Touching turned suddenly and unexpectedly wet. We approached with the cross legs. Actually Near me Annie. I reclined on the left thigh, leaning on the left elbow by pushing the right leg to the side and seemed to reveal long-awaited touch. I have not seen Annie, I just imagined how it moves me. My head was thrown back, his chest heaving often the hot breath, opal and dried my lips.
I still felt the kiss Annie on her nipples, making my breasts were covered by a light cramp. A moment ago we were sitting opposite each other, and cross-legged, but at a certain distance. Connects us prolonged kiss. We closed lips still standing, just as soon as Annie threw off my shoulders the last item of clothing - colorful silk blouse.
In this first kiss we hugged. At the same time, quite by accident, my left nipple hardened buried in the still soft right nipple Annie, crumpled and going into her chest. This touch echoed in my body somehow bounce string, crumbles, first in the stomach, then the hot wave that moved to her neck, forcing her zanemet, and, at the same time, floated down, easy cramp twitching hips and inducing muscle weakness in the legs. Legs like a buckled, and I was fascinated by Annie behind him on the floor.
During this rapid movement down, I still managed to feel that nipple Annie began to answer my rapidly increasing hardening. Annie's right leg was over my left, and her left knee slipped under my right. A moment later our lips parted, not without regret, preparing, obviously, even more sweet pursuits.
I leaned back slightly, resting his hands on the floor and making available Annie her breasts, and immediately felt the moisture of her soft lips on his chest. Annie spent the tongue on the hollow between my breasts, licked by one, then by another. Then he kissed my breasts, first in right nipple, and then on the very left.
My God! Like a thousand delights needles stuck into the nipple - Annie gently sucked it into her mouth with their lips: I wanted to complete it is taken into the mouth of my chest, and I just moved forward, at some millimeter, but Annie this was enough, and Now I feel her teeth on the delicate skin.
Annie slightly closes the mouth, teeth slide on wet skin and reach the excited nipple. Annie gently squeezes his teeth, I involuntarily retracts the stomach, as if making a breath, and then suddenly pull out the nipple mouth Annie and go down on the left elbow, throwing her head back. I did not even realize, cold or hot skin was Annie, when the thigh of her left foot touched the bottom of my right thigh. But it's touch was so close to the goal, which sought to Annie that it burned me through the region touching some inner glow.
- You know, I want to see you naked.
I was startled by these words, but not very surprised because two weeks ago we accidentally kissed on the lips, and both, apparently, it's terrible pleasant. We probably did not have time this purpose - to kiss on the lips, and just wanted to salute to touch each other's cheek, but both substituted at each other is not the cheek, and it turned out that it met our lips. It lasted a moment, but I could feel my lips sank into something soft, tender and hot. We both seemed frightened, recoiled, and then laughed.
And two days later at a meeting has deliberately smacked his lips on the lips. But it was just a simple "Smack"Although at this brief contact me all trembled, breathing hitched, and wanted to pull over to Annie tightly all over.
Some days I painfully decides to make a real kiss. I imagine how soft and warm lips Annie girth mine as her tongue penetrated my mouth, glide on the teeth and gums, and from one only of these thoughts I began to feel dizzy and stopped breathing.
We kissed last night, when walking along the promenade. At some point, people was not close, I turned to him and Annie leaned his lips to hers. Everything turned out the way I imagined. The extraordinary bliss has spread throughout the body, dizzy, trembling knees, and we, in order not to fall, leaned against the railing. Particularly acute added a presence, though not very close, strangers.
And today, Annie was bolder.
- Come to me - I was immediately offered, and a spasm of throat with anticipation - I also want it badly.
- What is this? - Smiling Annie asked.
- So you saw me naked.
- And I do not want you to see.
- Of course I want! And not just to see.
From these words alone so wanted to hug this fragile girl clung to her entire body, merge in the intoxicating kiss, but I only took her firmly by the hand, and we turned to the alley.
Parents left for two days, my mother's sister. It seems that she or her husband had a birthday. Of course, they told me to sit in the evening at home, be a good boy and did not invite to the house, except a close girlfriend.
- How strong smell of lilacs! - Annie said, and squeezed my hand, and I noticed a nervous twitching nostrils girls.
In the elevator, we did not let go each other's hands, as though afraid that our quick agreement can be broken. But at the door of his hands I had to leave, otherwise I would have simply opened the door.
We got rid of sandals in the hallway and went into a large room. After the street was a pleasure to walk barefoot on the soft carpet pile, take up more space in front of the wide sofa, near which stood two large comfortable armchairs. Annie fell in one of them, and under her short skirt flashed little white panties.
I sat down beside her and gently touched once with both hands at the feet of Annie. First, its sharp knees, then slowly stretched her arms forward, the hem of skirts, for a smooth and soft skin. Annie instinctively brought his feet together and her hips responded to my touch convulsive muscle bust. Spasm gripped my stomach, and this voltage is passed on somewhere inside and down to the point where my legs came together, and I felt it unnecessary to become captive panties.
- I'm thirsty, - I interrupted my loves Annie.
- I am now! - Perhaps, indeed, it had to be interrupted.
I jumped up and ran into another room, where a large refrigerator probably had several packages of orange juice. Taking the two boxes and a pair of glasses from the cabinet, I would immediately go back to Annie, but then I wanted to get rid of panties, already slightly povlazhnevshih. I put the box and glasses on the table, quickly took off her panties and, crumpling, hid them in cam.
