My friends and I sat near the entrance and drank beer, talked about his - generally relaxed. Then there was my neighbor in the stairwell losifovna Margarita, and then it began ...
"Here, you loafers, not doing anything, drink a beer, sit on the neck of the parents ..." and stuff like that for a long time we read the lecture about what we are freaks ....
I must say that I was 16 years old and "sit on the neck of the parents" studying in the 10th grade I was not ashamed. Generally Margarita losifovna I got out his homilies since we moved into the apartment with their parents. In principle, it was bearable, but it has recently retired and I started to deal with it more often, respectively, to get it I became stronger.

Since the lectures at the door a few days passed, I sat at home and sharilsya the Internet, suddenly the doorbell rang, it was Margarita losifovna ...
"Look, Demetrius I have a problem with a tap in the bathroom, help me, please"
"OK, Margarita losifovna'll be right look" - I replied.
I took tools and went to a neighbor. She lived alone, about a husband I do not know, and she had children, but they lived somewhere abroad. Of course, I was too lazy to go to the same it I could not stand, but still a neighbor. Work there was 7 minutes, I quickly made and was about to leave, but then, perhaps out of gratitude, I decided to drink tea.
We sat in the kitchen drinking tea and talking, or rather she told me something told me quite frankly I do not even heard that it rubs me - a habit worked out over the years. But then it suffered ...
"Who raised you, elbows on the table collapsed, you would Suvorov Military School ..." - I started to boil - "... Who do drink tea, have pulled out a spoon, and even-handed like a horse at the watering - a real mess ..."
"Well, then, I'm an old fool all chinyu garbage, and you fucking run into me, so fuck you ..." - I could not stand it and went home.
Maybe everything would be on it and over, but this creature had the brains to complain to my parents - I was in shock. Mother drove me right away, and his father listened to my story, and said that he could be rude and not worth it, but actually I am right. He and his father, something the last time, the relationship soured completely. His mother still wanted to send me to apologize, but his father, probably to spite her, insisted and pulled it all on the brakes.
I decided to take revenge, I just thought that such rudeness on the part of unforgivable. For a long time I have been building plan of revenge, I decided to take revenge so little used to it did not appear. At first, I went shopping and bought the necessary equipment. Then I loaded the candy bought sleeping pills in sufficient quantity, and went to work.

Dziiin ...
"Who's there?"
"This is me, Dmitry, your neighbor, you can talk to you?" - I tried to talk repentant voice
"What do you want, a boor?" - "here contagion" - I thought - "I somehow ham, well, well"
"Margarita losifovna, I came to apologize, I'm to blame, and I want to make amends" - The castle is open
"Well, what you want to tell me, young man?"
"Margarita losifovna, I was wrong, I should not have to talk to you, I probably really badly brought up ..." - I myself choked with laughter, what nonsense I am, but it all this crap, apparently, acted - "... And that would somehow I bought you here to make amends"
On her face frozen fun mask, such as the enemy is defeated, and at her feet.
"Okay, come on, I will treat you with tea, once you understood all" - It was a success, because before that I was going to get through to her apartment through the balcony, and then the beast he has put himself in a trap
We sat down to drink tea, of course with my candy, this time I behaved like an idiot ... pretended to listen to her attentively, sitting straight as a post, drinking small sips and constantly talked about how some delicious candy I brought (whether that fool closely, it could be noted that candy I crack up, but do not eat).
Somewhere minutes through 15-20 and 5-6 sweets, it Margarita Iosifovny become confused and get off, but I steadfastly pretended that he did not notice. Another 3 minutes later my neighbor dropped her head and sniffed - my plan started being implemented. I waited 10 minutes, then checked the depth of sleep. No cotton without the loud cries she did not respond, I gently patted her cheeks - no reaction. "Okay" - I thought - "and check for the cause". I pulled her by the nose, ears, stuck a finger in his mouth - all is quiet. The next phase of my plan. Ran home behind the camera, I dragged her into a large room. Then I had to tinker, stripping her of the experience I was not there, the girls that I fucked it up undressing themselves. But, he who seeks will always find - in the end I did a section. Then began my photo session, Margarita losifovna the window, with her legs spread; Losifovna Margarita on the balcony; Margarita losifovna on the carpet, etc. etc. After filling all the memory in the camera, I gently put her dress was more difficult than to undress, and then I did it. Then I sat her in a chair. I must say that I am quite tired of turning over her, all the same meter eighty height, and weight of 65-70 kilograms it even to me with increasing meter ninety somewhat tedious. Then I walked out the door and slammed it behind him.

