It means so. I'll start my story with a little story about yourself. I live in an apartment in Kiev. Parents live in my Moscow in his apartment. When I was in school, I dreamed of that will do what - something most prestigious Moscow university. I will live alone in a rented apartment, find a guy who lives on the ruble, and the third Kusa jump out to marry, give birth to a bunch of kids and I will live does not grieve. But as we all know the fate severe.
I am a very natural blonde with blue blue eyes. Three friends envied me since childhood, I have such a good appearance. As a child, I loved it. I liked that the boys ran after me and the girls discussed. But with age, everything began to change.
I grew up. To grow long hair, I start to apply on your face a lot of cosmetics. I have formed beautiful breasts third dimension, elastic krasivenkaya buttocks, legs are long and slender like a heron. The boys all also did not stop chasing me, but the girls talked me more and carried the various gossip.
Some said that I was a bitch, which takes in all of their girlfriends of guys, others said I was a whore, which makes a track at a time when I was already 18 years old, and I was still a virgin and had behind them neither one serious relationship with a person of the opposite sex.
But life still decided to play with me a great joke. A friend called me to go down into the pool, which was located in one of the nightclubs. I agreed. Dressed beautiful dress blue flowers just above his knee, her hair down, but just clocked them at ploechku shoes and high-heeled shoes.
And now, at 7 pm, we were in the club. We climbed to the second floor, where not much was heard music and took a billiard table. While we were playing, we were approached by two young men and asked to meet. We agreed.
One of them I liked. As it turned out later, he was called Alexander, he lived on the ruble and worked on his father's firm. It seemed to me that my childhood dream was launched, and I met her prince.
We began to meet with him. After a week of our relationship, he invited me to go with him to spend the night in a friend to the country, which is going to celebrate its birthday. I agreed without hesitation, because I was completely in love and bathe in its sweet promises.
At first, everything went very well. We were drinking, eating fun. In the country there were about six guys, and I'm only one of the girls. If I could only assume that emerge on, I would never have gone to this cheknutuyu the country and would not be acquainted with this monster in the club.
And sat down to come all the way: I felt that alcohol started circling my head, I went to relax a bit in the room where we had to spend the night with Sasha. I took off all his clothes, except his underwear and went to bed.
Fifteen minutes later, the room filled up to all the guys and started to treat me insolently.
Sasha came up to me and began to tear off my underwear. I started to scream and escape, but it was all useless. Then came all the guys and started to touch me.
Sasha pulled out his penis and began to introduce me. Suddenly he came upon an obstacle.
- boys, Well, it is still a heifer.
With etit words he pushed me and broke hymen. Then all the guys fucked me brutally in all the cracks. It was unpleasant and painful. As tears streamed down her cheeks.
In the morning I hurt the whole body. A month later I moved to another city because everything here reminded me of this terrible event ..