Halloween has always been in our house the most favorite holiday. My mom tried to do every time for me and my older brother, best costumes. We never bought them, and all sewn by hand. My mother spent long hours writing unique images and projecting them into the tissue, so it is not just our costumes claimed to be the best.
That year I was 13 years old. At a party dedicated to Halloween, I met my schoolmate Ronnie Shoemaker, dressed girl. Very sexy girl. At first we did not know. Only when he and his mom came up to us and said hello, I knew someone in front of me. Yet it was hard to imagine that this lovely creature - disguised as a man.
"Ronnie, is that you?" - I could not hide my surprise. He just smiled and curtsied. He was wearing a pleated skirt, similar to those required to wear in our girl's school, only this one was shorter. In so short that a couple of times I could even see the edge of his pink lace panties. Suit complement skinny sweater, which emphasized small mounds of breasts. I was blown away! That's realism. They were small, but at each step as the bouncing balls. Through the fabric pullover were clearly visible the contours of the bra. And high heels, golden wig and bright make-up completed the costume nymphet.
My mother, too, this outfit is very amused. She could not help but admire how lovely everything was done. On her part, Mrs. Shoemaker had heard a bunch of praise for such an original work. My mother was particularly impressed by the attention to small details: manicured and polished nails, and shadow-up eyes, and of course, a bust. Ronnie visibly blushed when her mother explained that she used artificial breasts with silicone fillers to create a natural look and shape. My friend really blushed when our mother began to discuss it in full costume designer like two facing dummy.
And my eyes at this time stuck to his feet, covered in white tights. When Ronnie finally allowed to sit, his mini-skirt rode up high on the thigh, and as he threw his leg over the other, for a moment I saw a bright pink stripes. Also it is necessary at the very moment my mother turned to me and asked: "And would you like a suit?"
"A?"- I jerked my head, caught by surprise.
Both women laughed. Yes, I was caught. Ronnie and I blushed terribly.
"Did you like his suit?"- Mrs. Shoemaker asked me.
"Well ... he did ... beautiful". I wanted to get away from there, my throat was dry, and his face was beet color.
My mother smiled: "Well, then I'll do the same this suit for you. It will be ready in a week, the next party". Our mother immediately began to discuss the plans in this regard, while we sat quietly, not daring to say a word.
A few minutes later Mrs. Shoemaker turned to me and said: "My dear, why do not you invite Ronnie to dance? I know that he is ... or to be more precise "she is" likes dancing". Both women burst out laughing again, and although I tried to refuse, they nevertheless insisted. It was scary to even think that I'm going to dance with a guy, but on the other hand it was clear that by Ronnie - the most charming girl at a party. Proof were hidden views that were thrown at him without exception, guys. His mini-skirt views of the pair of slender legs, and his chest was greater than that of any of this girl on this holiday.
Surprisingly, but Ronnie did not mind dancing. He just stared at the floor shyly and nervously fidgeted in his chair. When he lifted up his eyes, and our eyes met, I saw how he swung her long eyelashes, as if to say, I agree to support the game. I felt a strange feeling gripped the body, which is then concentrated in a pulsating tingling in the lower back. I decided to forget for a moment who he really was, and saw an amazing girl. Without thinking, I stood up, stretched out Ronnie's hand and led her to dance.
The room was already full of dancing boys and girls. I spent Ronnie through the crowd right in the center, and we started. And she danced very well. I was fascinated by her body echoed the rhythm of the music, her breasts seductively bouncing in time with her every movement. I knew they were not real, but it now seemed to make no sense. I wanted to grab and squeeze them. When went ballad, I unhesitatingly embraced Ronnie, and pressed her to him.


The next morning, my mother described her idea at the expense of my new suit. I was supposed to be "go-go girl" - Girl from the 60's. And although the suit Ronnie was good, she was going to do even better. First of all, it is suggested that you need to teach me how to walk in high heels. Mom noticed that Ronnie is in this sense let us down, so she wanted to make my walk was a more natural as possible. We immediately went to the local shops and began to choose my shoes. Close to the cabin, I tried on pair after pair, but my mother was still not satisfied. Finally, she opted for the red shoes with high heels awful. Wearing them, I realized that I could barely stand, and about walking and can not speak. But she told me that the higher the heel, the more slender legs look sexier and more becoming gait. As soon as we got home, she immediately ordered to put them on. From now on, as soon as I returned home from school, I had to wear them and practice or missing a single day. For a party mom promised that I would become an expert. And while I'm in a T-shirt and jeans, hobbling on his heels around the house, tucking his feet at every step, and even tried to climb the stairs.
But that was only the beginning. My mother insisted that I move with grace. She noted that although Ronnie and looked like a girl, but his manners were still a man's grave. While I nursed in circles around the room, my mother adjusted the stride, making do with smaller steps and shook her hips to the beat. Sami shoes were to make me feel a woman. Mom also taught me to say a few more high-pitched voice with a hint of smooth music.