At first I thought, shake out of her grandmothers, children working abroad seems to be enough money sent to her, The apartment was furnished with ornate, expensive grub in the refrigerator, not wearing too of Second Hand. But working on her pictures in Photoshop, I looked to her more closely. Woman with regular features, it is quite a good figure for 50 years, large breasts, tanned, without a gray hair - my punishment plan has changed.
I waited a few days, just soon was on May 1, and my parents were going to fly away to rest 10 days in France. I gave this trip I had my own business. 29 of my parents by giving me money and instructions, went to France. I sighed with relief, or that do not interfere with my plan. Later in the afternoon I called my father and said that they had come, and they have everything in order. Everything - it was time to act.
I got dressed and went downstairs into the entrance, down to the mailbox Marguerite Joseph 'paper. This sheet was her "more frivolous" Photo and signature "An old slut is waiting for young stallions. Money do everything - your Margot" Well, her phone number and address at the bottom of the sheet, I wrote by hand ... "Do not jerk a bitch, you still contact". After these steps, I went to sleep. The plan was simple, get it, it will start to think about all of this and to figure options, and it will be on my hand.
In the morning, I washed, bathed, drank a cup of coffee and went back down to the mailbox, the neighbor checked box, the sheet was not there - so she had it. Everything went according to plan. I went to the store, look TV, then looked at the clock thinking that the client is ready. I once went to visit a neighbor in the stairwell.

I rang the doorbell ...
"Who!" - As the voice of a busy
"Margarita losifovna ... it's your neighbor, have a conversation"
"Dim, come on then, I feel bad" - Yeah, nerves acting up, I liked letter
"Margarita losifovna, it is very important to open the door, please"
"Okay, what do you" - The door opened
"Margarita losifovna, you do not come mailbox?" - The person at that moment I was very snide
"In the box, when?" - Not very confident she asked
"Oh, to pretend that that does not understand or does not friends with the head?" - I figured in my mind
"And yesterday evening, reklamka, there is a juicy girl advertises itself, was nothing like this?"
"Oh, it's your job bastard, well, everything" - She tried to give me a slap in the face, I grabbed her hand
"Calmly, creature!"
"Get out of my apartment! Brock, what would your spirit were not here! Are you still will understand!" - Nuuu, scared
"Look here, you're my nerve. The options you do not, you do what I tell you. In short, you do not call up the cops, the evidence, you no, that piece of paper you can throw anyone, and even before the cops disgraced old slut. Second, you will not do what you're told the whole area will be bleak this advertising - all the neighbors will see it, but fun? Well, if you decide to hit the road quickly, I your pictures to the Internet throw, let the people look. How do you like fun option? Tomorrow at 10 am, will be kneeling at the door to my apartment, and there then we'll see. Clear?" - The answer I did not wait, shut the door and went to his room.

