I was 18 years old. It so happens that, naplavatsya in a dirty pond, hit me in the dirt wherever possible. I had to go to the gynecologist. I went, of course, to a coin. Still, I love myself. The doctor - a very cultured and polite, said hello and asked me to undress. The feeling was not pleasant, especially when seen in the next room a large examination table. But I had to undress. I undressed and the doctor said that I lay down on the couch. I went to the doctor parted my legs, bent their knees, carefully examined everything, and I asked a virgin or not. I said I was not a virgin. Then the doctor said that I was in the next room and lay down on a chair. I had to obey, but it was terrible.
I lay on my back. The doctor went along with the assistant, and said that he will have to suffer. In the hands of a doctor turned a long and quite thick translucent hose. My breath caught. "Do not worry, this is not the enema" , - Said the doctor calmly. "It's just a probe. But we have to keep it with you, so be a good girl". "Please tie her legs and hands" - Physician assistant said. Assistant skillful fast movements tied my arms and legs so that I could not untie them myself or be released. Assistant parted my buttocks, and the doctor began to lubricate the anus lubricant. It became very scared when the doctor began to push the ass shove a finger. He is just not an option. "Hey, darling, do not go!" - A little exasperated, he told me.
"Relax, breathe deeply. What's the problem, it's just a finger". Having ordered the assistant to push the buttocks wider, the doctor continued to lubricate the anus. "Breathe, I said! I tried to breathe deeply" - The doctor said, and then his finger penetrated into the depths of my ass, and spun it - the doctor smeared rectum with special grease. The perineum were pulling sensation. Finally, he drew his finger, and the assistant let my buttocks. "Attention girl" , - Said the doctor. "Who will introduce the probe. It did not really hurt, but you must help us. When I'm talking to you, you should make an effort, as much as you can. OK?" Assistant strongly, much stronger than before, parted my buttocks and I felt with horror as the probe tip penetrates the anus, stretching it.
It was not very painful, but quite uncomfortable. I started to push back the probe. "Uh, no, no! - Almost cried the doctor. Does not push it! Relax! You need to breathe deeply, with his mouth open. Well, breathe! Calm down! Precious, Precious much!" I made an effort and moaned, and the doctor and the assistant all push and push the probe into the rectum depth. But the probe arose. The doctor rocked it from side to side to tighten up, but he did not move. "Another 5 centimeters" - With horror I heard the doctor's voice. "Yes I see". And the doctor said to me: "Please, relax and continue to push. Now we are going to expand your anus". I continued to push, and the doctor began to introduce me into the anus that something else other than the probe.
He said sternly "You have to push with all his might. Imagine that you are in the toilet on the toilet and you can not. Well, well, Precious"! I made an effort as she could. I'm not just moaning, I screamed, and the probe with a huge effort penetrated into the interior. probe penetrated to the right place at last. The doctor has fixed it so that he would not leave. "So, very good. One probe is inserted. Now we introduce the probe into the urethra" - The doctor said. I froze with fear. The doctor took another probe. Assistant threw the labia and the doctor, brushing tip, began to introduce the probe into the urethra. I groaned. "Precious little girl, come on Precious" - Said the doctor. I made an effort struggling and screaming.
The doctor, to facilitate advancement of the probe into the urethra, began to stimulate the clitoris. It's a little help. But it was still very painful. Surprisingly, the probe into the urethra went much faster. For hours that hung on the wall, it seemed to me that this took about 30 minutes. In the anus I probe was inserted about an hour. It was very uncomfortable and even painful. Doctor secured and the probe. Then it took a long tool with a thickening at the end and began to introduce me into the vagina. The doctor said it was a smear. It was uncomfortable when the doctor rotated him there, remove or put back.
The doctor said that now I have to lie down and rest. So I spent about 40 minutes. Then I saw the doctor took a syringe and filled it. He came to me and said: "Now I'll give you a shot in the crotch. It is an injection against infection. By the way, do not prick was so hurt. And a doctor probes began to wash my urethra and anus. It was not painful, and frustrating. When the procedure is over, the doctor said that I am now removed these probes. I again offered to push, but this time it was almost painful. Then the doctor took expander for vagina and brought it to me.
I washed what is the solution and the vagina. And then insert a catheter into the urethra. Sticking it hurt. By catheter urine departed, and it became easier, because I wanted to write, and then write the probe was hurt. The doctor again expanded my vagina and made to prick. Then he made a shot in the anus and in the urethra. The doctor said that I now lie down, get some rest and be able to go home. About 20 minutes later I was lying, and then assistant untied me from the chair and shifted on the couch. I lay there for about 10 minutes.
The doctor wrote me a prescription for a candle and said that I can get dressed. I got dressed, I picked up prescriptions, got into the car and drove home. In the doctor's office, I spent about 5 hours. Feelings were not the most pleasant. Now I bathe only in the pool or sea. In all bodies of water, for the sake of interest, I no longer swim and do not advise others. For too long, then you have to lie down in a chair and a gynecologist suffer.