It was the usual get-together at someone's birthday. They gathered close friends, friends of friends and friends of friends of friends. In short it was an awful lot of people, a lot of free booze and a few dozen heifers with huge asses. They were in T-shirts with which the entire breast falls out. We drank a lot, danced, groped blondes who were not against. Some tlochki went from room to room with buhuschimi teenagers and loud fuck it. Lone botany walked around the house and pretend that they're cool. Muscular athletes with broad shoulders and a stone press took with them from room to room, even for a few heifers and took turns poking their members to them in the ass.

I, perhaps, introducing himself. I have a sports ass and Defined press, I blond with blue eyes and chocolate tan. As my friend says - the dream of any chicks. About such as I dream, and such as I hate. Because I constantly fuck, even when I have a relationship with any woman. But today I have a very bad headache, and I did not want to. I am nothing could surprise and lift with sun loungers, where I slowly sipped schnapps. Yet I could not be alone with your thoughts and schnapps; I ran to my friend. He said something loudly shouting their drunken voice. I do not understand anything, then he grabbed me by the arm and dragged him off somewhere. From the fact that he was so stubborn, I did not resist. Soon we entered into some dark room. I grabbed his other hand and put him on the floor. It was very dark, and after the light my eyes are still getting used to the dark. I could distinguish only silhouettes of people. They were in the room were about thirteen. Suddenly I turn on the light, and it quickly began to undress. My friend said I should get naked, too. I hesitated, but then decided that I had nothing to be ashamed of, undressed with them. And then everyone began to fondle each other. I was approached by a pretty blonde, I grabbed my cock hands, and shoved it into his mouth. Behind came another girl, and I began to lick anus and testicles. I was dragged from it, but it still was not all. Girl with huge breasts came towards me, and I realized that now my mouth will have to lick these beautiful doechki. Her nipples were so elastic that I began to bite them, and she slowly moan. To her fell in behind some kid and firmly thrust his cock in her ass, she cried, and said that I strongly massaged her breasts. All around were heard groans, squeals, squelch lubrication. It smelled hard trachoma. I was very pleased.

When the girls stopped their work, I got a taste, grabbed one of them, which was on the juicier. I put her cancer, prisunul stronger, and began to fuck hard. The second girl, I said, licking of the chest. She did so. They kissed and licked each other. I was massaging the clitoris first, he slapped her on the ass, and went on to have her in the ass. It was cool. Then I took the two women by the hair, and pulled out his penis had finished them both in the face. They lick and groaned. But I could not calm down. Listening to all these moans and seeing the guys around me trudge on, that bunch of fucking girls. I ordered suck my dick, and then one puhlogubaya, red-haired girl ran up to me and instantly grabbed my cock in her mouth. I pushed him into the throat, so that took out his tongue to my testicles. She licked them, and I was moaning like crazy. Grabbing the girl's head, I have to push and to push deeper and deeper. She did not try to say, and did not try to escape, though has already been covered in liquid and completely choked. I could not stop, and soon my cock began to throb, and she was completely in my semen. Part of it is swallowed, and some smeared on his chest, which I then licked twenty minutes.

Soon I saw a guy with a huge cock, he slowly approached me. At first I thought it was strange, but I was drunk, terribly excited, in addition to him were two chicks who were already very large ass. They came up to me. One of the girls stuck his tongue in my mouth, the other began to lick the whole body, then lend me your vagina. I stuck to his penis, and then the guy who was walking with them, put his cock in her ass. We started synchronously to fuck this girl in the ass and pussy. And finally came the third guy. He saw that the girl was out of work, put his elastic member in her mouth, and she quickly began to suck him. We all worked simultaneously so that the girl already stiff with grease, and even through the huge cock could hear her loud moans. We continued to fuck her harder and harder, we took turns slapped the girl's ass. She jumps up, and this has helped us to further go into it. And then one of the guys said that we were ready to end all together. All simultaneously increased the pace, and finished each in its hole. She was completely in our over. From what she had finished with us, she was writhing on the floor when the other guys came to replace us and began to lick our mixture of sperm from her grease.

I decided that since I have enough for today. Dressed to loud moans. He refused a couple of naked girls and left the room.

It was an unforgettable get-together.