I'm quite worried, the main settlement was the fact that she is a human "old school"And the threat of being dishonored her really care about, and if on the contrary, I could plunge into big trouble. Alarm clock rang at 9, I reached out and decided that everything will be decided soon. At 9.45 I was ready to meet "dear guests", Everything you need for the next few days I had already bought and waiting in the wings in my room.
The bell rang.
I opened the door, on the rug in front of my door, knelt Margarita losifovna.
"Bitch, Who told you to call, you were told to kneel!" - I gave her a slap in the face
"What, no but ..." - Another slap in the face - "crawl, damn!"
Margarita losifovna became embarrassing to creep into my apartment, I could not resist and gave her a kick in the ass, she lost her balance and sprawled on the floor in the hallway. A few seconds later she rose, looked at me and said ...
"Dima, what are you doing? You're crazy, I told you in my grandmother gozhus"
"Well, then, what I am about to say, I no I will not repeat, listen carefully ...
1.Net no Dim or the owner or master, or Dmitry K.
2.Govorit can with me, only if I have you ask something, or told you to say something
3. All, I repeat all, my orders are executed fully and unconditionally
4.Ty there was yelling something about my education, now you feel for yourself what real education
5.Ty can leave, but what comes of it, I explained to you yesterday,
Now, on your knees bitch!"
In her eyes I was read fear and confusion, she sank slowly to his knees and mumbled ...
"Yes, master, but I understood everything"
"As long as you have not dick did not understand, but soon I will make of you brought up girl. Well start. Undress"
She slowly began to unbutton her dress.
"Quickly, bitch!" - Another slap in the face
It went much faster.
"Now panties and bra, again zamneshsya, get to his feet" - Warning worked.
Margarita losifovna standing completely naked on her knees in the middle of my hallway.
"Turn around"
I saw his new toy, squeezed her breasts, felt her pussy examined her from head to toe. "Yes, above it still will need to work, but in general a good idea" - I figured.
"So now to the bathroom, you have to take your look, go ahead"
In the bathroom, I put her cancer and began to shave with a straight razor her pussy, she was trembling.
"You'll shiver cut your pussy floor, quietly"
Then I put her on her feet and took the hand of his neck.
"I'll keep my neck, everything below it to be completely bald, no hair. You have ten minutes, proceed. Ah yes, I see at least one hair below the necks soldering iron to remove it, right?"
I returned 15 minutes later, my slave girl was on her knees in the bathroom.
"Yes, master?"
"OK. Come with me" - She got up immediately received a slap - "who are you allowed to get up?"
I led her into the living room, there is stuffed her mouth with her own underwear, tied his hands behind his back with tape and put it on the ottoman.
"Spread your legs, now I'll educate you. 25 hits, 10 more feet budge again budge 10 more ... You can try poorat."
I took the officer's belt, swung but missed a bit, hit the buckle on the thigh, but not to where aiming. She moaned. The second time, I also missed shot hit the ass. But the third time, I was right on target, shot went pryamehenko in pussy. As she jerked.
"You will know how to call me a cad"
"You will be very obedient whore"
"You will obey his master"
On the eighteenth impact she tried to keep up.
"Ten, do you clench your stilts, squeeze, I have a lot of time, and have a spare belt. And you have a spare pussy or ass, huh?"
After 35 strokes, I fixed her legs. Then he examined the damage, do not worry, a couple of bruises is all. I began to gently enter her vagina a finger, then two, then three. I moved his fingers in it. A few minutes later, she moaned and I felt that it flowed. I continued the motion, finally seemed to me that enough lubrication. I pulled her fingers from Margarita Iosifovny, wiped her release on her own and went back to his room. There I picked up one of the acquired on the eve of dildos, and a piece of black fabric. Returning to a neighbor, I tied her eyes, then began to introduce dildos into it, it was quite big, it twitched. Two strokes belt quickly reassured her, and finally I was able to introduce her dildos. Already leaving the room, I noticed that dildos slips out of Marguerite Joseph ', or this bitch tries to push it ....
"Well, still, I'm conductive povytalkivayu, another 50 strokes wanted, a goat?"
But just in case, I drove dildos into place secured it with tape. First scotch taped to the back, then ran it through her crotch, stuck it on her stomach, and so several times. The design seemed reliable, satisfied with the work I went to the kitchen to drink coffee.
After a while I looked at what was happening in the room Margarita Iosifovna - dildos was in place, apparently reassured Margot. After waiting another hour, I returned and abruptly peeled off adhesive tape, then tore dildos her hole slowly began to shrink. Without giving up to the end of hole shrink I introduced her fingers, and they sharply retracted. Three minutes later Margarita losifovna finished. I untied her eyes, freed his feet, his hands bound until decided to leave.
"Get up to his knees, pulls together let my pants"
She blankly stared at me, slapped her one more slap in the face, I said ...
"Teeth, fool! Fast!"
She pulled my pants.
"Now, cowards!"
With her panties had to tinker, my standing member greatly complicates its actions. But she, too, pulled the panties.
"Suck!" - She hesitated, and I raised his hand to strike, but Margarita losifovna rushed forward and managed to swallow my dick.
Honestly suction was so-so, but I thought it was nothing more to learn.
I began to finish. Neighbor's throat went a portion of my sperm. She coughed.
"Swallow! All swallow! Done a drop, I will tear your tongue!"
"Yes, sir"
Releasing her hand, I sent her to the bathroom to be washed away and freshen up. In the bathroom there was the sound of water, and I sat down in a chair and began to ponder what to do next.

