Student years are hot. Most sexual adventures befall me in those years. I would not say that there was a sex maniac, just that the two halves of humanity, in this period, the process of cognition of life. In general, another story about our student sex life.
one girl studying on a parallel flow. Her name was Tanya. A girl of extraordinary beauty. About this talk that she "cold" beauty. It was not a few folded necks, as she walked down the aisle in the audience, swinging its hips, packed in tight jeans. Everything was at it: the figure, appearance. There was one major flaw - it was arrogant with everyone. We see everyone's attention to her person, it has developed in such an attitude. Even with a simple conversation, she talked a little bit down.
She lived in a hostel, and looking at the other girls who are not sexually active shunned, expressed to him the quiet contempt. A couple of times the girls wanted to beat her, but somehow evaded. With her in the room I lived another girl, who was still as Tanya belongs to it. A couple of times she even led the guys in the room and fucking with them in the presence of Tatiana. In general, the vehemence and impetuosity of one who successfully complemented coldness and arrogance of the other.
Once we were invited to a birthday to a girl. There was present and Tatiana. As always, the revelry was in full swing. All were on the horns and danced in an embrace, occasionally kissing in the corner of the room. Tanya danced a couple of times and more sitting at the table.
I decided to freshen up a bit and smoke on the stairs. As soon as I lit a cigarette and went to the stairs Tanya. She asked me for a cigarette and we made a leisurely conversation. Tanya drank well, her speech was a little slurred. We started talking about the attitude of the sexes and then it suffered. She began to complain of us men, at her boyfriend, who studied at another institution. In general, women have begun ordinary snot, arrogant tone had disappeared. In front of me was an ordinary girl who could not establish a relationship with her boyfriend.
So as not to fondle the girl. I hugged her waist and held her close. Tanya sobbing and muttering something about his dunce. My hands gently and soothingly rubbed her back, occasionally dropping to her hips. She was in his tight jeans and ass perfectly detectable through clothes. I lifted her tear-stained face with both hands and pressed his lips to hers. She immediately returned the kiss and the next minute we were kissing passionately. My tongue wandered into her mouth, and her mine.
Tearing himself away from each other, we are a little Ochumelov looked at each other. I thought that now it otmochite something from their repertoire, but she just smiled and took me by the hand led him back to the company. No one noticed our absence and we again joined the party. Now, I often began to pay attention to when Tanya and began to play a slow melody came to her. We danced closely embracing, she put her head on his shoulder, and I felt as strongly pressed me her warm, firm breasts.
All surprised glances at us. So was our whole evening, while drinking is not over. And all the people began to slowly disperse. Prevailing pair began to disappear in the darkness of night. Smoke in the company of men on the stairs, I walked into the room for his jacket and prepared to go home. Going down to the floor below, I saw standing in the dark Tatiana. I stopped to chat with her. We smoked a little and she again began to complain about her boyfriend. I was very tired so to shut her mouth, I pulled her to him and kissed her. The flow of eloquence at once exhausted and Tanya became passionately kissing me.
My boyfriend bit tensed and braced her pubis. Tanya clung to my chest and I could feel the tension in her nipples. Taking his hand, she led me to her room. On the way she said that her neighbor had gone to her parents, and we can be alone. This does not hear every day. The girl obviously makes it clear that it is ready to have sex with me. And I hear from haughty Tatiana.
As soon as we entered the room, I locked the door and attacked the girl. We passionately, passionately kissing gradually moving into the room. No longer able to endure, I abruptly took off her jacket and threw it to the side. In front of me fell out of round two hemispheres with brown nipples strained. Tanya looked at me dumbfounded, from her deep breathing, chest heaving.
Taking the hand each breast, I weighed them and gently squeezed. Tanya moaned. Then I leaned over and pressed his mouth to the nipples. The nipples were like stone, hot and dense breasts. Tanya moaned and stroked my head. My cock was straining at the leash. Tearing himself away from the girl's breasts, I undid the belt of trousers, then his pants. Letting down pants with shorts, I sat down on a chair.
-Take it in your mouth - I said in a commanding tone, and he was afraid his courage.
-But I - timidly beginning Tanya.
-No talking.
In Tanya battled conflicting feelings. On the one hand she wanted to send me away, on the other hand she wanted me. Last seen overcame all. Tanya took a step towards me, knelt down and bowed her head. My head sank into her mouth. Reaching hands, I began to stroke Tanya back. My hands went to the sides of her body, just squeezed her pendulous breasts, nipples and ran back again to the back.
Gradually Tanya was excited and began to actively suck me. She was a great pacifier. Her tongue ran on the head, she licked the trunk and swallowing it quite deeply. The thought that I suck the most beautiful and unattainable girl, spurred my excitement. But I decided to further humiliate her. When the orgasm has become inevitable, I jerked the barrel of Tanya's mouth, grabbed her by the hair on his head and sent the head to her face. Jets sperm steel whip in Tanya's face. She tried to dodge, but I held her, still clenching his fist on her head. The pain, Tanya opened her mouth and sperm jet got there. She coughed, and I finished and finished.
Let go of Tanya only when completely dried up. She looked indescribably: hair, forehead, eyes, cheeks, lips and breasts were even in my semen. On the forehead and cheek hanging clot seed. She frantically opened her mouth, and in the light of a lamp to be seen as the inside was all in the semen. I took a handkerchief from his pocket and began to wipe it. Tanya silently prepend me your face. When everything had been wiped out, I picked it up from his knees and sat on the bed.
-Why did you do that? - She asked.
-Do not you like it?
-I felt like the last whore, when you go down on my face, - she said Tanya offended and lowered her head.
-We must stay the same is sometimes a whore. Be always fashionable lady bored.
Tanya looked up and something thought for me. Her eyes ran sparks anger and interest.
