Southern summer night. Through the open window came the sultan's palace muffled whisper of the wind in the palm leaves and languid sighs of the sea. You're lying on silk sheets and carelessly embracing his first and only wife. It's me.
We just made love, and our inflamed body has not had time to cool down. I clap your hands, the door opened and one of the girl: kitayanochka very young, almost a girl, she is no longer 13-14 years. It is only transparent tunic through which shines already fully formed body. Before she rolls a small table on wheels. Her eyes do not dare to climb up. She kneels down and picks up his hands, palms forward in a sign of submission. I gave her a sign, she rolls up a table near the bed, and you can see it a few small towel, a basin with scented liquid and anything else covered with a sheet. Again, I made a sign, and she dutifully takes a towel, dip it in the bowl, press a little and starts wiping your spreader. I say that it has bought in the market today especially for you. Your eyes widen in surprise, you did not expect such a gift from me, because I'm always jealous of your harem concubines, is not sold on the market of all.
Wiped you, it takes a second towel and accepted me. You lend a hand to her, and took the collar of his tunic, pull down. It breaks with a slight bang. Girl tries to close his hands, but, catching my view, puts them and continues its activity. I extend my hand to her neck and pull her to your penis, she realized that she needed from already obediently rounds lips, ready to take you in the mouth. Then I reach out to her and gently stroking the thighs, move towards her gentle virgin bosom. She flinches involuntarily from my affection, but does not stop to caress you. You, too, holds out his hand to her hips, she pulled up and found our fingers between her wet sponges and start their frenetic dance of passion. Girl already expires love juice, she moans with unusual affection, but does not even try to move away from our hands, t. To. Is aware of the punishment for the slightest disobedience. First you do not stand up. Turning to me, you're pretty rough kiss me and putting me on my knees.
Infinitely slowly you walk into my bosom flushed and moved there with ever-increasing speed. Girl lies on his back and began to caress the tongue spicy hot your testicles, penis, moving in me, and me, expiring juice desires. We end at the same time rapidly. Then, quietly lying and resting. But everything is just beginning for the slave. Now it is not the towels and their own tongue cleans traces of passion with our bodies.
When finished, she again kneels and lowers his eyes as a sign of submission. Again, I give her a sign, and it lies between us on the bed. Reaching out to the table, I pull out a copy of your table with the members of carved ivory and hand it to you. Little slave pushes shapely legs and slightly bend their knees. You disclose her little sponge and exact abruptly introduced into a dildo. Her eyes filled with tears, she cries out in pain, but did not dare move. But her suffering is not over yet. I turn her on her stomach and put on his knees. Dildo, however, remains in it.
I extend his hand to the table and a smile on his lips pull out another one like it. But now we need some training. I dip a dildo in a small jar with grease and reach out to you. Itself at this time, I strongly Spreading her buttocks, like halves of ripe peach.
You puts a dildo in her ass and trying to introduce it inside. Girl screams, tries to dodge the subject, to hurt her, but in obedience to a sharp shout, leave their attempts, and only tears she could not hold back and they roll down her beautiful face. In the meantime, you are entered in her dildo to the ground and slightly moving the them, leave it inside the girl. Together we dress her special panties that do not allow artificial members slip out of a beautiful body a little slave. We then faced her from the bed, vigorously copulating and, exhausted, fall asleep to the sound of incessant crying girl, however, is more like music than cry.