Margarita losifovna returned from the bathroom and sat down in front of me on a chair, his legs crossed. I ofigel. He jumped up, grabbed her by the hair and thrown to the floor.
"Bitch, stupid whore! Who allowed you to throw her legs? The chair is for me, half for you! You can see quite dull!" - I have a couple of times lightly kicked her foot.
Bringing out of your room, the collar I put it on her.
"Shoot him permission only when I allow, or when you wash. Now come with me, let's do your hygiene, hands behind his back"
Snapping the handcuffs on her hands, I took her to the bathroom.
"On all fours, becomes. Ass sticking out. So well done"
I got out of the bath enema is the largest that has been in the pharmacy. First I filled it with warm water. He introduced the tip into the anus of his slave and let all the water from the enema it. Tucked into the anus plug, I sat on the edge of the tub and began to wait. Margarita losifovna began to twitch ...
"I can not do it anymore"
"Shut up and be patient, try to only stain my floor, bitch"
It took another 10 minutes ...
"Okay, wali in a toilet - quickly!"
She returned very soon, I sat her in a bath and washed her ass out of the slag removed from the shower. Then klizmovanie repeated until it did not flow and clean water. Chained her collar to the drain hole I put in and fastened in her anus and opened the hose warm water ...
"Prom is, if thrown out bight when I come, you continue then washed with boiling water, okay?"
"Yes, sir!"
When he returned, I discovered ice water, Margarita losifovna twitched ...
"Stand, it is necessary to temper you!"
But washing her anal ice water I got tired quickly. I have cordoned off the collar and led her to his room. First I made her suck my dick. It sucked pretty well, but this exhaustion I did not like I went on. Putting her on her back, I began to slowly enter into her dick. My slave girl rolled her eyes in pleasure. "Uh, no" - I thought - "I should get pleasure, not this old hag". I began to batter it much faster, with a force of will drive in her term. Margo finished soon. I did not like it, I had to change something. Rope I hardly shook her tits and nipples hung on metal clips. He turned her on her stomach. On his feet hooked stick with handcuffs at the end that she could not keep up. And he tried to enter her ass his cock, but not guys I did not. We see Margarita losifovna never engaged in anal sex is not, so it was virgin ass narrow, especially because I recently washed it all. First, I decided to use petroleum jelly, but on reflection, come to another embodiment. I brought a mop handle and it has introduced a slave, her anus does not give up. I stepped up the pressure, the case went quietly. Margarita losifovna naturally start to yell. "That fucking bitch all the buzz spoils" - Flashed through my head. But her own panties as usual took place in her mouth, and the noise stopped going to the dull bellowing. What would all the same, to alleviate the plight Margo I was a little smeared Vaseline mop handle and returned to his occupation. Introducing the handle on the depths of 15 centimeters, I began to rock it in different directions. Played in the gearbox ... 1-2-3-4, a little to the inside and back - 5 as my friend on the Shah. I was about to pull the squeegee as the alarm rings. I thought about football on TV, and watch it run.

