I was about six years old, when my father left us for another woman. With their mother ladilis relationship for a long time. Often, already lying in bed late at night, in a dream, I heard my parents quarreled. I remember very well one of their conversations.

- I hate you! You become ugly. After the birth of her daughter you no longer look after themselves. Have you seen yourself in the mirror? You have already appeared wrinkles under the eyes. You swam all the fat. You can not even make laying on his head, what to speak of cosmetics and clothes on?

- You still can not get away from me! We have a daughter, she is still very melenko and she needs a complete family.

- What do you rush to extremes? Daughter! Yes, I love my daughter. I'm not going to throw it. I'll be like any other loving father to buy her gifts for the holidays, give the money to take her summer in warm countries. As soon as she gets older, I'll leave you, then maybe you'll understand that gently always be a woman and not had a baby and you think that the spouse from anywhere you are not going anywhere.

- Was she so beautiful, or a model? What have you change with her daughter at her?

- Yes, I change you on it, but not the daughter. I have enough to blackmail my daughter if I want to, I'll take it from you. And you, you can not even fulfill his conjugal duty!

- Can, my mother said.

I was still too small, and had no idea that such a conjugal duty, and decided to get out of bed and spy on their parents. I neatly tiptoed to the parents' bedroom and saw my mother kneeling before the Pope, and holding his pisyun. She stroked his full length. Later, she took it into his mouth and began to suck like a big Chupa Chups. At first, she was licking penis and then licking the testicles, and then took it completely in the mouth. It seems that the pope liked it, because he started to moan. Five minutes later, I noticed that Dad pulled out his pisyun mum from a mouth, pointed it at her face and from it flowed white liquid. He finished.

Later, my mother took off her clothes and began to cancer before the pope. Then Dad started to thrust his cock in pussy mother. This mom was moaning loudly. Dad started to close her mouth with her hands, apparently to mother could not wake me up with their moans. Papa began poking his pisyun faster and faster, my mother moaned louder and louder, and fifteen minutes later they both went to sleep exhausted.

I also recovered in his bed. Somewhere in a couple of hours, I heard my mother and father about something very loud talking. I began to eavesdrop on their conversation.

- Well? You're certainly well done today, my wife, properly handled marital debt. But that is not all. Tomorrow will come to me, my friends, and you'll have to satisfy them sexually. Then I'm not leaving her for another woman, and will stay with you.

- Well my dear. I'll do what you ask, but do not leave me.

The next day we came to visit my father's friends. At first, my mother wanted to take me to my grandmother, but I said that I will not disturb them, and I will sit quietly in my room and watch cartoons.

I always did, as my mother says. So she confided to me this time, and was allowed to stay. She turned me on DVD serial cartoon series, and she went into the living room. I made a sound so loud and start to listen to what is being talking in the next room.

- And so, my friends. Today, I want to introduce you to my wife. Her name is Anya. She's a very good nipple and davalka.

- Well, we will check it, and cast a spell.

- Undress it to us.

It was interesting to see how my mother would stand naked in front of all these men, and I went to spy on them.
Dad took off her panties mom when I was attached to the slits, which remained on the closed door.

- but it you have nothing beautiful. And elastic ass and big breasts, but still worth it.

- Yes, and it sucks, I think you all will like it.

- this we will soon verify, but first let's play cards, who will fly first to have her first to the second - the second, and so on.

- Ok, I agree.

Dad got out of the locker cards and they are likely to start playing the fool. A man threw the last card on the table and said:

- Well all, my dear friend, now your little wife first Poimena me.

Then the game came out another man.

- well, I'll be the second - he said.

So they repeated until each other it did not come until the last. And my mother was sitting completely naked on the couch and smiling.