This is a true story. It occurred a long time. And it began even earlier almost twenty years ago. For once just not tell, moreover, it is my first experience. Therefore, history is divided into several parts. This is the first of them.
Venue small town in Russia. The heroes of the story lived in neighboring houses, were almost the same age and had been friends since childhood, so that none of them could not remember how or when they met. The town they were small, smaller part consisted of a block of flats, and most of the private houses with gardens. The town was only 3 schools and one kindergarten. In this story, he was ten. They - it's two boys and two girls. It is necessary to introduce them Tania and Julia, Sasha and Slava. This story began with the fact that children are interested in the difference between boys and girls. They found a secluded place and there is far from the adult "studied" this issue. They call themselves "devoted".
"Insiders" have come up with the game. Played bandits. One of them became a victim of the remaining bandits. Bandits caught victims, was withdrawn in its lair, and it "tortured" them. "Torture" concluded that the victims were stripped naked a special "torture" was thought to touch the pussy and even penetrate the fingers or twigs. They especially liked to play in the winter, when there were many clothes. This went on for quite some time. But soon it became a bother to them, and to come up with something else they could not. Here the very fate intervened in their lives, because otherwise they would forget about this game.
The first intervention was one of the ordinary days, Julia came home early from school and saw his parents fucking in broad daylight. This news shattered like lightning all the "dedicated".
Another stroke of luck gave the children the opportunity to watch erotic movies, the content of which is also transmitted to all by word of mouth.
Next she gave the children a really quiet place abandoned house, fully furnished and on the edge of town. His owner jailed relatives he did not, so the house was completely empty. For children, this house on the outskirts of a refuge. Although they had to work to find a way to climb inside.
The house was large. His master was somehow superior and the construction did not skimp. Two floors, basement and attic, a bathhouse, a swimming pool with gazebo and a workshop. About this house all four dream. In just a few years, no one adult is not caught them there, and parents never guessed about their games. That is why I say, the fate of watching them. It is their whole life will take care of them.
The house was great, the only trouble is the lack of light, but this problem was solved quickly. They made oil lamps out of petrol, bought candles and done schepochek. To light it was not visible from the windows of their veils. Four kids managed to do all this work for one day. Then they washed all the floors, furniture, dishes, dragged to a meal at home, wash clothes. That evening, in the house was arranged a feast.
That evening they gathered assembly. Sex parents, movies, an empty house: their fantasy played out with renewed vigor, their interest only grew, but to do that they could not. He was only ten years old, to the same girls were afraid, though not recognized in that not anyone, even to themselves. But the interest was stronger than fear. They came up with a new game, the former is much more interesting. They decided: everyone will take the oath of allegiance to the brotherhood, no adult should know about the house, not to say "I do not play anymore." All agreed.
The next day went to the training. Children brought more food, drinking water, clothes for all. This is their very rescued Julia things, of which she grew up, and the other was just right. Many are found in the house. There were cards, checkers and chess, linens, some clothes, towels, and a lot more then. They do not care that the owner ever come back here. Childhood!
Start the game plan. They sat in the room in front of the fireplace, which, while not drowning, still liked everything. Now everyone can offer their ideas, and then the game will not be changed.
So, the game. The boys were brothers - sultans. This is their home. A girl of their slaves. I do not obedient, recalcitrant slaves. They will have to meet the desires of the sultans, prepare food, wash clothes, wash house. For not obeying slaves will be punished. Because you can not leave the house, only with the permission or order of the sultans. The whole house is property of the sultans, they can do whatever they want here. In the basement, did the torture, which will punish slaves. Basement is ideal for this approach. There was a large pool table, two long benches, grill on a single small window near the ceiling.
All the rooms - rooms for the Sultans. Two bedrooms, each boy a separate living room, the one with a fireplace, a dining room and two rooms, again for each of the boys. For slaves, one room in the attic. The girls came up with it yourself.
- It will be interesting, two slaves in the mud tied to anything. Be sure, we have to bind and gag in her mouth to insert!
This idea is all liking. Immediately we began looking for a rope to tie the hands and sometimes the feet. In each room, we found a place to tie the slaves. First, because the cold would keep slaves dressed, but the girls rebelled.
- As it is a slave, and dressed! - They shouted. - So what if it's cold we tolerate! Do not let us sit around.
- And I, for example, like to undress you, and that was a lot of things! - Outraged Sasha.
And Slava nodded in agreement and chimed in:
- And me too.
Girls consulted and found a way out.
