So, I remember what was discussed in the previous two stories.

My dad wanted to give my mother, because she no longer look after themselves after my birth. She was all overgrown with fat, so Dad said, her face appeared wrinkles, it has ceased to be painted, ceased to do packing on the head, stopped buying nice clothes and underwear, well, and most importantly it does not fulfill the conjugal duty.

Dad found another woman to whom wanted to get away from our house. He said that she knows how to look after themselves and to meet a man as he wants and how he likes.

Mom loved the Pope and did not want to let him go, she told him that if he left, she would not let him see me. But then he said that he will take me to court.

Soon the parents came to the exit from this situation. Dad said that is, leave us with a mother if she will satisfy all his friends. Mom agreed.
At first, my mother undressed in front of them, then they all played when and who will be my mother. Then it all made a blowjob in turn. And then they let it rest for an hour.

After an hour my mother brought back into the living room. During leisure time, she could be washed away, make up and make yourself a haircut.

- Oh-oh-oh, look, and it is currently in the order led.

-Mmmm, what did you get cute, I'd marry her if she was not such a horny bitch and whore ..
All laughed loudly.

- Well, all good men to do compliments and to laugh, and now take away his "pious" and you'll have yourself with your right hand - the pope said.

- Well, Sergei, he called. Okay, we put her cancer and have in turn.

They put my mother in the middle of the room cancer. At first, she was approached by the first man. He slapped her palm on the pope, then on Picea. He began to stroke her pussy fingers, then stuck to one finger, then a second, third and fourth. Then he picked up his penis and began to neatly shove it into her pussy. Then he stuck it faster and faster. Mom was moaning very loudly, I can even say screaming. Then he groaned and uncle. Apparently he had finished, as pulled out his penis, he was all wet and sagged.

- Yes, it is a pleasure to fuck her, a hole has not razdolbany.

Later, my mother went to the second man. He picked up a piece of cloth that was lying next to her mother and wiped between her legs. He took out his penis and began to shove it into the hands of his mother. He stuck it right very quickly. Mom screamed and moaned loudly, then it's all shook.

- Oh, look, and your little wife like she was struggling in kovulsiyah is about to finish. We made the most of it this blyadinu.

All laughed loudly. Mom stopped shaking, apparently finished, the man said. Soon I finished and the man, he did not comment on it in any way, but simply went and sat on the sofa.

A few minutes later my mother came to the next, the third man. It is also like the previous one, he took a cloth, only to have another and wiped his mother between her legs.

He lay on the floor, it was a member. He put on his mom and she began to jump on it like little kids jumping on a trampoline. Uncle held the mother's hips and skewer it on his penis.

He did it for a long time. Mom very moaning and his uncle said.

- damn jump, jump as children jumping on trampolines. You're very good teat, show what you're still a good davalka. Show me how good you are in Dolby pussy.

Mama also continued to groan and jump on his uncle, and only five minutes later, the uncle took a member and finished my mother's belly.
The same mother was doing with other men. They all said that it is a very good calf, but still beautiful. They all said that it would be a good way prostitute.

At the end, after the mother fucked all the men they began to circle around her and began stroking its members. Ten minutes later, they finished together at my mother. She was lying on the floor exhausted. I quickly ran to her room, to me nobody saw.
Dad went to see his friends. Then he went to his mother and said:

- Go substitution, pomoysya, get dressed and prepare dinner for the family.