In his car radio played. Katherine squeezed into the front seat, while the skirt wrapped awkwardly.
- How much you pay - he asked menacingly.
- Twenty - Katerina knew the price.
- Come on, - pity the guy behind the wheel.
Flashed home, tram stops. Dullness, filth, Catherine herself was disgusted with himself - stout, skirt crackling, old jacket. And he sits behind the wheel - a sport, a blue sweater, with a cigarette. And why such a chic for carting come from?
- You can smoke? - Emboldened Katherine.
He jerked his head, it was necessary to understand that it is possible.
Catherine pulled a cigarette out of the bag, lit it, and tightened slightly opened window.
- Close, cold - he reacted immediately.
Catherine had to breathe the smoke in the cabin, she did not like it, although smoking has long and passionately.
- How old are you? - He suddenly asked.
- Twenty-five - Katherine said.
- Why are you in twenty-five years, this cabinet?
Katerina confused. At heart she herself used to call and constantly reproached, but when a stranger ...
- What are you poking me! - She was outraged.
- Come on, come on! We know this music! I bet you a year no one fucked, that's parted!
Katerina already stunned.
- Stop! - The only decent answer that came to mind.
- Sit down! Come to me!
That she did not expect! He did not even look at her, still bored eyes gray dampness of the road.
- What for? - She asked.
- Fuck - he was laconic.
- So I nightstand!
- I love these. I am looking for some!
- And let's go! - Katerina thought to catch him slightly.
Nothing like this - it is strongly twisted wheel.
- I live close.
The car he stopped at the entrance to the common hruschoby. Judging by his appearance Katerina rather suggested to that he lives in his own cottage on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. Even in a sour November, he was tanned, and his lips - weathered.
We climbed the stairs. He opened the door, they entered the dark corridor.
- The light switch! - Katherine asked.
And suddenly felt hot hands lifted her skirt, eagerly chosen to treasure it. All at once came to mind - and the fact that it does not touch the razor already two months, and that is not the best underwear and pantyhose torn. And in general, a good idea would be to the bathroom.
- Can I have a bath? - She asked.
- It does not - his voice breathy excited very much. - I want to take you for who you are. I want to sniff you! - Hands and sneaks, skinned tights and drags - farther into the room. Pulling off her jacket, sweater, feels full breasts.
- What kind of tits you have! - And he squeezes them hard, and then breaks at the back of the bra clasp. Breasts fall out, helpless, shapeless, with softened nipples. He pinches her nipples, twisting his fingers, presses, squeezes ... Katherine felt them tighten, chest lifted, thank God, and then not look at her, limp.
- Undress me! - He orders.
And Katerina pulls off his sweater, belt and unzips it turns out that there is nothing under jeans, and of fasteners immediately pops swollen, nalivshiysya member.
- Suck! Sit on the sofa and suck!
Katerina sits down, legs wide apart, giving him closer and capturing a member of the lips, the entire depth of pushing it into his throat. He's big, and continues to grow, not stop, it is also a good idea to wash, but now it is wet, wild smell tickling arousing her nostrils.
- Suck, lick, come on, bitch, fat bitch! - He whispers breathlessly.
And plants dick down her throat, preventing breathing.
- Get up! - He catches her by the armpits, lifts with force its weighty body. His hands grope hair under the arms, he burns for them, Katherine hurt, but then he lifts her hands up and starts licking fur, biting it and it is so nice, no words! A hand squeezes the breast, and they take the form, swell, her nipples already sticking up invitingly.