- You will want to undress, call one or two of us and tell dress, undress and then to health.
- And yet, - has offered Julia - let's you did not let us sleep at night came into our room ?!
- And yet, - Sasha grew bolder, seeing that the girl began to come up with a lot - let us have forced to wash, and look at it yourself.
- Cold water? - Tanya cried. - Never!
- What do you want to do you in Penke bathed? You're a slave.
- Let's. - Julia snapped.
Seeing that she was in the minority Tanya agreed.
- I shampoo with foam brought from home - said Slava and showed his trophy.
- It's great - the children gasped.
Then it was a rarity. At least for us. Then Sasha took the initiative again:
- Then it will be the reward for the obedient slave. And sweets too, we hide them with Slava.
- And do eat - offended girl.
- We are your hosts, we want to - eat, want to give you! - Slavka stated.
- What else would come up with the punishment? - Sasha thinking aloud - as your mother punished?
All agreed on one thing - a belt, nettles or rod. After a long debate whether slaves beat, we agreed on the fact that the beat will not be much. And another punishment will be left on the street to strip naked. They have all been linked with the street the most "terrible" punishment. Finally they decided to offer the children a slave can be made only out of the game (in school ... the house, the store, where, by the way, had to walk a slave), or during the game to write them on pieces of paper and put in the dining room on the table. And yet, there can only slaves with the permission of the gentlemen hands or dog from a bowl on the floor language. From dogs slaves got collars, chains and bedding.
Balance of the day they devoted redoing the home to their needs, and the next day, Saturday, was scheduled to start the game.
On Saturday morning, saying that they were going to a classmate, who lives on the other side of town, to visit all come in the house. Someone else brought the things, all left in the hallway, and now slaves sent to their room.
The boys just are not members of the rose from the desire to undress girls. We decided to start immediately. Each chose one Slavka - Tanya and Sasha - and Julia went to the bedroom, agreeing to change the girls later.
Actions they were almost identical, only Sasha and Julia were brave, and act with confidence, though at first not all succeed. When Julia came into the room, Sasha did not know what to do. He hesitated on the spot, not knowing where to start. Julia helped him.
- Veli kneel, - whispered Julia - tie or out to plant a chain - Julia nodded toward the dog chain lying on the floor - then you can order anything.
- I want you to undress and touch - admitted Sasha.
- Since actions do not stop, you're the Sultan!
Sasha hesitated, but then packed up and said loudly (children are not afraid to be heard, yesterday they checked on the street do not hear anything):
- Get on your knees slave!
Julia stood up, buttoned his carbine Sasha on her collar. Now, Julia could not get away, but was able to walk around the room. Sasha came up to her and shaking hands began to unbutton his coat.
- Only you do not help - he whispered in the ear of Julia - I'll tell you if it is necessary.
- And you punish me - with the call said Julia and unbuttoned one button.
- How?
Julia looked outside the window stood a basin full of snow.
- Make me have won the snow. Only coarser, but it is not natural.
Sasha did so, he was so happy that Julia helps him. He took a basin placed in front of Julia, and with all the dope poked her face in the snow. Julia coughed and began to struggle, Sasha held her.
- Eat, - he said.
Julia remembered that this is a game and began to eat. After a while Sasha took a basin.
- Come on, ask forgiveness.
- Forgive me.
- Not this way. Say, I'm sorry sir, I'm a fool!
Julia broke, but repeated. Sasha again began to undress her. He took off his coat, a sweater, then the other, was a dress.
- Can I tell you? - Whispered Julia, and when Sasha nodded, said. - I saw the movie, you remember, I told? You do not take off your dress yet.
Sasha did so. He took the girl leggings, tights and underwear, then put it on the floor, and began to touch anywhere. His fingers penetrated her womb, and from this, both excited. Julia did not want even to move, so it was nice, but then she rallied and began to struggle. Sasha forgot about everything, and when Julia started screaming and kicking, he could not understand anything and just kept repeating:
- Julia what are you doing?
It took several minutes before he understood. Julia is tired grimace, she paused and said angrily:
- Fool, I did for fun.
All again went like clockwork. Julia screamed again, Sasha gave her in the face several times and turned over on his stomach. Long allowance with the dress and T-shirt, Sasha all sweating, but as a reward he was naked virgin body of a ten-year girl. Obeying some ancient as the world itself instinct, he began to kiss her neck, back and buttocks. She rolled onto her back and stretched, providing complete freedom of movement. The only thought in her head were now two wishes that he did not stop and did not ask permission to touch her pussy.
