From wide open vents blew a nice fresh breeze. Subdued light and cloudy nature created a quiet, but what - the soothing atmosphere. He sat close to her with a newspaper showing what - what an interesting article, in what - then clearly reminiscent of an excerpt from their first date. Pleasant memories come back in that - something romantic in the same dull, but at the same time, a cozy evening.
She suddenly hugged him, even as - that in a friendly, and said that sometimes she wants to spit on all the conventions and surrender to the will of emotions and sensations. Her eyes flashed share of playfulness and lightness. Although at this moment, and they both thought, how do you want, damn it, all sent away and leave all the conventions. But each of them was aware that they were only recently acquainted, and as every woman does not want to fall in the eyes of men, seem superfluous, perhaps, in their wanton desires ahead of time, and a man, in turn, does not have cable. Therefore, both languished in the shower is in anticipation of that moment. But in their hearts, suddenly - the fracture, although it did not say a word. She asked him to bring a drink.
He kissed her on the cheek and a minute later - brought another orange juice. - You remind me of the moon beach, silence you, so beautiful in the splendor of the moon, and with a glass of juice. They laughed. - No, that - that is not something - he thought. - No, well, what is there to the beach, when I'm not in a bathing suit, and in a normal home robe, and the weather is not sunny, although the heat on the street, but stuffy, - she said. - But your robe, by the way, to the face, and everything else, zaigryvayusche he said. And if you have been in the hands of a good glass of wine, it would look even more graceful. He took her hand and they went silently from his home in the country, which was waiting for them, giving them their arms. Their bodies embraced by the wind. House was a bit far away and they sat down on his favorite soft clearing where sunbathing on sunny days. She lay down on the grass and looked up into the face sky. - I'll be right back, he whispered to her. He brought their favorite wine. It was good exposure, with a bit cocky and nice - slightly bitter aroma and taste. - And remember, we did it, too, we drank at our very first meeting! - Yeah, right, we even stayed another bottle of wine she remembered. - So, we can say, we repeat our first meeting ?, almost in unison they said. And maybe make some changes in our story he poured a glass of wine and handed it to her. She took it and brought it to wet his lips, anticipating the aroma. - Let's drink did not finish in our words! , - He said. - What - what ?, - she did not understand at all. But he just silently brought the glass to her mouth. Already the first sip brought a pleasant refreshing sensation. She lay on her stomach and began to seductively eating ice cream bowl. - You are so beautiful now, and even a bit erotic, he said. - What, then, a bit erotic, just a little joke ?, she said, smiling. Then he looked down below and said: - How I was wrong, very very! - Where are you looking at, varmint? - But I is not guilty, he slightly opened, as long as you immediately turn back. - Then Hold the glass. - Uh, no, she unscrews. But was too lazy to get up, the glass on the grass will not put at not a stable surface, well, right hand holding a spoon with dripping ice cream already. The reasons found hundreds. Then, without changing anything, she put a spoonful of ice cream to his mouth, but one drop of still fell and rolled down his chin. She did not even have time to brush away her hand as felt the warmth of his mouth, that his gentle kiss helped droplets do not fall at all. - Do you have time, and if a drop of ice cream rolled on? - I would have done anything, but would not give it to fall and melt on the grass, he said. In the glass, the wine is left on the bottom, and he poured another. She looked through the glass to the light. Her eyes were piercing and mysterious.
This went on for a few seconds, while he said to her: - Look just burning me! In her eyes there was something really ignite desire. - Come on, who will blink first, as a child, do you remember ?, she said, and penetrated deep into his eyes directly. It lasted perhaps a minute, no more, and his eyes involuntarily fell below. Robe slightly bared breasts. It was fresh and juicy, it felt even below it. - You lost, and thus obliged to comply with any of my desire or whim, she said sternly. She caught sight of his thin subordination and immediately issued a slightly crumpled phrase of his desire, which, however, it is determined by the meaning of what is happening at the moment. And although not quite literary foregoing proposal, they both realized it exciting sense. - I want, I want you to be able to just catch up with the drop of wine, which I drop when I drink wine. But it will be much quicker and faster than the drop of ice cream. But you still have to catch it, otherwise it will slide well, and then, if all you're lost!