The team for which I won the sick. My mood improved and returned to Margarita Iosifovna. Jerk pulling the mop, I turned back to Margo. Yeah, a few chest she turned blue, and one nipple bleeding. After removing the clamps and ropes, I smeared her breasts with cream. He ordered her to get off the bed and put it in the battery, hooking it to her collar. Pulled shorts out of his mouth ...
"Well, Margarita losifovna you enjoyed?"
"Boss, I was very hurt, so it is impossible!"
"Already the owner - it pleases"
"What? All that I'm with you do you must like it! It is clear, or even lie down with clamps on nipples?"
"Yes, sir, I understand, no more terminals" - Her face was filled with horror.
"Well, until the evening you can relax, and there will continue!"
I sat down at the computer to play hockey.

Later in the afternoon, I decided it was time again to do his new toy.
"Well, what a bitch, you miss here without me?"
"No, I mean, yes, that is ..."
"Of course, I missed" - I thought
Unfastened it from the battery, I sent it to be washed away - I can not stand dirty slaves. When he returned she stood in front of me on my knees, seen the previous sentence it worked. After thinking a bit I decided to fuck her. Putting her cancer, I transgressed, but he did not bring her to orgasm, feeling that it will soon be over, I took out a member and forced her to suck on. When he finished it in his mouth, I began to pinch her nipples and labia, she squealed.
"The owner, fuck me, please"
"Shut up ... when I decide to fuck you, and your mouth open nobody allowed"
She broke the rules, it is necessary to punish her.
"Bring your favorite belt, whore. He's in the living room on the floor. Fast."
Margarita losifovna dutifully went for the belt.
"Well, what do you think about how many strokes you talked a?"
"On 5?" - Does not she said loudly
"And I think at 15 I'm right? Well bitch, your master rights?"
"Yes, yes of course rights"
"Lie down on your stomach"
I began to smack her on the morning of punishment she left bruises and bruises, but I tried too much for him not to fall. 15 blows she suffered only slightly moaning. I have decided that it is necessary to encourage such behavior. And let her suck me. At this time, the suction was hotter.
"Okay, it's time to sleep, let's prepare you for sleep. Come after me"
Put it, I decided in the hallway on the floor. But then I remember one case. I led her into the living room and sat in a chair. He took the camera in a closet. And in the bathroom I took clothespins. At first I wanted to pinch her nipples clothespins, but after a day zazhimchikov, one nipple is not yet completely healed. Then I attached clothespins around her nipples. I set the camera on a tripod, and sent to Margarita Josephovna ...
"Come on, start to masturbate, I want to see how you cum"
"Where is our belt right now, someone will agree"
She began to pull at her pussy.
"Something you some slack, I went for the belt"
"Do not, please, I'm going to try!"
"OK let's see"
Hands Margo began to move faster. After some time, her body start to twitch, and finally, with a loud groan she came. I removed the camera and said ...
"Well, here you've become more and actress, okay let's go'll put you to sleep"
And bring her into the hall I put it on the floor.
"Roll over on your stomach"
She rolled
"Hands behind your back"
I tied her hands behind her back, and went for Vaseline and dildos. Liberally lubricate it with petroleum jelly anal, I began to enter into Margo dildos. Thanks to the abundant lubrication dildos all went into it. I put on Margarita Josephovna belt leather, then missed her crotch leather straps that are fastened on the belt. These straps I hooked dildos in the ass slave. I then tied her legs together and move the Margot on her stomach.
"Sweet dreams, Margarita losifovna, see you tomorrow"
And I went to sleep.

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