-Well, - she said - I'm a whore for you today. But if you tell this to anyone, I'll kill you.
-Excellent. Sometimes it's nice to be a whore than touchy. Privacy I guarantee you, and not to talk about the rules of gentlemanly lady others.
Tanya smiled, got up from the bed and stretched. Her profile was divine.
-I'm yours for the night. Do with me whatever you want.
-All that I want?
-Yes. Without restrictions, but no ... harm.
From these words my cock jumped. Before me stood a beautiful girl who is allowed to do with them whatever you want. I told Tanya to undress. Slowly, she pulled off her jeans, which were under the little white panties. When she straightened, throwing jeans aside, I quickly walked over to her and a strong jerk pulled her panties. They miserably torn and flew off to the side. Tanya gasped, but I did not give her time to recover, and tumbled down on a bed.
Then there was a small fuss, during which I flew with clothes. Expanding Tanya on the bed, I had no training immediately went into it. Prepare it did not make sense, it was very wet. Member slipped inside and began working piston. Tanya sighed and podmahivala me. To drive it in the classic pose, I put the girl with cancer and continued to fuck. Now Tanya wailed and moaned without stopping. On it rolls one orgasm after another.
They say a large amount of alcohol inhibits arousal. It's true. Tanya has three times finished, and I end have not yet planned. Pull off a mattress on the floor, I lay down and forced Tanya to jump on top of me. She sharp jerks sat on my trunk, chest, jumped up and down, her hair tossing. Her body was covered with sweat and it shone beautifully in the light of a lamp.
Again putting Tanya cancer, I continued fucking. She could no longer stand up and put her head on the floor. Inside it was so slippery that the member did not meet any resistance. From it flowed both from knots. After removing the penis from the vagina, I put it to Tanya in her mouth and forced to lick. After that, once again thrust into the vagina. So it went. Excitation began to grow rapidly, and finally I finished Tanya in her mouth. She eagerly began to swallow cum, I did not spoil her pleasure. It looks like ingesting semen she again finished and fell to the floor.
I looked with emotion at just fucked a girl. "So much for Tanya-touchy!" - I thought, grinning. She lay on the crumpled sheets, her body glistening, chest heaving, and between widely spaced legs glistening growth of pubic and genital lips. Then to my mind came another idea: I decided to shave the pubic area and crotch Tanya (she allowed me to do whatever I want with it).
Climb in the shadows around the room, I very soon found a female razor and shaving cream. Tatiana was still lying prostrate. Spreading wider slender legs girl, gentle movements, I covered her pubis and perineum cream. Tanya mumbled something, but did not awake. Now, very gently, I began to shave pubic hair. Of course it was not very comfortable, I wiped the razor on a towel, always had to control his hand, not to cut your delicate skin. Finally curly pubic growth was removed, and it was necessary to proceed to the shaving of the perineum, but I have not tried on, nothing came of it. Tanya had to lead to feelings.
As soon as she saw what I did to her pubis, her eyes flashed with anger. Which only kind words I did not have to hear. I interrupted this flow of eloquence resounding slap in the face. Tanya was silent and stared at me.
-Shut up and listen to me! You are my whore for the night, she said. Once you're a whore, you should do whatever you will order the client.
-But are you should not have done, I now show you.
-Who are you going to show? Worthless girl walk like a hairy bear.
-But what to say, my friend?
-Say what has changed her hair for the swimsuit. Now pull your knees to your chest and spread a little wider feet, I have not finished.
Tanya has tried to protest, but I was adamant. Shaving process got under way. Within five minutes the whole perineum and pubis were smooth and glistening with gel after shaving. Tanya got up and went to the mirror. There is a long time considered himself and said:
-Listen! So even more interesting and so sexy!
-I told you, do not resist. Now go to bed, and I'll lick.
So she did. Subsequent to this act of love was violent and crazy. Tanya spun and writhed on my dick like a snake. As I have already said, her vagina is shed so many lubrication that my penis squished and hung there like a pencil in a glass. Girls so excited her new look, she finished four times in a row.
After giving it a little rest, I again started for her, but now has decided to enter into the narrow opening of her body. Two of my fingers, covered it with grease, is easily penetrated into the anus. We see the girl was familiar with these things act. Without delay, I put Tanya cancer, first dipped a member into the vagina, and then in the ass. Tanya sighed and bent. Her movement toward me, down to the eggs drove in the ass dick. After standing a moment, Tanya began to move her ass herself. Each dive caused her moan. So we moved quite a long time, until he was exhausted.
Then I came out of the Tanya, put her on her back, her legs pulled up to his head and again penetrated in the ass. Now our intercourse went in a more intensive and exciting pace. Tanya as she could, my limited penetration, but of course could not hold back my head. Tanya A few minutes later a loud scream, and I came, and I dug deep into her ass cock was poured out. Member reason I felt like it squeezes the anus girl. Tanya screamed loudly, her body convulsed in orgasm. Gently I pulled out a member of the body hushed and fell next to the mattress. We both fell asleep.
On the first morning I woke up. Tanya lay on her back spread wide his arms and legs, and funny nozzles. Its completely devoid of body hair look sexy and exciting. Kisses in the crotch, I was awakened by Tanya and we like rabbits, making love again. Now our intercourse was gentle, passionate and sensual. We made love, as lovers, who know each other for years. Much to the delight of Tanya, I in turn visited all the holes of her body. But the last chord sounded orgasm when my cock in full pushed into the uterus of a hot girl's body.
So I realized that even Impatiens everything human is alien. We appreciate Tanya, what happened between us. No one ever found out about our relationship. Occasionally, when one of us was bad, we came together and made love. It was like emotional discharge. Now Tanya is married, and I am also married, but when one of us would like, we meet and remember what happened to us while in the room. And not only in words: