. I rastegivat buttons of his shirt quickly, as if to do it every day. His hands were hard and breath-hot. He rushed at me like an animal, moaning, panting and chat in the hallway turned my face to the wall.
She lifted her skirt, panties SPUS knee and hugged me with his right hand slightly bent. At that moment I realized that belongs to him as any who ever. Using your fingers, he felt my lips and parted them. His cock was strict, but very cozy. He broke into my one push, but I was so wet that hardly felt its size. He fucked me sharply, hungrily. Compresses palm buttocks, biting his shoulders, he said I-bitch and that he will show me who I am. And I knew I -pohotlivaya whore. And I loved it. Like the way he was breathing in my ear, and how mercilessly pierced me. I loved sex with him. All my life I was waiting to have sex with him. And he could smell it. With the speed of light, he had me, and my legs gave way and I growled like a tigress. Then he groaned very sweet, took out his cock and cumshot on my skirt. Then he asked to lick his penis and testicles. I wanted to do and I ended up with pleasure to be his litter, his whore. He hugged me and brought into the hall. Curtain colors of rotten cherries, black sofa, soft carpet. I liked it all. And I do not remember his name looking at the naked body of my new host. He made me a cancer on the couch and knelt began to lick me. my clit, my lips. I put your finger in the ass, where no one else was. But today, my body was very hospitable. I languidly breathed and moved to meet him. Well, bitch, you want me?
I just moved her lips and could not say no sound. I was shaking. I said I wanted it, and he asked to prove it. He handed me a jelly. I smeared all his anus and pushed deep into a little Vaseline. He took out a video camera and said he wanted to withdraw my defloration priests. I walked over to the couch and leaned forward so that my hands touch the floor. He came and started to beat my buttocks hurt, then took the belt and I screamed in pain. His cock rested against me. And I closed my eyes. It was scary and unknown. Only now I realized the power of his penis, he tore my gut, pulled her over. I screamed in pain and pleasure. And he ruthlessly tore me. Then I spread her legs a bit. He told me to masturbate, and led the camera between my legs. I finished almost immediately. From the vagina flowed, he laughed and fucked me. Then he took out his penis and anus fingers opened. He began to spit, then again slapped on the ass and finished right in the hole. Heat spilled inside me, I'm finished with it. While he was resting, I was in the shower. When I returned to the room, he turned on me, tied my hands, tossed on the bed. On the table I was waiting for me a set of incomprehensible things. He introduced me to the vibrators of various sizes, I was humming and moaning. When at the same time in the ass and pussy something moves, it unforgettable. He szhmal my nipples as long as they do not chenille. I beat my ass until I no longer feel pain. I ran and ran. Excitation become chronic. It seemed to me that I continuously finish all the time. And he fucked my mouth, finished on my face, allowed to lick his penis, when I begged him, he again tore up my ass, introduced in my vagina all fingers. I masturbate my clit. I liked this hell. I do not recognize myself. I wanted to prove to him that he's my boss. I asked him to pee in my ass. Became cancer, arched back, he took a thick faloimitator and introduced him to me. I stood there for about 10 minutes, and when he took it out, my ass was opened. As a flower vase deep, and he filled it with their water. I wanted to cry with pleasure. And he was not very talkative. ONLY brutally she took me and scolded dirty.
Then, I began to thrust into the hole the ice, very unusual =) When, by chance, I cried too loudly, he ordered me to lie down on the floor belly down and began to advance on the chest. A tip of the nipple carefully smeared on the floor. We fell asleep just before dawn. But on the way to the station, I gave him a blowjob in the car. The compartment was empty, we were closed, he lowered my panties and inserted into the anus of a short but fat dildo. And he commanded me not to take it out all the way. When the announced departure, he eagerly kissed my lips, and said it will be looking forward to me yet. And I said nothing. He himself knew that I will definitely be back.
The train started, ran past the trees, houses, people, but to my eyes it was a gorgeous cock. And I wanted so much to return soon to suck it to the bottom. Polly moaned with pleasure. I was absolutely happy. I wanted to come back to him.