Maria ran through the deserted streets of their small town to his little house, almost sobbing. All other women are already hiding in their homes and close to barricade the doors and windows, and it is only careless, not sensed that in the city again came trouble.
The memory was still alive a time when Jorge Bold cut all the men in the city, and about a month beat and raped women their insatiable sorokasantimetrovym member. No wonder the nickname member of the Ripper was the second nickname Fat Jorge. Maria remembered how baggy heavy "club" puncturing it seemed, through, causing untold suffering.
Many women then fled in fear in the night from the city, leaving their homes, belongings and their lives on their own. But there were those who remained. Among them was Mary, promising to keep the house late father at any cost, not to leave it to the plundering marauders, and give it to his grandchildren as they grow up.
Mary endured all the humiliation and physical pain, and one day it all came to an end. Jorge has simply disappeared from the city, as if it had never existed. As if it was just a bad dream, which ended with the onset of the morning.
Some said, that one of Jorge killed not sustained abuse of women. The legend went to the people and acquires details. Very much people wanted to believe that the Ripper is gone, and will never be on this earth.
Other, more sensible, I thought that Jorge just bored with a woman of this town, and he went at dawn on a journey to find a new city, and continue there to rape, kill and sing their black masses bloody Diablo.
But now everything is clear. He is back. Mary saw him at the well.
Jorge was out of town for more than two months, but now he will not leave alone until you exhaust all to death without a trace, his ruthless "snag."
That morning, Maria went to the well in the dreams of how the city priskachet on a black horse, a real macho, and fall in love with her whole heart. Never will live with Maria and they will have a lot of kids and a lot of happiness.
Busy with their dreams Maria did not notice, he became completely deserted her already sleepy town. She should be more attentive, but it's been a very long time, and time, as we know, heals all wounds.
And then she saw him. He stood at the well, and drank water. Buckets fell from the tired hands of Mary. Jorge spotted her and rushed to her. Mary screamed and ran.
Maria ran as never before in my life. She ran almost blindly, as if she was chasing after her death. Women secretly looked at her in the slits of windows cluttered and immediately hid again, he heard heavy footsteps Jorge. Knocking on the door to no avail. Local Ripper too afraid to unlock the door. Mary knew this from personal experience.
And now, at the end of the street seemed to her house. Mary on a moment it seemed that she could, she ran. Salvation was just around the corner. By Mary ran down his cheeks tears of joy. She would just run to the shelter, and there could have been on the defensive for a long time. So long that the rapist would get bored, and he could go in search of easier prey.
And then behind Mary, heard the heavy boots swelling. Jorge ran after her. He was very close. It was amazing how a man with such a heavy body can tirelessly run several blocks under the scorching sun, the faster a young woman full of strength.
Steps were approaching. Maria fled exhausted last effort, like a wounded animal running from the hunter, in the hope of escape. "Oh, Holy infant Jesus and the Mother of God, save me from corruption" - praying unhappy woman, but the sky remained silent, and the only non-flashing eye of the hot Mexican sun closely watched the proceedings.

Mary flew into the house at the last minute, and shut the door of salvation on the heavy bolt, and pressed it to her, trying to catch his breath. The steps closer to the door and stopped.
- Ola, ola. - There was a hoarse voice the Ripper. - Where are you in a hurry, my filly. Really, Muchacha, you do not want to cuddle buddy good Uncle Jorge.
Mary embraced animal terror, she had almost cried, but there is an invisible force pushed her and she fell to the floor. It tore Jorge bolt, striking the door with his heavy boot.
Sobbing, Mary sat down on the floor. Tear off your hands and knees ached. Ripper silhouette in the doorway, looked like a shadow of a prehistoric animal. Without removing his hat Jorge went into the house.
- I love to play cat and mouse. - He said. - But what are you running, I will fuck you for a long time, my chicken.
With these words the Ripper seized the screaming Mary's hair and put on her knees in front of him, out of his pants freeing his huge monster.
Huge dick nalilsya blood and stood up in an instant. Jorge poked in the face of Mary. The girl with the power of her teeth.
- Bueno, bueno, - said the rapist - how quickly you have forgotten my lessons. If you do not voluntarily suck, I'll knock your teeth.
Sobbing, Mary parted jaw, and hot lustful flesh filled her mouth and put her in the throat, making it difficult to breathe and causing retching.
- C, like this. - Jorge gasped and began to stick little head girl on his hefty cock.
Maria sucked, trying hard to avoid being sick. She knew that for this Jorge would beat her. Drool dripping from his chin girl. Hot cock like a piston hydraulic pump, walked back and forth, pushing his throat, trying to climb on.
Jorge turned into a snarling beast. He took Mary a member of the mouth, and a single movement of his powerful paw tore off her clothes girl. Ripper has put his cancer victim and entered a jerk. A sharp pain shot through the bottom of Mary's abdomen. The nipples on the elegant chest swelled. Maria moaned, very shy it. She suddenly realized that gets pleasure from it.
Member Jorge fill it all, each time trying to penetrate farther. The mixture of pain and pleasure blurred Mary's head. She was screaming and writhing. At the feet of the vagina tech warm juice.
Jorge growled and ended violently. With him cum Maria. Concha as never ends.
Jorge took his limp boyfriend, and a large amount of warm semen flowed from the vagina of the girl. Exhausted Maria again fell to the floor, panting from exhaustion.
- That's nice, my goat. - I Said lifting Jorge. - I'll come back tomorrow. I'll fuck you in the ass. So be ready and spoofing.
With these words the Ripper tucked his dick in his pants and walked out, naked and Maria curled up on the floor and fell asleep.