Annie sat all the same, only its legs were no longer clenched convulsively, and were slightly apart, so that the hem of her skirts even falling down between them, covering her panties. I could not help thinking that Annie can be also thrown off them. It would be nice right now to lift the hem of her skirts and Annie see her neatly and young pussy. But the idea itself to deal with panties Annie aroused no less.
The juice was probably too cold. I even goose bumps on the back and legs. However, it may be quite a different reason, because now is certainly the time has come to act.
Again I knelt in front of the chair and slid my hand back on his feet Annie. Kneeling, I noticed that her panties girlfriend on the spot, and then I wanted to not just take them with her, but to remove them from her body so that she did not have to get up. Hands infiltrated under the skirt, and I felt that I not only grew moist. Fingers touched openwork fabric through which felt two little swelling, between which the slit-like opening guessed. I almost pressed fingers, Annie stronger parted legs, and fingers felt hot moisture.
- You're not sorry panties?
- No, honey. Do with them what you want.
... I strongly lifted her skirt, leaned forward over the body and buried her face in the white triangle, feeling and smell of fresh sweat maiden, and sharp streams already familiar odors awakening passion.
Openwork fabric is easy to succumb to my Zubkov, and now the front of the shorts was formed a huge hole, opened the eyes of Annie bottom tummy fuzz with neatly shaved pubic. Using your fingers, I pulled the cloth apart, and panties from a few ribbons left. One - with elastic - waist cover girl, two others drowned in the folds separating the tummy he legs.
I took a knife from the table, gently pulled the elastic from the abdomen and cut it. Then, just as carefully cut the ribbon still two completely freeing girlfriend from the first garment.
Then, unable to resist, once again he clung face between her legs Annie, first took in his mouth a little grove of pubic hair, and then began to move his mouth lower and deeper. When my lips touched the clitoris my girlfriend, she screamed at the sharp intake of breath and slightly arched his body toward my caresses.
Slightly swollen clit was quite resilient, gentle and madly tasty. I gently took him with her lips and tongue caressed.
- I also want - moaned Annie - Get up please!
And I realized that my clitoris is in the same condition as her.
- Annie, I'm so good! - And I got up.
Annie moved to the edge of the chair, and then I felt her hot palm move already on my feet from the bottom up. Here they slid back under the skirt, and now Annie knows exactly what panties on me anymore. She gently dug her fingers into my buttocks. Then she sent them away, shifted his hands forward in my tummy. Then the hand went down, gently stroked my crotch, and gently podbrity and tonsured, and hit caresses the inside of the thighs.
After a moment, girlfriend fingers found the zipper on the side of my skirts, and even a second skirt fell to my feet.
Now Annie's mouth tasted my charms between her legs. Open jaws girl took me all. I felt my clitoris stiffened and he craves the touch. That broke out passion completely dulled shame, and I eagerly began to look for her clitoris mouth Annie, and finding, with the strength of these pressed his lips to place Annie, trying to penetrate the clitoris in her mouth, she began to rub it on her lips and nimble tongue.
Clothing prevented, like touching bare skin, and I began to pull Annie up the topic. I have long understood that, under a topic nothing more. More on the seafront, embraced her friend, I did not feel her bra. A minute ago, I noticed how the fabric through two trends excited beads. After a topic has gone through the head and skirt Annie.
For these things I am, of course, lost contact with the mouth Annie, why even a little sober, but inflame passion, of course, did not pass, and powerfully led us both to the joint orgasm. I really wanted to make it happen at the same time opportunities. I felt almost ready to come, but how close to orgasm Annie, could not understand.
- Honey, I love you so much! I'm so happy with you!
Once again, I had found my clitoris sponge Annie and entered them in her lovely and tender mouth. Hands I covers the girl's neck, stroking her head and strongly pressed her between her legs.
- You're so delicious! I have never felt such excitement and such a pleasure! - Annie answered me and stroked his hands all over my body, which was still a colorful silk blouse. Bra on I was not there. And what we are now bras !? Our breast is not so great and is very elastic.
- Chest ... My chest ... I want you to kiss her, Annie ...
Here Annie rose from her chair and in one motion tore me colorful silk blouse.
Then followed blow gum on the gum in a passionate and intoxicating kiss that knocked us both down.
- Take me - we almost shouted to each other, quite mad with passion. Mutual burns our thighs in half-lying position on the floor to change wet and hot pussy meeting our languor. Annie finally got to me and hugged his swellings between his legs to a mine, flattening them all on our own bones through the thin layer of tissue. I felt like my clitoris slips on wet pussy flaps as encounters with other languishing elasticity of the clitoris. Tension is growing enormously, even nipples on the breasts almost ready to burst. We frantically grab each other's thighs and strive to be attracted also by hand.
- Ah-ah-ah !!!
The first pulse of orgasm covers all between my legs. I make a few more strong movements for the sake of your clitoris, already does not care about Annie. Remnants of consciousness notice that Annie and instinctively seeks to get his share of pleasure, and in this mutual desire for the greatest pleasure we suddenly jerk and painfully squeeze each other mutual information feet together. Shudders in contact clits whole spew streams of elastic enjoyment, waves splashed all over the body, Glusha remnants of consciousness. A few seizures, and we completely exhausted spread on the carpet.