I live in a Moscow apartment with his elder brother and parents.

Tell us about yourself. My name is Angelina. I am seventeen years old. I am a green-eyed blonde increasing meter seventy centimeter with beautiful shapely long legs, well-plotted waist and a third the size of the breast. Generally I'm Wild Child life. I love different spree, gatherings with friends until late.

I want to say that I am no longer a virgin. I lost my virginity a year ago out of stupidity, but not really - did regret it.
Now I'm in one of the Moscow University as a lawyer. I even can not imagine how I could get out of the lawyer. I myself have repeatedly violated the law, but parents have always defended me.

I'm not from a poor family, so I was not afraid to get into the police station, because I always knew that their parents will come, pay the money and I would be released with the next warning.

When I was in school I always skip class and called other students to do the same. At the parents' meeting all the teachers as one complained about me and said that they will not take me to learn not one university, and if they will take, I do not linger there long.
They were not quite right. I still - still got to college, though on paid training, but still hit. Honestly, I study at the university provides a very not easy. There can not be so much to shirk, because it was possible to do it at school. All the absences have to work, and if not fulfilled, will not allow for the exams, and if you do not allow for the exam, you can easily take off already in the first year. This, of course I do not want to. But I, as well as school truancy. Not much, of course, but not enough.

The parents do not look after my studies, they only pay money for it all. They think that I still have a head on their shoulders and it has brains, but it seems it is not.

The only one for me somehow follows is my elder brother. He was already 18, he learns too, in one of the higher educational institutions of Moscow and works part-time at the company from their parents. He often comes to see me at the university, looks my absences, my tests, exams s assessment and occasionally swears at me. But in general, I want to say, my brother and I are very good and friendly relations. It often takes me with him in his company. Meets his friends. Tells me about their girls, the relationship with them about the problems that arise from it, sometimes even asks for advice.
I also tell all about his brother, even about their sexual adventures. You yourself have to understand everything. This is Moscow, not what - a village where cherish their virginity before marriage. I my brother never read morality and did not condemn me. Because he's my brother)
So, one day, I remember, I came home from the university, my brother was alone at home. He was lying on a leather sofa, and stood next to a bottle of whiskey. I asked him what he was:

- Kirill, what happened?

- Yes, you know, Angelina, I'm on it as the ball thrown out, expensive clothes, parties, gold, silver, cool cars, and she, you know, the other loves and wants to be with others.

- Brother, do not worry everything will be fine.

- Okay sister, go to your room, I need to be alone, I went to my room and decided to get some sleep.

A couple of hours into my room my brother came in, he was very drunk, and apparently did not realize anything. He sat on my bed and said:

-take off your clothes!

- this is why?

- and then to show you the women that you only want us to, we have fucked. Take off your clothes, bitch!

- Kirill, you're out of your mind? I'm actually your sister and I love you. Go sleep it off and then we'll think about how to take revenge of the nits.

My brother did not listen to me at all. He began to tear my clothes. When I was completely naked, he lowered his head to me between my legs and started to lick my pussy. I tried to get out, because he understands that it is necessary to stop it, you can not make it happen, because he's my brother. But he did not allow me to get out from under it. He began poking a finger into my pussy, and then undid his pants, pulled out his penis and began to shove it in me, I kicked, but soon realized that it bespolezla, relaxed and started to get pleasure from what is happening. Brother fucked me in all positions. I liked how he does it, I do not even remember how many times I came and how much time he had finished. But this day of my life I will never forget.