Sasha got a taste. He kissed her little just starting to swell the chest, abdomen and even the pubic area. Then he did not dare to kiss her, but his fingers penetrated between her labia of the vagina. Julia moaned.
They had no idea how much time passed from the moment when Julia came into the room. In spite of the nakedness, she did not feel the cold. Sasha finally pulled away from her body.
- I was hungry, and you?
- I, too, want to, do boutiques?
- Yeah.
Julia went downstairs to the kitchen, apparently, Tanya has already been here. Julia as she could quickly smeared butter on bread, put on a thick slice of sausage and two sandwiches ran upstairs. Never sandwiches were not as tasty. They had finished the sandwiches when the room burst Slavka with Tanya on a leash.
- Why are you here asleep?
- We're having lunch.
- And we had already eaten, - said Tanya.
She was in a dress and boots.
- Girls - Sasha said, he had already entered into a role - a march to the kitchen and cook us a good meal! Yes, Slavka?
- Yes!
The girls giggled, Julia grabbed her dress, slipped her feet into boots, and they ran away.
- Do you have it - asked Sasha.
- Class, all right touch gave! And you have?
Sasha told Slava, that they were here.
- Wow! It is you yourself ever invented?
- Yeah - he lied.
- And we let them to try? - Slava suggested.
- Come on. Just need to figure out how!
Both thinking. Slava wanted to come up with even better than Sasha came up to Julia, and Sasha did not want to lose face in front of the other. They have long offered various options, and themselves rejected one after the other. Sasha realized should ask Julia, but so that no one knew, and suddenly he came up with a good idea.
- Come this way - while Sasha told Slavka nodded and laughed, imagining the face of girls.
When the plan has been agreed, the boys went down to the dining room. The girls have finished cooking. On the table were cookies, iced tea and sandwiches with the same sausage and apples. The boys looked at each other.
- Girls, slave - he corrected himself - we have decided that you behaved badly, so each of you put the punishment. Maybe someone wants to be punished first? No, then bring Tanya belts and chains of the rooms, and Julia goes for clothes and bed sheets, and towels grasp.
The girls went to obey orders. On the way, they exchanged ideas punishment.
- And I really liked it when Sasha was kissing me.
- And when I drove Slavka fingers in pussy.
Boys ... looking forward to returning girls. Once they returned, Sasha Tanya chains attached to the grate, and Julia to the table.
- We want to write, - suddenly said Tanya.
The boys looked at each other, they did not want to postpone the punishment.
- Come here - Sasha showed in the corner - write here, then all you have gathered.
- No!
- Yes, and be patient until the evening.
- I have it.
- Good. Stand on your knees. And now you have a choice, either you take in my pussy mouth and suck it, or we will torture you until the evening?
- I will not take your pussy in my mouth! You're a fool! - Raging Julia.
- Remember, you yourself told me how Aunt suck uncles?
- I will not.
- Good.
- And you Tanya?
- I also will not!
- Then get up and come with me.
Sasha took Thani chain, and the three of them left the room. Boys took Tanya to the bathroom, which was recently cleaned up girls. She was full of snow and water. He closed the door and began to shoot with Tanya dress. She understood what it is threatened and screamed.
- Do not you remember, you do not hear, and now you have two options - either you climb into the water, or take in my mouth and pussy Slavkina! - Stated Sasha, he utterly insolent, seeing that the girl did not resist too.
- No, please, no - almost cried Tanya.
- Tania come on. If you do not decide in five seconds, I'll take the belt.
Tanya began to undress. She took off her dress and got his feet in the bath.
- Ohhh, - she cried, - very cold, the boys, please do not!
Tanya was crying actually. The boys were embarrassed, but then Slavka thought, "why Sasha can command, but I'm not. He forced Julia to undress and give it a touch pussy! "
- Or do you go in the bath or suck - he shouted.
- Okay, well, just do not tell anyone - asked Tanya.
- Get out! - Continued to command Slava - Kneel down, take off your pants and I start!
Tanya obeyed, though, and continued to cry. She knelt and took off with Slavka tights, stockings and underwear. The person turned out to be Slavkin penis and testicles bags. A member was very small, but it was a member.
- No, - I cried Tanya - I will not.
Slavka saw the movie, which told everyone Julia, and also acted like there. He grabbed Tanya by the hair and thrust his groin. Sasha finally recovered from his stupor and began to act more actively. He wet some cloth and squeezed it on Tanya's back. She screamed and took a member Slavka hands.
