Next turn to tell a story about the first time was with Katya. Kate had a story to tell. The girls sat on comfortable, and began to listen carefully ...

Kate was 17 years old when she was deprived of virginity. And, yes, it is deprived and not deprived. In its 17 years, the girl looked at 20, she was busty mulatochka with long golden hair. Her story happened on New Year's Eve. Kate then celebrate it with their parents, because they it has never released to the party with friends. And to daughter was not bored, her ancestors are usually invited to their guests with some cute little girl. But this New Year's parents did not find Katie guests with the girls, and Petrov came to him. Petrov had sons: two twin-botanist named Sasha and Sergei. The boys were 15 years old, they wore glasses, constantly stooped and always blew their noses in their little handkerchiefs. In general, about anything.

As soon as Kate saw these mama's little boys, just disappointed, he closed in his room and began to call friends. Out of boredom, she phoned all her friends and friends, and their creepy drunken voice, I realized that only she were not so lucky today. Then she remembered that in the pantry parents is always a stock of champagne for the New Year and decided to just own swell. What parents would not suspect anything, the girl came to them in the living room, said that all New Year's Eve will sit at the computer and went for champagne. While she went to the closet, her parents sent her to the room boys. Those very resisted, but ancestors persistently explained that the children can not sit with the adults all night, and that they should play with Katusha. When she returned to the room, she did not expect to see the nerds in my room and did not realize where to hide the champagne, but the guys have noticed it, and began to try to find out what it is she is in her hands. And then Kate came up with the idea veslenkaya, why not pump up those stupid lads champagne, and see what they will do in this state, because surely they drink for the first time. And then the girl is easy to deceive them by saying that this child champagne, and that the children drink it on the New Year. The boys pretended not to know anything, happily clapped eyes, and began plaintively ask, what would Kate gave them a taste of this drink. Katya did not resist, they poured on a glass of champagne, and told the boys to drink it in one gulp. They did so. Wincing, they asked for more. The result was not long in coming. After the second cup, boys razvezlo (and, again, they were pretending). They were laughing, they rushed pillows and talked some nonsense.

Here Sergei found a magazine with advertising swimwear, and began to examine it, Sasha, too, immediately joined his brother. Kate noticed how both the guys are starting to wake up the members, and it was visited by another very good, but dirty thoughts.

She slowly began to undress. First, the twins did not notice it, but when she was in shorts and bra, they moved their eyes from the magazine at Katia, and asked what she was doing. Instead of an answer, the girl went to the guy and said that permits them to undo her bra and remove her panties. Sasha and Sergei have achieved what they wanted from the beginning. The first set to work Sasha. He got up quickly, pulled the girls panties, bra and began. Sergei was already too close, and carefully considered Katina pussy. Kate smiled and told the boy that if he touched her pussy tongue. The boy bent down and began smoktat pussy girl like an icicle. Meanwhile, Sasha has undid her bra, walked over to Kate, and began to lick her breasts. She excitedly moaned. Then she suddenly turned to the guys butt, got up on his haunches, and told them that they were shooting trousers and thrust their cocks in her holes. The guys quickly pulled his pants, pulled out his pisyuny, and quietly began to insert them in the Katya holes. Sasha inserted in point, and Sergei into the vagina. From rapid excitation Katie creek flowed grease. Guys washed her hands, and daubed their members of it. She moaned ... Surprisingly seventeen Katie, guys fuck was no longer the first time. And they are not bad cope with their responsibilities. In the turn Katie it was only the first time, and from it flowed a little blood. But the pain for some reason, she did not feel. Gemini smooth entry and exit from it. Katya has finished once, and prepare for a second, when Sasha clutched at her hair, raised his head, began to move more and more crudely, and then she felt a surge in his ass. Sasha finished. He looked at his brother, who was already on the way. The boy got up on my knees, and carefully licked all the sperm and lubrication points with Katya. From this she moaned more. Then Sergei began to beat her ass with his hands. At first softly, then louder and louder still. Then he pulled out his penis, a little more vzdrochnul his own hand, and Kate finished right on his back. Sperm was spreading, but the guys have been together right there. Sasha licked the grease from the vagina of the girl. And Sergei licking Cum from the back.

Twins Katya lifted and laid on the bed. Sergei parted her legs and lowered her head into her pussy, and Sasha brazenly inserted his penis into her mouth and began to fuck her so. Kate never did made a blowjob, but with great pleasure her lips tightened and began to smack one's lips, from what Sasha all strengthened their movement, and she gasped, but the lips are not unclenched. Then she felt the ends. From the fact that Sergei is very cleverly made her cunnilingus, she completely forgot about everything and just enjoy. But suddenly Serzhino person gushing stream big Katina urine. Kate felt a little awkward, but the guy only just licked his lips, and realized that it is satisfied the girl.

Meanwhile, Sasha grabbed the headboard, and fast movements continued to fuck Kate in her mouth, and now she was quite exhausted, and trying something to tell him, I felt like a member of the boy's twitching in her mouth and ending poured down her throat. She wanted to spit, but the boy covered her mouth, and she swallowed everything. Both men told her that she would be lapped up all of their eggs. She did so. They dressed in silence.

Katya said the twins to go down, that the parents are not logged in, and have not seen everywhere sperm and lubricant. But she stayed in the room to get out.

It was the most memorable New Year. And Kate was really something to tell her friends at school.

It was the second story. Next we persuading Light. She was skinny, blonde, tall girl with full lips. At first we did not know that she had already had sex. But she shared a rather intriguing history ...

To be continued ...