Sasha bends over and grabs the girls round ass ho. Feeling swollen nipples through the shirt, hands on the delicious ass make Sanya wish to fuck his friend's wife. Once the pants were down and she got on top, squeezing the arm member Marina covers his neck with kisses. She pulls off his shirt and kissed his chest, then his stomach.

Marina begins to crumple long member Alexander in their little palms, sometimes clutching it to his chest and flowing between the boobs. Sanya deep breathes and feels like it has moved to the eggs. He lays down his hands on her head and she grabs his dick with his lips. Slowly begins to swallow a little firing, she licks the head that there remains plenty of lubrication.

Marina was really very experienced in the suction. According to all of their friends, it was in this case a black belt. Her plump lips pressed tight ringlet somewhere centimeter from his eggs and he could not hold back any longer. He has run deep in her throat. From rotika not dropped a single drop of it and relish all swallowed. He wanted more, the last time she felt now spermovoe starvation.
Marina Sanin continued to suck dick for a long time. He tried to pick it up again in the "battle". She rubbed herself to them in the face, on the chest.
- Sasha, your seed has never been so delicious. I like that it is a gag I was inside. I hope my loshok not hear anything.

In the darkness, it was possible to discern how he undresses her. Her young body is very soft and smooth, Marina again jumps above and send it to a member of her vagina. A member of his deep and tightly compressed, her pussy never lost its strength and elasticity. However, it is hot and humid. She's perfect for any member of the pussy.

- Your dick so there is t! God, it's so hard and thick! Can I have it on every day? - After a moment she began to miss the air lips.

Marina all continued to ride it as rider. Louder and louder moans were heard Marina. Sasha was concerned that her loshok Peter could wake at any moment and then it will be very bad. He tried to calm her, his hand on her lips, but she grabbed teeth one finger and began to suck it. And moans became louder. After she soaked his hands with her saliva, she asked me to massage her nipples. Sasha, forgetting everything starts to finger her pink buttons. From overexcitement, he was ready for any of its proposal.
- Just do it so boring. Cum in me! I want to feel your cum in itself. - I have shouted it.
But Sasha, apparently fully aware of the situation, and sobered by her scream, grabs her by the hand, turns on the Marina itself and raises her little wrist. And then, it happened what so afraid of Sasha. On the bed, where he lay horned Petka, a gruff heard inarticulate sound coming from the bed.

To be continued...