A week later, the dress was ready. It was a bright red dress without sleeves and shoulder straps. Undressed, I tried to pull him over, tried it because it was awful tight. It is good that the elastic material from which it was made, well-stretched, and pivoting from side to side, I finally put it right. Wow, it was like a second skin! It closed up my chest and armpits ended, thus leaving the shoulders bare. And it was so short that barely covered my ass. Mom explained that these are the dresses worn by the real "go-go girls". It was all very fitting, with the exception of the front, but I was told that "everything has its time". From this point of my compulsory "pet apparel" complement the dress.
Training continued as the continued creation of my new image. The next step proved to be a wig, turned me into a blonde .. sorry, blonde. Polished and painted nails. Bijouterie. But the next item, I met with hostility. It was easy seamless stockings. But my mother insisted on them .... "What will it be then "go-go girl". To my horror the upper edge of the stocking did not get to the edge of the dress an inch, and that was even worse, it is the fact that so it was obvious that I was wearing a belt, to avoid which I could not.
As I mentioned, the dress was very short and form-fitting, so I could not imagine how you can take so that it does not have got up. My mother warned me to in any case does not admit the possibility of anyone see what I'm wearing men's underwear. In addition, she said that the guys are always trying to look under the skirts of girls, those girls who are allowed to do it - bad. And began the endless training sit-stand up, but every time I sit down, sneaking dress immediately crept up, badass too high. My request to make a longer dress just proved futile. When finally ended the patience of my mother, she threw "senseless undertaking to teach the grace of an elephant"And I had a terrible blushing, wear bright red lace panties. "So there is nothing to spoil the impression of your suit", - She said approvingly, looking at me from all sides.
Well, the real coup de grace was the final part of my costume. The day before the party my mother solemnly presented me with a brown box. Sly looking at me, he said that now I get what every girl dreams of - a couple of big beautiful breasts. After opening the box, I found there is a masterpiece of art. They looked like the real thing, are soft to the touch, and ended with the big red nipples. In addition, they have been controlled size. Mum with a wink, said I, in contrast to women terribly lucky, because I can adjust the size depending on the clothing, or on the mood. They were fastened with a special adhesive, so I did not need to wear a bra.
Without waiting for permission, she prispustila up my dress to her waist, and began treating my breast composition. Securely attach the "bulwark"She pumped the chest to the medium size. I immediately felt the weight of my new breasts. He broke the previous balance, and I had to adjust the fit of the body, so as not to bear off ahead. It was a strange feeling - so real to feel her breasts, her weight, volume. Mom pulled my dress back, and said, before going to bed to practice walking with the additional weight, because she wants to see me tomorrow at altitude.
Most of the next day we put in the training camp. I was very nervous, because that does not say, it was not an ordinary suit. But my mother seemed to take care of everything: a dress, a make-up, even on the chest - and everything looked fine. But then came the evening. I put on stockings, attached them to his belt. He climbed into his terribly tight dress. And then my mom decided to tweak the size of my breasts. She pumped them even more than last time, so they rang so much that it seemed to me a little bit and they rip the dress to shreds. Increased in size, and they added weight. Yes, now I truly understand that feeling bolshegrudaya girls! I barely was held in their high heels. Without bra my nipples so little shamelessly gave themselves protected by a thin fabric of her dress. I straightened my wig, my mother with mock solemnity, led me to a big full-length mirror. I was shocked to stand before my view, I just could not believe it. Before me stood a very sexy girl I have ever seen. I do not know, maybe in the 60's and looked "go-go girls"But in the 90's look like that whore .. first class whore. Especially issued my obscenely inflated chest.
The party was to take place at the same school. While there I did not know, but every year we have taken part in it. It was one of the best parties of the season. On the way we had to call for Ronnie and Mrs. Shoemaker. When our car pulled into the lane in front of their house, I ran shivers down my spine. They will be the first, well, except for my mother who see me that way. How do they react to it? What will they say? ... Disturbing thoughts possessed me. But it is not going to waste time, my mother immediately sent me for them, she decided to stay in the car. A cold October wind immediately flew under my dress as soon as I got out of the passenger compartment. Not wanting to freeze, I quickly hobbled on their favorite heels to the front door. My breasts bouncing with each step up and down, up and down. Terribly excited, I pressed the doorbell. After a while, the door opened and Mrs. Shoemaker appeared in front of me. And then I finally throat was dry, and all that I was able to do - is to squeeze out an uncertain smile.
"I'm listening"- Mrs. Shoemaker said, looking at me questioningly.
"Hi"- Finally I gave birth to me.
"Oh my God!" Her eyes opened wide. Apparently, she finally realized who before her. "Bobby, that's the truth you ?!" Recovering himself from a small shock, she gestured for me to enter. I gingerly stepped over the threshold of her house. And she still could not calm down: "Wow. You look great. Come to twist. Let me look at you from all sides". Mrs. Shoemaker, more and more surprised at how well my transformation was successful. Gait, mannerisms, voice - everything has become so feminine, that she had to admit that my mom made a real masterpiece.
A few minutes later he came down to us and Ronnie. He was ready for the party, it was the same suit as the last time. When he saw me, he grinned and said: "Well, you're a cool chick".
Then we all went to a party. Our mothers all the way to discussing our costumes and praise each other with their achievements, but, as I understand it, have not agreed which of them still won. I was never in a state of what else to say, the whole bound suddenly attacked me energized. Finally, we arrived at the scene, and immediately went into the hall. He already was almost full, and as soon as we walked in, I immediately felt the dozens of views, fixed on me. And that I finally dobilo - I literally began to control his every movement. I tried to go as the more smoothly as possible so that my breasts are not bouncing too much. Just getting to the free table near the dance scene, I was able to breathe more freely. But I rejoiced too early - after a couple of minutes, our mothers, peremignuvshis, apologized to us and said that they need to freshen up. Ronnie and I were left completely alone.
And then a couple of guys jumped immediately to our table and asked us to dance. They were older than us, the graduates know such inflated football. I nervously glanced at Ronnie, he looked at me nervously. Silent pause seemed to crush us. Finally, he looked at the men, and said a few trembling voice: "Ok".
"Cool!" - Sounded their voices heard in unison sounds victorious march. They took us by the hand and led him into the center of the dancing masses. Yeah, I thought it would be torture - walk on his heels in tight short dress. Naive! That was nothing compared to dances. With each imbedded and prihlopa my breasts bouncing and wagged from side to side. It seemed to me that a little bit and they fall out of the chest outward. And it is just in front of the dance floor, who was staring at me with undisguised lust has on the male side and undisguised hatred from the female.
But this was not all. At one point, when Ronnie appeared right next to me, he had whispered to me: "Your dress is illuminated through".
"What?..." - Do not hold back, I cried. Looking at myself, I found that plunged me into a state of shock. The laser beams used in the lighting design, each time falling on my dress, made it quite clear. Heck, from which it was made? What kind of fabric used my mother? I immediately rushed to saving the twilight of our table, but the big crowd of men surrounded the ring and I did not let go of the dance floor. Wildly laughing and besnuyas, they chanted: "Come and dance. Come and dance". My partner, not giving time to recover, grabbed me by the waist and carried away in a mad dance. With each pulse of music lasers intersect at angles boggling, fell to the ground, leaving my body completely naked in front of the crowd looks.
"Come on, come again, shake them. Shake them for me"- He encouraged me my partner. Rotate your hips to the beat of the music, he tried to cuddle me. I was stunned by his sudden nakedness, and the effect produced by all the males in the audience. My head spun all. Now, it seemed, I was dancing with him is not so much how much every man, looking at me. I twisted her hips and shaking her breasts, and spun from side to side - I gave a real show. It was some haze.
When the music ended, my partner, not giving me time to recover, grabbed me by the arm and pulled him away from the hall. Still in a daze, I automatically followed by an empty, dark corridor, then down the stairs leading to the basement. We like somewhere in a hurry, I finally pulled out his hand, and stood, and still decided to inquire the purpose of our trip. But he interrupted me, saying that we are already in place. Opening the door, he went into what that room. I carefully followed. Then in the darkness he firmly grabbed me, and began to kiss passionately, trying to shove her tongue in my mouth. I tried to protest, fighting hard, but he was older and stronger than me. His arms were iron. On top of all, he began to touch my butt and my fake breasts. It would not be lifted - flashed through my mind. For such fraud people marked me as a hamburger! I knew that when exposing a joke I do not get off. Finally, thank God, he let me go and took a step back. But it is something not very much suspicious smirk appeared on his face. He reached down and began to pull his pants. OH MY GOD! What to do, what to do - throbbing in my head. Solve it needed immediately. Just a little bit, and it will start to look at me what I do not and never has been. I trembled. And then a terrible thought occurred to me. But I already knew that it was the only thing that could still save me. I fell to her knees. And she brought her mouth to his crotch.
He slowly pulled his cock. This large, I have never seen. Although, in truth, in reality, I only saw his penis, and this was much more than I do. Eight inches long and thick like a log. The boy, still smiling, dropped a hand on my head, and the other grabbed the base of the penis. He pointed it directly in my mouth. "Open your mouth, slut. suck it". Shuddering, I opened my mouth and wrapped his body with his lips. "Yes, that's right. Now, suck, small sosatelnitsa". Saying all this, he began to slowly move them back and forth. Now both his hands on my head, and he ran head spitted my throat on his huge phallus. I have a couple of times breath, but soon I figured out (to live like that) and started to breathe at that moment, when the head of his penis left larynx. And out of his mouth at this time fell a long series of expletives that I'm a slut, and he uses me as a cheap prostitute. Then he began to fuck my throat is getting stronger and stronger, and suddenly roaring like a bear, let my mouth a huge jet of hot and dense fluid. I had to swallow, so as not to choke. When he finished, he ordered to lick his penis to a sterile cleanliness. With difficulty I forced myself to do that, too, is constantly swallowing, trying to get rid of a specific taste. Finally, he took the job, and I was about to rise, he said to someone: "All you guys. Now it's yours".
Speechless, I raised up in amazement at him. He looked somewhere behind me. Still continuing to kneeling, with disheveled hair and smeared lipstick on the face, with battened down almost to her waist dress, I turned around and saw a large group of boys near the door, was on his way to me.