Now I'm in a deep pessimism:
zahalturil organism is sensitive,
and, breaking the tranquility of life,
muddy stream poured instincts.
I wanted you to cramps,
to hiccups and pain in his side ...
But in absentia to achieve orgasm -
sorry. I can not do.
I pet it started
It succeeded at first to drown,
but as soon as I close my eyes I
It was again before the eyes
All that for a long time in the boiling heart
and bravely blocking line:
dazzling white body
in a pile of torn clothes me.
You believe, until the last moments
I fought with him that there is power:
push-ups until exhaustion,
even arm themselves bitten,
I threw a run on the wall,
pulling himself off the wallpaper scraping,
vein cut a file -
sorry, neighbors managed to save.
I desperately gulped pills
and "reviver" slurped,
He shook themselves into a strong grid,
but you wanted even more.
And then achieve yogis
I tried to screw in the complex:
I sat in one position for a bit -
not deprived of something slightly.
Only with you I'm in an intimate
Lust his heal,
and with the other I was just disgusting,
even if badly want.
Now I'm in a deep pessimism.
How can that be me? And what to do?
We see only one way out - to masturbation:
rumple the bed so the pillow to torment.