Ha for some points in time, as she spoke his wish, the intonation of her voice changed from the most insecure and awkward to persistent and impudent when she already knew all the most outspoken is said and remains, in principle, to say that - what type most the last words of the citation. But its even how - some way excited that her shyness, the persistence in the words. He took a bottle of dark - red wine and a glass to pour, but she suddenly postponed even wait a glass and took the bottle in his hand. He handed her a spoonful of ice cream. It is the tip of the tongue licked her lips and remains juicy flesh melting. She took a small sip. Her lips were wet and eerily exciting. He could not stay longer for no action. His hand touched her shoulder. He immediately felt the passionate heat of her body. Ease tissue was not retained on the naked shoulder and fell down. She intuitively immediately covered herself, but felt the strong hand that is clearly impeded it. - You do not want dirty robe wine, because it can not be removed, he said, but then he heard an awkward excuse: - Yes, but you promised me you catch this droplet, right? - He promised, of course, but I did not say where I'll catch her, but I will not let it fall on the grass, though, I promise. He touched his lips to her neck, and then a little - a little deviated, but only a few centimeters remained between them. They felt shortness of breath with each other, and shiver ran down their bodies. On the next sip she looked up the long-awaited sweet drop that slowly rolled first on the chin, neck, and then, almost at her breasts caught meek lips. She had had time to disappear, but to break away from her body was no longer possible.
- Sweet !, - he said. - I want to have this drop appeared little sister, but the older, and therefore it should be more and more mature. Next the droplet stopped at the navel, where it was exposed gently unbearably pleasant game tongue. Hovoy energy jet stirred up her body. Trembling languor increasingly embraced every cell of her body. She did not know already where to go, and how to deal with such a force of passion that comes out from the inside. A little heady atmosphere relaxes on so much that I wanted to stay in this paradise forever! She knocked his head back and sighed, zataya breath of air. Not looking not at what he took from her bottle, so that it is not spilled it. He passionately uncontrollably and kissed her eyes, face and lips. He felt more stable surface and put back the wine. His hand did not want to lose precious seconds, even though he knew it was only the beginning and waits for an entire fairy abyss of sensations and emotions! And when he put the wine, his hand accidentally touched bowl with ice cream. His fingers were stained in ice cream, and he had already tried more gently caress her body so as not to stain her velvet skin .... But here I found a highlight of which was in the literal and figurative sense of the sweetest. She pressed his hand to his stomach, but he whispered that he was afraid it dirty. And she, barely audible, she said:
- Now we can not be afraid of nothing. He continued without stopping kissing her entire body, leaving for dessert the most sacred and intimate. He watched as she wriggled, and the very, barely restraining himself, continued to experience with her is painful longing. A piece of ice cream fell on the spot a little nizhu navel, which was immediately ready made chic kisses. Ha sweaty body cold milk flowed, lower and lower, to the coveted tubercle. Her breathing increased so much that it seemed that she did not suffer and break all to pieces. His hand was slowly dropped down. And the lower the hot it was her way. When only one finger touched her womb, all his body cells simply froze. - Little, my God, are you all so mokrenkaya. she could not even say But nothing in return. All she wanted to and felt in the moment, only her breath gave out. And then he went down into the most secluded place on her body. Such bliss she had not yet experienced! His lips kissed tirelessly pink flower, who was hiding under a small fluff of her being. Language such voluptuous whispering words only understood this same flower. Its petals already swollen and completely surrendered to the wolves.
He caressed it so skillfully, so aspirations thrust his tongue deep into the right, in the heart of the pop-wide bud that leaked out fragrant juice. A small trickle burned his tongue with its warmth. Her moans drowned out all visible and audible sounds around. And he's greedier and more stuck into it. She even cried at one point, that can so. It is as if begging him to stop. It was the same feeling of the impossible, which is not transmitted in words. But he would not let her. His hands gripped her buttocks. She was completely at his mercy. He knew that he could bring her to orgasm right now or, before reaching that point, gently humble his ardor, and then again and again to torture her. Her hand randomly plucking his hair, and soon went to his face. He took her back in her own cave. And then the index finger penetrated right there with his tongue. Movement of his hands as he brought in the light movement of her hand, but she tried to remove it and grab, but already no matter what, but this it would obviously not stand. If he has a - that, overcoming himself, was able to control it, it would be this is hardly the most able. But he suddenly stopped and said almost inaudibly: - Yes, yes, my dear, I want it, come sun, caress yourself, show me how you do it. As you penetrate directly there. Do it, please do for me. I want to see it Take your finger, dip it straight to deep until the end do you feel? You do good, you have nothing to feel at a bring them more deeply, more so yes, almost as his strong hand gently guided her movements. She seemed to have melted away with him, as the melted instantly those lumps of ice cream, when you get to it right there. - Please, no, I can no more stop me, do the same that - anything, her voice trembling. She swallowed the air as if he was the last, and she missed him. She opened her eyes, their eyes met, and it took an incredible amount of willpower to stand up and pushed him away from her on the grass, and take a leading position on it. He was taken aback slightly, but succumbed to her heart's content whim. She clung to him with all my body sprayed. But even that - the more she felt a burning at the bottom. What - is elastic, strong and exciting - a sharp rested against her stomach. Ha there were only jeans, tight obtyagivaya his hips. She covered his chest with kisses, clutching his back, caressing at the same time a little lower. An abrupt movement she undid the strap and zipper a few centimeters. It was raised with all the unknown acceleration. He fell silent, and have yielded their emotions and impulses. Now he knew that she would do whatever he wants with it. What is the most valuable and is living in her power. Yes, only now it can either blow it up in a moment, that just would not be the price, or to exhaustion and torment her with kisses, caresses, her playful tongue! She slowly sank very low. Her hands until just hugged him from behind, and he himself felt the warmth of her mouth, soft lips and totally unbridled desire. From clothes like available, if both the public - the shackles.
