I never thought that death is realized. Of course, in my head, like many others of my countrymen, death, primarily associated in the form of an old woman with a scythe in a black robe. But in fact, in my pragmatic head, where I used to lay out any information on the shelves, is the image of death is more on the "box" that says the legends and myths. And if me someone would ask, what is death, then I would rather he described the hospital, cemetery and universal void.

But when I saw her on my doorstep, I immediately realized that this was it. I not just realized, and felt every cell of your body. This mystical belief was, at least, strange. After all, when I opened the door in front of me I was a beautiful, dark-haired girl of about twenty-looking.

No, she was not just beautiful, it was really beautiful. Is that a very pale complexion and bright eyes unhealthy slightly spoils the impression.

She stood there and said nothing. Incomprehensible force made me fall back two steps, and death came into the house. She looked around my home together with interest and the shadow of indifference, and sat down in the chair across from me. My legs suddenly became cotton, buckled and I sat down on the sofa.
Oddly enough, but at that moment I was not scared. She sat silent, and I began to scrutinize her from head to toe. Her gorgeous breasts third dimension, covered with a blouse is not heaving. I realized that she was not breathing. Short skirt barely covered luxurious thighs, covered with tights.

My cock began to rise. I suddenly realized that I want her madly. I want to wish the animals. I want to take her roughly and quickly. I knew that the time of my death to not much left. I never thought that in the last moments of his life will be thinking about sex, and not about sex with a man, but something that must not be allowed.

She seemed to read my thoughts and looked at my pants, which began the treacherous ridge. Excitation grew. I breathed heavily, pants tore apart, and she just stared at my pants, as if deciding something. It seemed to me seemed to go on forever.

Suddenly she got up from my chair and slowly tsokaya heels on the parquet floor, sent to me. My body shuddered. No, I was not cold, and the fear is still not found the way to my heart. It was a shiver of desire. In my head I burn the brain is only one phrase: "God, how I want you." There were no other thoughts. I was like under hypnosis.

Death came to me and held my hand in my elegant groin. Even through the thick cloth of my trousers, I felt a chill emanating from her hands. Excitation of slightly subsided, but the desire has not gone anywhere. I'm just not afraid to end the surge at any moment.
Slowly and without a word she unzipped my pants and released my boyfriend free. I saw it pulsing in anticipation of caresses. Death dropped me to my knees, pulled the skin of my penis, and clung to him with his icy lips.
Have you ever made a blowjob girl who has just eaten a volley kilogram of ice cream? Be sure to try to push it on his girlfriend - it is an unforgettable experience.

He is sucking it perfectly, as if doing this for thousands of years. While it may be dealt with, how was I to know. She started as if timidly, gradually increasing the tempo, and at the same time one of his hand, she did podrachivala my penis in a circular motion, and the other stroked my testicles.
The pleasure was difficult, but I was not afraid to come. The cold emanating from it, gripped my butt and abdomen, and acted as an anesthetic. I closed my eyes and groaned, complete dedication to the process.

I do not know how much it sucked me - a few seconds or an eternity, but it did not give me a blow in her mouth. She has in this respect had other plans.

Pulling my cock from his mouth, she got up and began to undress. Slowly and gracefully, as if the very skillful striptease she took off her black blouse, opening my eyes my beautiful girls, languishing under a lace bra. Easy movement of the hand and bra freed them from captivity. Two beautiful, suffused with juice white breasts. They were perfect.

I wanted to jump. I wanted to glare at them with his lips and kiss, kiss, kiss. But I could not even move. It was real magic.

Death at this time continued to undress. She turned back to me, took off her playful yubchonku zaigryvayusche and wagged her ass. I could not stand, I wanted to howl with excitement, rip off her stockings and a thong, and finally, already enter her boyfriend in her cold cave.
But death does not hurry. She just wanted to play with me. In absolute silence she slowly took off her remaining clothes and left naked. Not much to twist before me, on all sides by demonstrating its charms, death came to the chair, got up on his knees and arched her back. Her vagina is made perfect droplets which instantly turned to frost.

And then my body regained its ability to act. Without wasting a second, I ran up to her and began to fuck her from behind and brutally fast. At this time, the building started collapsing. My cock entered her cold bosom. My stomach slapped on her beautiful ass and around Flied cracked plaster and floors.

I knew it was the end. I just wanted to have time to finish it. At the last moment, when the building going down and rained stones shaking, I discharged in her vagina rough fountain, with a heart-rending cry of looking up to the ceiling. I saw as if in slow motion as one of the stones - pretty healthy chunk of the building falling on my face. And then it was dark.

I woke up in intensive care. The doctors said that I was saved by a miracle. And I knew what a miracle is. Since then, I have not seen it, but could not remember already. But we are all mortal. I am sure that one day I re-introduce such a great opportunity, even for a moment to nothingness.