I went home to St. Petersburg from the guests. The ride had to be two days, and I was hoping that this time, for me to plant the normal neighbors. In the coupe, I was the first (arrived too early), threw the luggage under the bottom shelf, and as usual sat down by the window. My neighbor was late. I no longer hoped to go with someone like, suddenly, the door opened and a coupe ran sweaty guy. He was 27 years old Slim, tanned blonde with blue eyes. I was happy. Though to be something to see all the way.

- Good afternoon!

- Yeah, good ...!

- Barely had time to train! The taxi driver, a reptile, turned the wrong way. Well, how is it possible to get lost in his hometown, especially with something modern technology?

I did not know what to say. It would be foolish of me to continue to talk about some taxi driver, when in front of me was a gorgeous guy. He paused for a moment, and then told where rides. His journey on the train was a little longer than mine. Blonde everything said, and I was silent.

- Sonia. - Coming to his senses, I said.

- Ruslan. - Said the young man.

The train started moving. I realized that more to our Coupe certainly no one sits. And that I really liked. In my head began to creep into extremely hot thought.

Ruslan put the laptop on the table beech. And a little tapping on the keys and invited me to see his photos from the sea. Those were the photos ...! I even thought it was a hint. After all, he has exhibited his beautiful body on my show. The first step on his part made a ball. The next step was for me.

In my head instantly I got the idea: to ask Ruslana go for chocolates and champagne. I even came up instantly occasion: birthday nephew. The guy immediately flew out of the compartment and came running with a big box of chocolates and a bottle of semi-dry champagne.

We drank champagne, and in earnest conversation. Ruslan often gave me compliments. He even tried to change seats to my seat, but I coyly denied him that honor. We drank champagne and talked to all the themes and plenty mocked. I looked out the window. It was already dark. The time has come.

I deliberately dropped onto the floor my headphones. Slowly she leaned over them and fumbled on the floor for a long time, when suddenly my butt felt the gentle touch of his hands. The mechanism wound up ...

Blonde pulled me to him and ordered to undress. We simultaneously pull off his clothes. I bared my elastic chest and shoved into his mouth. He began to gently suck it. I began to moan softly. He kept his tongue lower and lower ...

I sat on the table, what would it have been easier to fumble in my language schlke. Rough language like Ruslana was imprisoned. He gently massaged my clitoris, then began to enter into the hole and my pussy flowed abundantly. By my ass began to drain grease and Ruslan gently licked her. He licked my anus clockwise. I began to moan even louder. My back sagged more and more, and Ruslan working language more and more often, his whole face was in my grease, when suddenly I felt dizzy. I cried and sat on the seat. After taking a rest, the guy grabbed me and put it on the floor. Now it was his turn, and I did not resist. So he gave me a lot of fun, I wanted to pay him back in kind.

I spread her legs wider. He licked his resilient member. He stood behind me and slowly introduced the boy to me in the ass. It was terribly nice. I moaned, and he grabbed my hair and pulled my head to her, and the second hand began to massage the clitoris. I moaned louder and louder. It seemed that the whole car was excited by these sounds, but we did not have before. Ruslan became something to sentence, but I did not hear his words. Knocking wheels drowned them. The train swayed slowly, so blond it was fairly easy to manage your member. Even I started to sway slightly from side to side, which gave us a fun and synchronicity. But soon the movement became still more frequent. Its members include deeper. He strongly grabbed me by the hair, slapped on the ass, and I felt a warm liquid flows into my ass. I decided to have a rest, but there it was ...

Ruslan enough. He turned me to face him. I put on all fours and ordered to suck his semi flaccid cock. His problem I quickly realized, and set to work.

Clasping hands elastic term, I shoved it myself entirely into his mouth. Since he was a little sluggish - it was not difficult. His tongue, I got out to him testes. I began to slowly lick them when she felt pressure in his mouth. Member Ruslan softly swelled. I smiled. And it became even more licking testicles. When a member again swollen, blonde grabbed my head and began to make sudden movements. I choked, resisted, tried to him to say something, but he did not stop. Then I had to get used to the pain in the lips. I grabbed his balls in his hands and began to massage them. Ruslan groaned. Movement began to grow again. Soon I felt the throb in my mouth. Cum rapid flow gushed into my throat. Mechanically I still swallowed and licked her lips. Ruslan smiled and asked me about another service. I agreed. Completely licked his cock and point.

We are well laid bare. The next day we did not even talk. In the evening I got out of the car. Most of these trips I had not.