House was very boring, my mother took leave and went to the country, but I did not take, he said it's too early. Then visit us from the village came to my grandmother and dad just moved to her mother on a summer residence. So I was left alone in the house. From the courtyard I lost all my friends who went with his parents at sea and who was taken to the camp. Only one sad I walked across the empty yard, where even the birds and the dogs were hiding in their houses.
- Grisha, go home! - A grandmother went to the balcony and yelled at the whole court, like in his village.
- Well, what else is there? - I grumbled under his breath, while up to the apartment. - I was just that breakfast, before dinner is still far.
- Grisha, my mother called. To go visit her friend, she can take you with me, you will go?
My joy knew no bounds, the whole day I did not argue with anyone, and even went to sleep without a scandal that would have to get up early tomorrow and would rather go on the road. But grandmother got up even earlier. When I woke up, the apartment has already floated the aroma of hot pies and something else tasty. From the kitchen I drove my grandmother, that would not be burned on the stove, and sent to collect things on the road.
As I went through toys and decided that I will take with him, in the hall there was a sharp trill call. I had used all run to the door and clicked the lock first.
- Ba-a! It came to Eugene! - I cried, so that would be heard in the kitchen.
Aunt Zhenya, or as I called it simply - Eugene, was my mother's friend from work. They worked in the same room and often, when I called my mother, Jack took the phone, so we knew each other well.
- Call guests to the room - his voice grandmother - I'll be right back, my hands in the flour.
We walked into the large room. While the guests looked around, I looked at her admiringly.
- What is your dress is beautiful!
- True! Do you like? - Jack spun on his heel still races, high vzmetnuv skirt. Personally, I did not care what her dress, but I knew that adults like these words, and I really liked Jack.
- Only it's not a dress, it is called a sundress. True good ?! - And she spun again.
- Yes, good! And why do you have brown legs and white ass?
- How do you know? - Jack leaned stared into my eyes.
- And when you're cool, then it was clear. You're so tanned?
Jack laughed and hugged me to her. I resisted and began to build on her soft breast.
- Good day - stood in the doorway of a grandmother and not favorably looked upon us - are going through to the kitchen, I'll put the patties are now in a bag and go.
Jack was confused and took her bag.
Unfortunately it was not possible to gather quickly. Several times I looked into the kitchen, but my grandmother and Aunt Zhenya all sat and talked.
- You, my dear, do not worry, - said the grandmother, pouring tea, - Grisha quiet boy, you're on the go entertain him with something and all will be well. Take another pie, I'll brew tea with herbs. Herbs I have a good, strong, at times the body clears admiring sickness kicked in again. And you devonka still give birth to children, health something useful.
When my patience is exhausted for the second time, my grandmother has been giving his advice and let us go. Hurry, until she remembered something else, we grabbed the bag and ran to the stairs. But caught up in the courtyard of our grandmother's voice: "Eugene, do not worry. Grisha knows the way, if something: then ask him!" Trying as much as possible to leave the yard quickly, I pulled harder Zhenyu hand.
When we crossed the square and went on the road, Jack pleaded:
- Not so fast, Grisha! Are we going to be late for the bus?
- Yeah.
- Well, let's not go so fast.
I kept silently pull a Eugene. Just it seemed to me that the grandmother is about to catch up with us again and will start shipping tips, but in the end we'll be late for the train.
- Well, here we got - Jack said wearily and dropped the bag on the bus stop bench.
- Phew, it's hot like that - she breathed, and began fanning herself with a handkerchief. - Why was it such a hurry, I was wet all over, and the bus will not be long. - She said, looking around.
- Grisha, posteregi things, and I'll run for a minute - I asked Jack, pulled out a wallet and went to the other side of the street. There's a bright shade of homes turned yellow barrel with kvass.
Aunt quickly knocking heels reached the middle of the road, paused for a moment at the scribe line, passing the car, and ran on. Searing summer sun pierced through her sundress, and I thought for a moment, as if the wife does or what was not so good was visible to her slim figure with long strong legs.
- Where are you, kid, you looking at? - Hissed over my head, someone's poisonous voice.
- I? Not much, just too want kvas, - said another voice.
I looked around, standing behind the uncle in a cap with the inscription "Rechflot" and auntie with a wicker bag.
- Oboydeshsya, you already drank beer.
- And now I want to kvas.
- You eyes, then turned from the girls, once you look - you will long remember!
I was disgusted to listen to them more. Quiet aunt having called "Baba Yaga"I took the gun out of the bag and started to walk in circles - to protect our veshi. At the same time constantly looked at the road, the bus will not find it there, it would be time to warn her aunt. But Jack was not late.
- So much better - she said, smiling. - That's when I thoroughly wet.
Eugene got familiar handkerchief wiped their forehead, neck, and then, pulling the top sundress, put her hand inside. Uncle in the cap choked gasp when I looked back, he rubbed his bruised foot, and "Baba Yaga" He stood with an angry face.
I approached our bus. Ride around the city was not interested in the way to the station I knew by heart, and could itself instead of the driver to drive the car. Once we enter the station square and stop all the passengers rushed to the door, as if the bus caught fire. Jack fearfully clutching me and did not let go until the cabin was empty. On the street, dividing equally things to me - a backpack, and his wife all the rest, we walked to the railway station building. But once inside the station, Jack was confused and helpless released handbags. She at the same time it was necessary to take a turn to the cashier, force one's way to the trains schedule to find out departure times and, at the same time, try not to lose me, nor things. She hunted looks around for solutions, and ran past the indifferent people, almost knocking us over.
- Problems, sis? - Next to us stopped two soldiers, - Can we help?
Jack pulled out her handkerchief, this time, that would wipe potekshuyu ink, and briefly outlined the situation.
- And it's all? - He smiled the elder of the military.
- So listen to my command! Simon, you know ... when the next train departs, and find me at the box office. You, sister, take this eagle - he nodded at me - I take a bag and all run to queue up for tickets.
After half an hour all the problems have been successfully resolved. Jack worried in vain, our train left not soon. Finding a place in the shade, we are conveniently laid the bag on the bench at the beginning of the platform. The military bought lemonade, I took his grandmother's pies, and all the waiting train departure. It was great to sit in the shade of bushes and no where did not rush. Aunt calmed down and happily chatting with new friends.
- Zhenya, - I called.
- What do you want? - She interrupted the conversation for a moment, then turned to me.
- I want to write.
He smiles faded aunt's face. It immediately became serious. - Go behind the bushes and do your business.
- No, that will not do, - I stood up for the military, - Simon, take "eagle" in his arms and quickly to the toilet.
Simon sighed, somehow looked up at Zhenya's legs, and silently went along with me to the railway station building. Making his way through the crowd, I was immensely proud. I wish that all would have seen what I have friends - the real military. When we came back, the radio announced the landing in our train. Simon put me on his shoulders, and we quickly began to dissect the human sea. Even from a distance, from a height of growth Semenova, I saw Eugene. She stood pressed against the bushes and something argued with other military. It has been seen as Eugene desperately shaking his head, and he tried to say something in her ear. When he saw us, Jack happy, pushed the military and began to pack bags. Then we walked along the train, peering through the windows in search of free places. Already in the middle of the structure we managed to find an empty bench. The military brought our belongings, said goodbye and wished a successful road, and went into the street.
The car began to fill with people slowly. In front of us sat elderly uncle and aunt. They diligently stuffed their bags on the top shelf, and under the seat. Eugene began to worry nervously looked at his watch and asked me:
- Grisha, sit here, a guide: keep the things. I need somewhere to run. I'll be back - and she asked, banging his heels, ran out of the car.
I sighed and pulled out his trusty pistol and began to guard abandoned bags. Probably my destiny such - all the way to protect them. As time went on, no one on our stuff did not attempt. Uncle, he was sitting in front of silently reading a thick paper, his aunt was knitting some cloth.
It became quite boring, I began to look at through the glass hurrying passengers. They are loaded with heavy trunks, ran, overtaking each other. Where are they in a hurry to be seen and, although my mother forbade me stick out through the open window, I decided to see where all the running, wisely realizing that no mother here, and Jack away. Emboldened, I pulled on the frame. The nose immediately hit the smell of hot asphalt and the noise filled the ears of the station turmoil. Peering out, I saw standing Zhenyu and immediately hid back, but she was not up to me. Cautiously peeping, I watched as my aunt chatted with acquaintances military. They held hands Eugene, and she tried to escape, all laughing merrily.
The driver coughed something into the microphone, then added another. But, thinking that it still does not understand, just shut the door and immediately opened them. People on the platform ran even faster, at the door formed a crush. Jack quickly said goodbye to friends, turned and walked to the car. The eldest of the military made a rush, grabbed Eugene's waist, pulled her to him and pressed her cheek. Aunt struck his hand and disappeared into the doorway.
The driver again coughed in speaker, closed the door and slowly touched the train from the place. In the past the military drove, I waved it in the next and moved away from the window, as in the passage seemed Aunt Zhenya. It is pressing the booty, the breast to the passengers waded into place, finally succumbed to knee the most slow-witted peasant, Jack sat down on the bench.
- Phew! Very hot in the street - she said, wiping her red face.
- Yes, - agreed to our neighbor, not looking up from knitting - this summer will be difficult.
I did not interfere with their conversation and focused on the window. Jack paused, lifted me on the bench, and she got up close, happy to substituting the cool wind flushed face and hands. I liked so be pressed to the glass hard and his wife's belly to feel her breasts gently rests me in the back. From Eugene was hot, but it was still nice that she drove away me from the window, my mother, and did not frighten severed hands and head. Before the train left the city, she stayed several times in the car squeezed a few more passengers. We had to move over and make room for the old grandmother. Aunt Zhenya backpack cleaned up, and put me on his lap. The train was dispersed, the passengers sat on the ground and do their own thing. Jack pulled out a one-two books himself, the other me.
I carefully looked at all the pictures, and then honored all the familiar characters. I asked Eugene to read me a story, but she refused, though his book almost did not read. She then opened it, covered, for some reason, looked through a window, sitting on the very edge of the bench, then suddenly began to move deeper into the seat.
- Eugene, what does a red armband and letters "P" and "F" on it?
- I do not know. And where have you seen a bandage?
- Do your military on the sleeve.
- It is written there: "Duty".
- He's working in a restaurant?
- Why do you say that? - Aunt smiled.
- We have a duty in the garden help to arrange the plates and clean the dishes. Where is the train station have plates? Only in the restaurant.
Jack did not answer or anything, just laughed and patted my hair. Then put me in his place, and went into the vestibule, but soon returned. Walking on the car, aunt agreed to play in the fingers. The game went merrily, but Jack did not play carefully and often lost. Then she sat down with his legs crossed, and I was not comfortable.
- Stop turn down, sit comfortably, - I said.
- I do not like to sit, then stand - angrily said Eugene and put me on the bench.
I was offended, I turned to the window and began to consider flying past trees and poles, groups of machines accumulated at level crossings. Sticking his hand out the window, I missed trickle through his fingers elastic air.
- Eugene, and it was your brother?
- Where?
- There, at the train station.
- Why did you decided - interested in Eugene, placed her hands on his stomach and sat back.
- So he called you sister.
- It's just saying, when turning to an unknown girl.
- Unfamiliar! And why did he kiss you?
Jack blushed and quickly looked around, checking to see who else can hear the conversation.
- Look out the window and do not be silly - it is angry.
I smiled, pleased with himself, turned to the window. At this point ... we flew past the oncoming train. Machinists whistles greeted each other. Unbearable roar burst through the open car window. Startled, I jerked, tried to grab the frame, but missed, and with all his wife slumped to his knees. She gasped and strong, angrily pushed me upright uncle sleeping with a newspaper. It was so unlike Zhenya, I was surprised and wanted to explain that it is not hit and did not even scared. But my aunt did not listen to me, she doubled over, hands tucked under the belly.
- Nasty boy! - She hissed in his ear, and even added something not clear.
Uncle with the newspaper woke up and did not understand anything, I started to calm down, stroking the head, tried to lift me off the floor. Attracted by the noise, we turned to the other passengers.
- Lady, you have something to run down! - A voice.
Marrying a second raised her head, looked at the speaker with frightened eyes, and immediately lowered her red flushed face. I looked under the bench, there was really wet. With the bench in a puddle of heavy drops fell, but not a big stream paved track in the central aisle.
- What are you sitting? See faster bags! - I moved for a neighbor. Jack straightened up and began to frantically dig into things.
- You, why a bottle of tea is not closed, Gregory? - Attacked my aunt.
From this injustice, I was taken aback, and neither of which did not respond. Why argue and say that I bottle always well closed. Once I put the Pope to list uncovered a bottle, and it has filled important documents. Since then, I am very attentive to the traffic jams. The more tea, we do not, and my grandmother's cranberry is in your backpack on the top shelf. Gradually train all calmed down, but I hurt at Zhenya, do not talk to her until his stop, and did not even ask why we are entering the most recent. Watching her aunt, I was wondering why adults so much sweat. Here Zhenya her hair matted on his neck and the whole back wet, especially heavily soaked skirt sundress.
Through the creaking door of a small station, we are on the area. It was much quieter and cleaner than we have in the city.
- So where to now? - Jack asked.
- At the bus stop, - I said - let's go show.
Taking the aunt's hand, I led her through the station square. On the way we stopped several times, Jack threw the bag on the ground, squatting near them and something better.
- Very hard? - I asked.
- Nothing is put up, - she said.
We came to a small pavilion in the center of the square.
- For a long time we stand here? - Aunt asked, looking around.
- First you have to buy tickets here - I kicked the wooden wall of cash - then podedut buses.
- When? - Jack asked again, looking at the buildings, on the border area.
- They are always approaching the train - I explained - pick up passengers and returned only for the next train.
- Explanatory kid - praised me drunk guy sitting in the shade of cash on an empty bottle crates.
Jack looked at him, it was evident that her uncle did not like much. Not taking his eyes off me and things aunt took all in cash. And again, I pulled out a gun and began to guard the bags until my aunt, shifting from one foot to the other, standing in a queue. Having waited until Jack gets back, I pulled her sundress.
- What do you want? - I bent it.
- I want to write.
- Be patient. You know, we can not move. Buses will leave without us, that's when we sit here with the homeless until the evening.
- Well, Jack, I badly want.
- Do not torture the child - it turns out, a drunken man heard everything.
- Where I had Dan? - Angry aunt.
Yes there - the man nodded his head, - you see a hole in the fence?
Jack looked in that direction, there is not far behind sparse bushes stretched concrete rail fence. In it the right message boards really was a hole. Aunt stood lost in thought, her legs crossed.
- Do not ssy, you! Look your buses - the man pointed to three cars - will in turn drive up, will have time to return.
Jack stood for a little, and then turned to the woman standing in front of us in line.
- Please look after things. The boy has to use the toilet.
The woman agreed and we quickly ran through the area.
- A strange city - Eugene said, pulling my hand - grass lawns there, and there is no asphalt.
- Sand is also beautiful - I said. Personally, I really liked this town. Well, what with the fact that instead of asphalt track sanded. Aunt Jack did not answer, but continued to run to the fence. Suddenly she gasped and stopped sharply bent, his hands on his knees.
- What are you doing? - I asked the stood Zhenyu.
- Buttons lost, - she whispered.
- From sundress?
- Yes, yes, from the sundress. Be quiet please!
I decided to look for the loss. As Dad said, if you have lost something, then turned to each other priests and look in different directions. Bypassing aunt, I knelt down and began obscharivat track.
- If the button is dropped, then it could be buried in the sand - I suggested.
Jack did not answer, she just moaned and sat down even lower. Apparently she was very sorry to lose a button. I also felt sorry for Eugene, and I carefully sifting the sand at her feet. Suddenly, I have something burned. I was surprised then when I looked at his hand - realized that it drops.
- The same ... - I looked up and wanted to ask my aunt what had happened, but saw her leg slip the other drops.
Perhaps Jack so upset because of the loss of buttons, which again strongly sweating. Looking on the wet track, I remembered how Dad and came under heavy rain and ran home. Raindrops pounded on the head, dripping with wet hair on the back and through the priest emerged in the legs of the shorts. It was very tickled and a lot of fun, that's just at home mom for some reason, was angry and swore at my father for a long time.
Jack stood up, grabbed my wet hand and dragged him to the fence again.
- But what about the button of? - I protested.
- Then we find - the aunt said, her feet quickly.
Running up to the passage in the bushes, I stopped. Jack swung and bumped into me.
- What are you doing up?
- There's thorns.
- We have no choice. Come on, or now someone described.
With these words, my aunt sent me a push forward and slipped with a crash behind him. We began cautiously making their way along the fence, choosing the place where you can put your feet up. Zhenya through his teeth begged me to go faster, but she was able to go only to the boards .... There she stopped and quickly lifted the hem of her sundress. Now it has become like the garden of our girls when they were going to jump from the roof of the sandbox. I've wanted to tell my wife that hole to go to the left is not much, but stood amazed unprecedented spectacle, right before my eyes my aunt's panties soaked rapidly.
- Zhenya! You ,: you have forgotten to remove her panties, - I breathed.
- Really? - She looked at herself, there is leaked through the fabric, running streams and trickled down her legs.
- Maybe I did not have time to remove them.
- Have you described? - I could not believe my ears. Well maybe not an adult aunt's so easy to pee in the street.
- Hush, do not cry, - stopped me Eugene. She reluctantly looked at their shoes to get wet.
- Grisha, you better look at the bottom, that would be me who does not see - they asked and put his finger under the gum, wet panties pushed aside.
I sat down at the message board, but could not take his eyes off the opened black hair on the abdomen at Eugene. Aunt slightly crouched and continued to write, but despite his efforts, it still flooded his shoes.
- For me no one is looking? - She asked again.
- No one. The first bus went all looking at him.
Well, that Zhenya such long legs - I thought to myself - now out of boards they can be seen just to the knee, well, maybe a little higher. And no one would guess that we have here occurred "accident". When you have finished writing, aunt turned away from me and took off her panties. And when she parted legs began to wipe them with a clean side, I understood why so many women are so strange walking. It turns out that they have between the legs of the pope grow hair. So they Shchekotov.
- Zhenya, - I called in a whisper, and then seeing that I have heard, and touched the cold skin thigh.
- Jack, do not you hurt? - I asked.
- It hurt - she replied, without a break, and continuing to wipe - and when the pee, it was good.
- No, I'm not about that. You can not hurt to walk with such a hole?
- Where? - Jack turned his head toward me.
- There - I pointed to the red slit in her black hair, stretching from the stomach up to the hole in the pope.
Aunt immediately put her hand, - And you do not look!
Then, laughing, she added, - That all girls at birth, do not worry. You yourself are going to write something, or just going to look at me?
While I was watering the tree near the fence, Jack finished wipe gently rolled up wet panties into a ball and hid them in his fist.
- Are you ready? Then let's go - she commanded.
- Let me go back, - I said, when we came to the square.
- What for?
- Well, you no panties. Suddenly the wind blows, and everyone will see that you go naked. And so I'm going to go back and keep your sundress.
Jack laughed, hugged me to her soft leg and said:
- Grisha, you're the good boy in the world. I love you!