Another minute, and he was in front of her almost helpless. Now everything depended on it. She felt more and more swollen his cock. He struggled breaks out, even from the hands. She gently lifted if her nipple dokosnulsya up to the head of his penis. Its soft and silky papilla at the moment swollen from such touch. And her small chest was again ready for the most ethereal caresses! But in front of him waiting for more test, which will be as unbearable for him. It is, as if by accident, was under him. They tirelessly caressing and kissing each other. She grabbed his already very excited member in her hands, and almost touching, it clung to his Rozochke. His head was already wet and swollen. She carefully carried them along, getting neskanchaemy charge of new energy and new! He was already on the wane, but she did not allow him to penetrate deeply. Only he, his younger brother, felt filled with peas forces her clit. She held it with his hand Kripen'ka, squeezing and massaging it. It would be worth it to relax the arm, he with a passion all his might be entered into it. And then they would not be stopped by no one! He, too, could not so long to languish, and rapidly knocked her onto her back. She took more balls of ice cream and began to play with them. Smearing across member sweet melting ice, it absorbs it with lust. First the head, then a little deeper. He gently pushed her exhausted head and mad, she almost swallowing it all, wholly and completely. - I want I want you, I want you to cum in her mouth. She answered even more strongly and passionately caressed him squirm flesh. Movement, another still, oh, oh, sweet powerful jet spurted into her mouth, face, hair. His sigh and groan as bursting was comparable to the volcano, the lava that covers anything and everything! It is hard even slightly hurt hugged her, whispering that she loved most in the world. She was lying on his chest, their rapid breathing gradually coming to normal rhythm, which was directly proportional to the new wave of budorazhuschey strength and power! Heskolko minutes they lay tightly huddled together, holding hands, eyes closed. With the tide of forces, he began to kiss her gently. And its strength as a second wind, revived from within. - Take me, I want you, I want to feel all your strength. Do with me whatever you want, do not look at my resistance. Believe me, my dear, I want to know this sweet pain. Yes, I want to, so I was a little hurt, but it's almost a physical pain, it is not true. It brings indescribable feeling! Then he leaned over her, and already, more than ever, with merciless lust became a little nibble most gentle, soft and silky lips, which were at the bottom of it. From the incredible pleasure of her mouth was half open, and his eyes closed as if she felt that it has become something strictly - a daring, strong and right up to the base of a deep piercing her body. Even in what - that moment she felt that it will break out. She involuntarily jerked back, but he held her stronger. She tried a little to weaken his hand, but he did not yield to her tricks. Her moan just more excited in him a beast, but a loving animal. In her mind, such actions caused a stunning effect! She moaned, writhing and in a - point succumbed to this subject .... Ha kitchen, in the form of ornaments hanging fruit and vegetables. And this thing was the very ribbed kukuruzka that their grains gave an unusual burst of sensations. When she was already, even oversaturated with this toy, she pressed him to her, whispered that he wanted only him. What wants him as a passionate and unrestrained did it. He slowly pulled the whole, completely wet hot corn and slowly took it from the pubis upward. Then, higher and higher, the chest - shoulder - neck. She tilted her head slightly and stuck her tongue. She took his hand, along with corn and held her tongue for seed. He put the subject aside, hugged her, and slowly, having a head on a wet slippery slope, entered the same bed, and exciting trepeschaschee, so long ago it was expected. They merged in an incredible ecstasy, where around did not exist is not the reality, nor the world with its sounds and colors, nor the voice of nature, or the rustle of grass and trees. There were only He, She and eternity, that fabulous, cute, naive eternity, where two souls coexist and live, who need each other not only physically, but mentally! Where every minute, lived far away from each other, it is considered extinct and withered in their lives!