- Cant! - He commands, expanding it to his back and put his hands on the edge of the sofa. She leans over and he, opening his zipper pulls down her skirt with tights. She stays in his shorts, white, factory "Cheryomushki"On opposing funny gum! To know what will happen, I would have dressed quite differently! But it is a spectacle has the opposite effect - it growls like an animal and starts licking her panties in the crotch where there was already a wet spot. And then the tears and deeply shoves a finger in her anus. Katherine cries, it seemed to her that he fingernail scratched her there, but at the same time he starts moving his finger in her ass and she just yells and twisting waist. And then he unwraps it pushes on the couch and Catherine falls, slamming the dangling breasts, lands on a lush ass, and he does not recover - spreads her legs so wide that it becomes painful ligaments, mouth leans to her pussy and began to lick her sweeping strokes wet more languages. In the mouth it fall hair, he does not pay attention, continuing to lick, then breaks away and runs to her face, his lips smell her pussy, hot, it smelled like when she sucked his cock. He kisses her, not even kisses and eats, pounces, pinching her breasts, leaning towards her and biting her nipples, probably, it hurts, but Catherine did not distinguish pain from pleasure. And then flips her on her stomach, lifts, puts on his knees and elbows, pushing the halves of its priests and fast trigger inputs dick in her anus. Katherine cries, and can not understand - the pain or pleasure, they are completely mixed. He moves the member, without stopping, holding her chest and occasionally tugging at her nipples. Then, with one hand firmly he takes over pussy, spreads stemming from her stomach to her mucus. Flips back, bends her knees, spreads to the sides, with the belly frowns funny clumsy folds, hair bush clearly visible even in the dark, and there in the bush, he plants his penis, violently, deeply, in one motion, and starts to push it even deeper. A member of a large, sweet Katerina moans pinches herself nipples, finger t clitoris, grunts. Her belly swaying in time with the movements of his penis. And then he pulls out a member of her vagina, picks up her head, and with his fingers in his mouth and forcing her wide-open it cums in her face - in the mouth, in the eye. And bustle of a member on the lips, gives lick, dick smells her lubricated anus and mixed unpleasant smell, which mixed with the taste of healthy male sperm. Katerina swallows sperm spreads in the face, arm t vagina - it is not yet finished. Then he climbs into the bedside table next to the sofa and pulls out a razor and foam ...
...Katherine is shocked. Hiding behind the hand, she tries to get up, but he pushed her back on the sofa:
- Now, you learn how not to follow up his p..doy!
Spreading her legs, he removes his hands, covering pussy, plaster and foam begins to flourish shave without worrying about accuracy. Naked, shave off all foam and wipes sheet. And then the same tables pulls out a giant vibrator, pours liquid from a bottle of Vaseline and pushes it into the vagina. Catherine moans, the vibrator is too big, and not yet passed the feeling of humiliation, tested fully in the moment when he shaved between her legs wide apart. He picks up a camera and starts to take off her pussy with a vibrator sticking out, her heavy breasts and belly swaying, from different angles, with the flash and flare of each becomes more visible as it once again raises the member. And then I put the camera on the floor, goes to the couch and says:
- Give me your boobs, cow, give, I want to come to your udders!
Katherine obediently sits on the edge of the couch, he just squats and gets his cock right between her breasts, which she firmly presses to each other. He holds her breasts hard, Katherine wants to scream, but he leads and lead member of its hollow, and then knocks her onto her back, spreads her legs again and hit a backhand across his palm on the bare hairless pussy. Katerina vzvyvaet, trying to move his legs, but gets another blow - the soft belly, then on his chest, trying to roll over on his stomach and he slaps her ass, crotch, thighs, pulling the hair, pulls up to him and strongly bites for boobs. Catherine begins to fight back, too, trying to bite him, but he picks up from the floor with a short whip thick pen, with a sweep of her lashes back, spreads her legs and also pounding on pussy, the inside of her thighs. And then the whole hand shoves it into the vagina, it feels the inside, move the hand, takes it all in the lubricant, and pushes it into the anus. And, pulling the fingers in the anus, biting clitoris, small sponge, licking naked pussy. Catherine feels as deeply penetrated his fingers, his tongue is twisted inside her vagina, he chomps and smacked his lips under her pubis, and inside it is compressed some spring, more and more, and then expands suddenly and waves of orgasm pulled out, Catherine moans and meanders, and he pushes his fingers deeper into the anus and tongue in pussy. And as soon as it calms down, he pulls his hand out of her priests, suspended, wiping his face with the edge of the sheets. Rises finds a cigarette, lights ...
- Get dressed! Needless to roll!
Katerina humbly dressed. Now he's with the clear condemnation of looking at her panties ... She was ashamed to wear it with torn tights, she is trying to get dressed in the bathroom, but he says: "What more!"Again takes the camera and makes her get dressed for the camera, taking pictures in the most unsightly poses - with sagging abdomen, chest, falls out of the cramped bra. Katherine really humiliated, pussy burns, bruises on his chest, the pope traces of whips. He drops the camera, dressed, pushing her in the door. They descend the stairs, get in the car.
- Okay, I will not take the money with you! - He says, starts the motor and starts moving.
- In Moscow, 20 hours and 45 minutes - to announce the radio.
And Katerina lights and cries, turning to the window, and not showing their tears.