- In the mouth! - Sasha ordered.
Tanya took. At first hesitant, then she became actively sucking dick. Slavka baldel of new feelings unknown to him, and Sasha knelt behind Tanya's back and began to knead her breasts almost non-existent. Then his hand went into her crotch and began to rummage there. Tanya lifted her ass, giving Sasha act more actively. She tried to move her ass and pulled her head. From this simple reason Slavka lost. Suddenly, Tanya opened her eyes and stopped.
- As well, - she said.
- It's my turn, - pushed Sasha Slava.
Tanya did not have to persuade. Now she sucked Sashka member and Slavka paw her crotch. When Sasha let Tanya, all three sat on the floor.
- I would like - Sasha said - lie down and spread your legs.
Tanya lay. Slava and Sasha with her little pussy fingered. Slavka suddenly remembered Julia left in the room alone.
- I scream, and you not to withdraw! I thought you were gone, and I immediately threw! - Resent Julia - you're there for so long did! I'm cold!
They did not explain anything, just unfastened the chain, allowed girls to get dressed and went home. On that day, the parents could not understand why their children just came home and immediately fell asleep.
After days in an abandoned building they will come back again and again. They liked to play this game over and over again the game became more exciting and diverse.
It is worth mentioning another case, only because he had for the future of these children.
It happened somewhere in a couple of months after the start of the game. It was in April, the snow that year had not yet gone and the sky is falling wet snow, the rain poured down. It so happened that on that day in the house were only Sasha and Julia. They saw in the room with a fireplace and a dream, as if they have done here, if they had a magic wand.
- Julia, and you do not want to play? - Sasha asked cautiously.
- I thought you did not want, - Julia said quietly.
- Yes, you, as it does not want to?
- You also like Tanya! What is not, is it?
- No, you're the stupidity, babbling!
- You always ask about it. Where is she, what she - resentfully said Julia.
- This I did. Honestly.
- Well, I believe it, - Julia really thought Sasha said sincerely.
They decided to play together.
- Only you know what, - Julia said - let's go to the bedroom.
At first, everything was as usual. Julia sucked his cock (after time, it was a matter of course), and Sasha touched the girl, kissing and even whipped, though not strong, but sensitive. And then Julia said:
- Sasha, and you do not want, like adults, really?
- How is it for real? - Sasha did not understand.
- Well, you take away and put in my pussy in my!
- True! That's great. I thought you'd never agree. We have long dreamed of with Slava even argued, who will do it first.
- Well, here you will have the opportunity to win an argument. Well, so what?
- I agree!
- Only condition is, so be it, as I say?
Sasha agreed to everything just to do as adults. A Yulkin plan he liked. Julia went to the attic to the room maidservants, dressed quickly and lay down on the mat, as if asleep. Then she remembered an important detail and put the collar. A minute later, Sasha stood behind him.
He flipped her onto her back and began to take off his boots. Julia pretended that woke up. Then Sasha said:
- You have a choice, or I'll bind you and Master the force or are you coming with me into my bedroom and there love me!
- Oh, sir, do not need to ask you, - asked Julia.
- Choose here or there in the mud on the bed.
- ...There lord.
He offered her his arm, and together they went into the bedroom. Sasha section Julia and began to undress himself. Here Julia laughed and ran out the door. Half-naked Sasha behind her. They have fun running one after the other, until the shelter of Julia not shouted:
- Catch me in the dining room or in the basement and carving.
- In the basement.
Julia ran to her Sasha. There, as if catching her, Sasha threw her on the bench and tied. Several times on her ass hit the belt, leaving footprints. Julia suffered. He untied her and undressed, put his penis in her mouth. He got up to change seats to the right place, but Julia broke away and shouting on the move:
- I'm in the attic - ran away.
Sasha for her. Julia was standing in the middle of a dirty attic-skinned and completely naked. At this point, Sasha felt a real desire.
- Come on boards, - whispered Julia, - bring me there.
Sasha threw, he could not resist and took in his mouth nipple. Julia gasped. Sasha fingers parted lips sex girl.
- Just want?
- Yes, get down on me, and inserts, and then move.
Sasha lay down, but could not get there immediately. Julia helped him by sending a member where you want. He did not break the pleura because he was small, and there was no pain, but it was a fun initiation to something sacred.
That time was very short, but the memory of it long.
After the times it so happened that fate has scattered them, but the story did not end there. It was only a prelude to the real game.