Two students standing in line at the supermarket cashier, and saw their lean purses. Money is almost no choice. Only the most necessary. A to scholarship as the moon on the tractor. To help family members do not have to hope for - themselves hardly make ends meet. Permanent job search is not possible, odd jobs. Behind the girls in the queue was a tall elderly man in a coat and listened to their conversation, looking at the young ass, tightly covered jeans.

When students have paid, he went up to him and gently cleared his throat, said: "The girls do not want to make some money?" The girls looked suspiciously at the stranger. He continued: "There is no crime, I assure you. You no one will touch a finger. I promise "" And what to do. "- Asked one of the girls. "Show yourself with the best hand. In return you will get here is "The man took out a hefty wad of cash. Lose the girls had nothing to fear and the imposing stranger did not inspire. Students, a little after consulting among themselves, agreed.
The man put them in the car and drove half an hour to a high cottage. When the girls removed the robe and went into the hall, the stranger was sitting in a deep armchair. In the hall of muffled music playing, and a bundle of money lying on the coffee table. "To begin," - he said imperiously sitting in a chair. "You, blond, shirt lift. I want to see your breasts "She reluctantly complied with the order. Under the T-shirt she wore a bulky pink bra. The man with his hand on his crotch, he continued: "Now you" - he pointed to the second girl. She unbuttoned her blouse and expose little Hemisphere breasts with pink nipples protruding. "Show me your tits" - he said to the first girl. She glanced at a stack of money and reluctantly pulled the T-shirt. Then, taking off her bra, she dumped large white chest. The man unzipped his pants and pulled out the strained member. Bared head, he began to drive on it with your fingers. The girls looked at him dumbfounded. "Now show me your ass' - strictly said the man, without ceasing to caress the penis. The girls turned to their backs and sitting frozen at attention. "Let's active, beautiful. Before I finish, the money you do not get "The girls began to twirl their hips in unison to the music.

Busty student rotated the whole body, so that its hefty tits flew high and then falls with a ringing slap. Going into a rage, she began stroking himself on the lush ass and then playfully pinched his girlfriend at his chest. The girls giggled and began to paw each other buttocks and delay swollen nipples. Sitting in a chair without looking man watching their games, leisurely masturbate standing member of the stake. "Good" - he said hoarsely, - "Now show me your charms"

The girls began to unbutton tight jeans. Then, turning back to the owner at home and caved in, slowly bared ass. "What beautiful ass" - approvingly he praised what he saw a man, - "Expand the rolls. I want to see everything, "giggles the student approached the chair and clenched her hands buttocks, pushed them to the side, exposing the genitals. In busty ass had the appropriate size. Lush buttocks gently pink color were spread wide, and between them could be seen the dark ring open and close the anus. Thick large labia oozing badly smelling grease. vaginal opening with petals torn hymen gaped as wide open mouth. Anus was also well designed. "Oh, you bad girl" - whispered a man, goading his sharply hardened member.

The crotch of the second student was covered with thin blond hair. Pink hole anus was impacted, and the vagina closed stenochka pale pink with a small hole in the middle. She remained a virgin. However, it is actively podmahivala skinny ass, and her clit sticking out like a miniature bud. Neat folds of the labia were thickly smeared with clear, abundantly flowing down to the clitoris secretions. The girl was seriously excited.

"Yeah, bitch! Rotate by a pussy for daddy! "- Whispered hotly masturbating man, eyes devouring the girl's wet pussy, they literally shook the twenty centimeters from his reddened, tense face. Pyshnotelye student rubbed a finger dark cherry clit, moaning with pleasure, and then completely put her fingers in her vagina and wet squelching juice running down, it began to move them back and forth. The man stiffened. His excitement reached its limit. He stopped and doused twitching before him ass sperm jet. Girls recoiled. Relaxed man froze in his chair.

After a short rest, he pointed them in the direction of the bathroom. After the girls put themselves in order, he gave them the promised reward and gratitude for the pleasure, called a taxi and accompanied her to the door.