Everything in the house was drunk as a lord other than Marina. Sasha, Alyosha and Peter, her husband. Masha, another school friend Marina, fell ill before all because disconnected, laid her on the bed. And so it was held for the third day of the celebration of the birth of the marina, but the guys were drinking and drinking. Peter was ready to fall off after Masha in the cut, but somehow still standing on their feet, and Sanya with Alejo all booze and booze, though it is nothing like that.

Sanin eyes drifted between the legs of the birthday girl, being buhoy, she casually spread her chubby legs and had her black panties, despite the fairly dense mini visible. Once he had met Marina, but then she made the gesture look, so they got to talking. Marina itself girl of medium build, with a slight increase, but with the overly plump ass and protruding breasts. Her green eyes, in themselves not large, very profitable stand out from the jet-black hair. They were wide enough to cut, and became a little naive, but very playful with the right makeup. The tiny white T-shirt looked tempting than usual. Alex loved when Marina is in front of him, as perfectly round ass like a Brazilian, was the object of universal admiration. Often, even the girls could not hold back, not jealous, not lustful looks. But now, Sasha's gaze rested bored place between plump thighs.
Then Sanya distracts vgasheny Peter. He tries to get up, but is too drunk to do so, he stumbles and falls to the Marina, thumping a couple chuckles and tries to pick Sasha drunk. Marina rises fail and crashes down on his knees in front of him. Her face was a few inches from his fly. He used to always love cum on her face because of her open, beautiful eyes looking up at his full lips to bow member is not allowed to hold back. It really looked like a little whore at that time.

Sasha, with a sigh, helps her up, lifting her by the armpits. She put her and clung to him tits. He embraced them both with Peter and pushed to the bed. can not see anything in the dark room and they are falling awkwardly on the bed, then turned off, and Peter begins to snore, Marina, looking puzzled at first, and then starts laughing. Sanya yawn, arranged in a chair nearby.

A few minutes later, Alexander wakes up from what someone leans on it. Alex feels his hands are right on the marina boobs, and they were there not Booze her help. Her full breasts and the shape is filled with his hands, he began to squeeze gently. Marina arched her back and gently sniffed.

-Oh, Peter does not touch me at all. And you boys promised me a gift on dnyuhu. - It myauknala, and settled back. Then the chair creaked.

-ShShShShshshsh! He's asleep, let's not wake him. - She hissed at Sasha's ear.

Alberto feels slipping hands into his pants.
MMM, your boyfriend is so big and hard ... I wish that he was all in me, she said, and licked at first, then I put her tongue in Sasha's ear.

To be continued...